Why is this a thing?

I can’t even believe i need to write about this…
but, there is an ongoing issue where horses, American horses, are being sold, shipped off to foreign countries, and slaughtered for human consumption. Our own government is definitely enabling this, and has for decades. Our own ” elected ” officials, have sanctioned this by passing legislation that allows it, to be done in Canada and Mexico. They are forced into rail-cars and transported to their horrific death at the hands of corporate whores in the White wash House, who don’t seem to see the problem, with accepting shitloads of money from these ‘ kill-buyers ‘ for horses who would have otherwise had long, fruitful lives. Maybe fruitful was the wrong word, since most of them are slaves anyway, but it’s better than being slaughtered to be exported for ‘ trade ‘ …( i’m having a whole existentialist argument in my head, no it isn’t better…better they should die than be a slave…
but, they have no choice in the matter, hence the issue. )
Several of these ‘ kill-buyers ‘ had factories, which are really slaughter-houses, in the USA, until the Humane Society Legislative Fund, stepped in to get them shut down. Certain people have tried to open them again in the Mid-West, but they are stopped before they can open, luckily. They even tried to use tax-payer money to do it.
This shouldn’t even be a thing.
So, there is a thing called, the ‘ SAFE Act ‘ …it needs to be pushed through Congress and will be if enough people respond.
Please read into this and do what you can.


Personally, i will not send any money to Washington DC, which is where the HSLF is located. That’s too close to the gov for me, and i know how stuff works. In DC your money goes to DC, not charity. If you look into it, you’ll find that DC is not actually part of the USA. It is a sovereign entity. Yet, they rule the world and put us in serious danger every single day by enabling and creating terrorism, which will someday come back on us, in a REAL attack, not their false flags. To echo, and loosely quote the statements and sentiments of Noam Chomsky, any tax-payer in the USA is literally contributing to terrorism, they pay their government to do what they’ve been doing.

But anyone can utilize social media and spread the word about this horrific abuse.

That being said, the info is:
Humane Society Legislative Fund – 1255 23rd street, NW,Suite 455
Washington, DC. 20037 –
HSLF: Humane Society Legislative Fund
Humane Society Legislative Fund works to pass animal protection laws at the state and federal level, to educate the public about animal protection issues, and to support humane candidates for office.


2 thoughts on “Why is this a thing?

  1. I’m sorry hun 😢😢 these bastards have been doing this for a long time. I think this is sick 😩 government sanctioned murder is no worse in the eyes of the law. When its the lawmakers breaking it!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!

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