Yemenstration of US imperialism

I got this email a few days ago…

When i saw the word, Yemen, i knew why it bothered me to see this.
WE, meaning the USA, created this.
As an addendum to the ” 7 countries in 5 years ” strategy. I’ve written about it here, in the last post and some from a while back. Read into it. Find General Wesley Clark talking about it. You’ll find it on youtube. How he was approached at the Pentagon, and told first hand that this plan would go through. Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria and Lebanon.

All countries on this list, have been destabilized, decimated, or made the target of US led propaganda for later use. Yemen is the fallout of our intentions: ruined! For what? American Imperialism. Or, what i call, Democratic Imperialism. We were trying to get Iran involved, provoking them into fighting while we were aiding Saudi Arabia in March of 2015. Then we could finally nuke em off the face of the Earth, and for what?? They are harmless.

Yemen falls into the category of ‘ affected ‘ by US imperialism, since we helped Saudi Arabia, by supplying field coordination via drone surveillance, thus enabling them to strike hard to reach targets. Hence all the civilian casualties. And why are we helping Saudi Arabia? A well known terrorist nation who still beheads people today? Well, we have to pay back our benefactors, now don’t we?
It’s all a game. One big, happy family of sociopaths and pedophiles running a country into the ground. The USA is the terrorist of the world. The culprit, the instigator… whose ‘ politicians ‘ are standing in a nice straight line to accept the money from other evils and take the brunt of the donations to give it right back to her bosses. Yeah, like they need more money!!
Trump’s list of countries; Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Why isn’t Lebanon on his list? They’re the linchpin to all things Israeli, regarding future plans for little American Palestine…meaning, in my opinion, we are targeting Palestine, using Lebanon as a phantom for nothing more than a distraction.
I don’t donate money to anything in Washington DC. If it’s from there, they’re too close to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue and can’t be trusted. But if you want to, the info is here. What’s more important is getting the word out there, that we created this crisis, along with the Syrian conflict/civil war…we created the migrant crisis, and now Trump is denying visas from people who are from these 7 countries. Replace Lebanon with Yemen. See the pattern?
Don’t let Democratic Imperialism, ruin our country any more than these sociopaths already have. Be as aware as you can be. When you think you have it all down, read through it again, then tell everyone and their Mom. Don’t be afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist…that’s just a way that close-minded people keep their minds closed, and their eyes shut. It’s easier for them to pretend they’re patriotic, and won’t even entertain the idea that their own government could have pulled off 9/11, or a bunch of fake dead kids in Newtown, CT.
No one wants to believe that the theorists are in fact correct, so they feign ignorance and tell you to shut it!! Don’t be a pussy, like they are. You and i will be the first ones to get out, while those others are still on their knees, begging for their lives as the guns are leveled at their faces…
So, anyway, here’s the email…
Feb 16 at 11:51 AM

” banned ” migrants

So, Trump is already at it. Supporting the agenda of the elites…
he banned migrants from certain countries recently, by not accepting their visas to enter the USA. donald-trump
I realize i referenced a page from the highly untrustable CNN ( Clinton News Network ) but i wanted to show it for what it is being purported as.
Can anyone guess the significance here?
His executive order, ‘ bans all people from certain countries, for 90 days ‘ , but the order doesn’t name which countries. a White wash House official named them…
These countries are; Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.
Got it yet?
” 7 countries in 5 years ” was the strategy, laid out to General Wesley Clark, which he then made public, possibly as disinfo, but they were named.

Again, i do realize, i’m referencing an untrustable site by using ‘ Democracy Now ‘ who is biased…but to hear Wes talk about it, you get the best idea of what happened from him.
He’s been vocal about it, which is why Obama had him black-balled, and there was suddenly a scandal about his marriage, conveniently placing him on the same scale as Wild Willy and Monica…

Lebanon was on his list, but, Yemen falls into the category of, affected by US imperialism, since we helped destroy part of it, while ‘ helping ‘ Saudi Arabia in March of 2015…helping them by supplying coordinated efforts in the field via drone surveillance, so they would know where and when to strike a target, hence all the civilian casualties.

It’s very clear that Trump is doing this, to add fuel to the already burgeoning fire, of rage towards the USA, who literally is the main reason behind the refugee crisis, and started it all right around 5 years ago.
To ban people from these particular countries, cannot be a coincidence. What better way to instill rage in the migrants, who were indeed pushed out by civil war and skirmishes enabled and paid for by the USA?
The ban is listed as a 90 day thing…3 months is a long time to wait when you’re seeking asylum…their situation is already tense and almost hopeless, this is just insult to injury. What’s even more of an insult is that his motivation for denying visas is 9/11…

” blahblahblah terrorists, 19 hijackers, blahblahblah…” you get the idea. In case you hadn’t heard, the US government was behind 9/11, not some inept hijackers who couldn’t even get a small engine plane off the ground, never mind pull-off maneuvers that even seasoned pilots couldn’t achieve. Besides, 9 of them are still alive today. How did that happen?
The plan laid out in ‘ Operation Northwoods ‘ was to stage a fake attack on a US vessel, or a US citizen to then blame Cuba, to have a reason to go in and depose Castro. This plan was drawn up in 1962, a crucial time in US politics, as the Communists were the target, even though we had Communistic ideals ourselves and have since the mid 1800s.
What Trump is doing is carrying this plan forward. The PNAC crafted a plan, inspired by Operation Northwoods to provoke regime change in the Middle East, and those countries are the 7 countries named.
See the pattern?