Sholomo; or The Brown Plague

All over the world, at the same time, millions of people are being driven from their homes, cities, countries, because of one thing.

American imperialism.

The entire migrant crisis, if you examine every aspect of it, was provoked, enabled and continues because of the USA.
Thing is……………….
this is one big false flag. We are literally seeing it unfold before our eyes, in real time.
Why else would there be Muslim crisis actors used at certain, Islam-related events? The same guy in the crowd saying the same thing, being captured perfectly for prosperity, otherwise known as the media…


His name is Sholomo Ettinger. Why is he the face of Islam, but only when some shit went down? Why would he be used for the propaganda? Surely he must realize he gets in all the press, and is being talked about. Why him?

Same thing happened in the black communities in the USA when all the gun violence against ‘ unarmed ‘ black teens somehow occurred. Hmmm, was it because in ALL cases but one, the suspects were violent or high or injuring themselves, or just fucking stupid enough to challenge a cop who is known to be antsy when it comes to your particular shade of darker than white?? And for good reason because for the most part they were all thugs. You cannot deny it. Eric Garner has gained my sympathy and i have fought to make him separate from the thugs…but he was dealing. He shouldn’t have been taken down the way he was and he should be alive today. But he isn’t. Bottom line, even he wasn’t completely innocent. Why would he struggle to the point where they had to secure him like that?

Just like all of the black people in Baltimore, Ferguson, anywhere else, who were encouraged to riot, break shit and be as ‘ black ‘ as you can. Oh by the way we will be filming your cultural downfall for all to see when we have our secret chamber meetings and we masturbate inside of coffins…
They actually do this. Read into masturbation rituals, like one wasn’t enough…of the Skull and Bones group at Yale.

The protestors fell right into the hands of the elites, who wanted this to happen as part of that particular false flag, which has not ended and will not.

These are the people running our country…into the ground.

This is part of the plan laid out by the PNAC, remember them???


The never forget reference was an obvious pun, since Cheney sat on the board of the PNAC…
What we are seeing is several things all at once. Regime change in countries that benefit the USA in any way, shape or form. The destabilization of countries who have made the move to be independent, and use their own money. Saddam, Qaddafi…who’s next?
Where do we think this ‘ appropriated ‘ gold went? Where did the 2.3 trillion go on September 10th, 2001? Why was there a van filled to the ceiling with gold bars, stuck on a broken stanchion in the basement of building 5? This scenario has occurred several times over the decades. Where the hell is all the money going?

Well, how did the Clinton cartel become so rich? How did the Bush family profit from having to go overseas for oil when they owned it here?

What are we currently seeing in South America? What is the plan there? Do they have the resources we currently have not? That would be a great reason to suddenly pay such devoted interest to a small place like Ecuador, no? Bordered by Columbia and Peru…Now what do you think is going on there???

Venezuela, which has one of the world’s highest crime rates…sitting at one end with Columbia in the middle of it and Ecuador sitting opposite…they need the help, but why are we doing it? If we can go in and topple a good man like Qaddafi, over wanting to benefit his people and eliminate the US dollar, we can kill innocent people in that process, over nothing more than bragging rights…why are we helping a third world country which is only being helped because they have something to offer?

American imperialism.

Keep the imports coming in, you’re doing great! All the markets, the 3 or 4 left in the country that aren’t Walmart…are selling tons of your fruits and veggies…this is great, just keep it coming so we can keep on doing what we’re doing behind your backs…you’ve made upwards of 15 billion from your imports in 2015…but still continue failing as an economy?


” YEAH! Democracy…( you fucking spic get back to work or your Mother gets it…) ” …

Let’s allow Killary to be in charge of the finances, because she has been SOOOOO reliable over the past 40 years…
Let’s create a bunch of fake terrorism that WE are actually behind, blame it on the new kid in town, and keep those sheep dumb as hell! That is the American Way.

When i wrote about the rape crisis in Sweden and Germany, also places like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark…we could go on…
i was banned from FB for 30 days. Why?
Because i called it like it is. Muslim men are doing this, so kill them. If one of them rapes a girl, kill him! It’s pretty fucking simple.

They are rioting, causing massive amounts of property damage, and why? So they can state their claim and voice their tired opinions while pretending that following a false prophet who was a war monger and a pedophile is actually a worthwhile use of their time, and spirituality.
Going on this, do we expect them to be rational???

Let’s be honest. We are literally talking to the wall.

Thousands of migrants in Bulgaria, rioted for 24 hours according to one video i watched on it…

The police finally found their dicks and started fighting back. However they did it without the use of violence, which i applaud. I also regard that as the wrong move. I call myself an anarcho-pacifist, but any pacifist knows there is a time to hit back.
The problem is that no one wants to use real bullets. Make an example of the man standing next to that guy and he will shit his pants. Instill some fear into them, because they are obviously fearless. They’ve been told, by the USA, you are exempt from prosecution, no one will act against you, do what you want. A hail of bullets gets the message across fairly quickly when it comes into contact with the soft flesh of the rowdy ones. They are literally asking for it. And not one of them stands up and says, no, this is not right. We are fucking it all up. Let’s stop.

They’re incapable of just stopping when it gets this way. Peer hypnosis on a major scale.

As it states in the video, many of them are infected with diseases. This is literally the new plague of humanity in so many senses. In Bulgaria, over 100 of the migrants who were put into camps were thought to have had such diseases as smallpox, malaria, viruses, scabies, other skin diseases and more. Although, as it tells us in the description, the government soon recanted that and stuck with pox, or chicken pox. They want to cover it up, why?


We have seen many cases of THE FUCKING PLAGUE…here in the USA over the past 5 or 6 years, so…….

The local government in Bulgaria, had to come out and admit that it was so, after saying it was untrue. But, why would the government move them into camps if not to separate them from society? Just the fact that they are doing what they are, isn’t a good enough reason, but when they find out they all have diseases, suddenly we should act?

As it also states in the video, around 250 of the rioters were deported. So at least someone is doing something.

Ultimately, there is a sense of entitlement in the mindset of the migrants. Why? Because they have been convinced they’re doing the right thing, and should keep doing it.

Why hasn’t Obama said Look! that’s it enough is enough…go back home, take care of yourself by yourself.

Because he helped create it. It benefits him to have this crisis and any more to come…just because he’s on the way out doesn’t mean he’s leaving. He’ll be seated at the corrupt UN or the equally corrupt US Supreme Court of assholes and queers. Why do you think Scalia was murdered?
M, hmmm. You nailed it!
But, no matter what i could write, and have, about Obama…he’s just following the lead of those before him. That is how Fascism works.
Bush created this, after it was handed down to him by Clinton, who had it handed down from Bush Sr., who took the lead from Reagan…on and on.

We could really go back to just before 1914. Especially with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which was the beginning of the end for colonist America, and the end of the beginning for the elitist war machine to rev it’s engines of doom and slowly take over. They created an illegal state of Israel, planned on pushing Palestine out, then had the chance in 1946,7,8 with the massive migration, keyword…into Palestine. Hmm, odd that number was…5.9 million.

Palestine loses more and more everyday. Israel is America Jr., in pig tails and braces, waiting for her Mama’s hand…her Mama hates Palestine and thinks it should die.

Nice lesson for a Mama to teach her child huh? Indoctrination…..

Today, they are existing on a shred of their former breadth. And people say Zionists had nothing to do with it. Really?! Have you been sleeping while we talked?

Nothing is going to change until we change it.

Anyone who is still waiting in the wings for the government to step up and do something is on a fool’s errand. A fruitless endeavor.

Any citizen of the USA who isn’t up to speed is slowing down the rest of us who are fully prepared for the Fascism and Communist ideals to take hold, just before they lead us to the camps. When the walls crumble and there is no more ” America ” what will happen to those who said, ” i told you so…..”?

Frankie Boyle says it best, when asked to give the question for the answer ‘ 2025 ‘ and says, (i’m paraphrasing…)

is it the year when blacks and whites will finally live side by side, in harmony…

in the Chinese concentration camps?

He’s brilliant.

But as usual what we’ve seen is the doubters trying to shut down any other voice but the one that says, everything’s fine: trust your government! we have it under control…

” yes we can…” …


You cannot affect any change but the one you plan to prop yourself up with, while standing on the backs of the slaves and zombies who support you.

Will they be there for you to exploit, tomorrow?

I’ll use everything in my power to make sure they will not.


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