Hi. My name is cunt

What happens when a sociopath decides to fabricate a story to use for her own personal gain?




Do a web search for ‘ Hugh Mungus ‘ and you’ll see the photo above ( center obviously…), of a man named Rudy. A sweetheart of a guy who wouldn’t harm a flea.

Then find the video that this woman, Zarna ( the one on the bottom from that movie…

oh, she wasn’t, she wasn’t in that Lord of the…..oh. Well, i guess it’s the photo on the top…

{whispering} … really? That isn’t her? ….)

She is a pathetic crazy psycho who feels the need to play the victim, and make up lies to further her own agenda. AND guess what?

All the silly feminist cunts and lesbian TV personalities, and shithead women everywhere are on HER side…

How many women are REALLY being raped? Overseas, because the ‘ rape culture ‘ does not exist in the USA. Many many women are actually being victimized. For this insane twat of a female to make it up and then ask for money for her suffering!!! Is just horrendous and she deserves prosecution for what she’s done. Rudy has cancer. He has nothing but the few people who have helped him through donations. But at first, he refused any money and told the public to send it to a charity in Washington ( state ) called Hope Soldiers.

She meanwhile took handouts and donations from gullible idiots who only saw a woman crying oppression and abuse…even though it was all made up and she did it to be on youtube.

I sincerely hope that her pussy catches on fire. I wouldn’t piss on the twat.



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