the Black Lives Matter crowd. Who is Steven Biko? Do you even know his name?

Do you know where he stood, what he did, who he saved, just by being who he was?
Do you know why you have no ground to stand on? You don’t know what you’re fighting for.

You haven’t yet realized that white money is enabling your stance, your publicity, your platform. According to this great man, who you have so obviously ignored, you are catering to the opposite of what you are trying to amend. Meaning you aren’t promoting black proud, you are literally exhibiting black servitude. Not doing anything to help save yourself or your people, but reinforcing the negative stereotypes applied to you by enacting violence, thuggery, theft…for what? Over what?
You’re quick to shout…but what are you saying? Why are you saying it? You incessantly scream, Black Lives Matter …but do they? How many black youths were committing crimes, today? Yesterday? Now, will you come back with, ” well white people commit crimes too you know? ” …we are talking about black lives right now. The best thing for you to do would be not compare other groups who you can suddenly side with only out of your own lack of ammunition in this argument, but to do something about the violence that is endemic to your areas, to your peoples. Statistically, black people make up around 13% of the population in the USA. They are responsible for around 53% of all crime. What are you doing about this? Encouraging riots and looting…theft and violence…

GOOD JOB!! ( clapping…..)

Are you making sure you preserve the truth in your own message? If not, then why even say it? You are saying nothing important, if you don’t back it up with fact. Black life just like every other life matters, yes of course. But it shouldn’t only be the black ones who are being recognized.

Life is what matters…

You say you haven’t been recognized. How? How is that true? You have been recognized, and you have gone out of your way to claim racial profiling while calling each other nigger. You have gone out of your way to protest, white oppression while you dwell in white world. Break away from your plight, take the shackles YOU have placed upon your shoulders and toss them to the ground. If you want to truly escape this white tyranny stop living in the center of it. You cannot extricate yourself because you are stuck.

When you say black lives matter, over and over and over…you are not only carrying out the further indoctrination of your peers and constituents, you are reinforcing one thing in the eye of the public…you excluded every other life involved. Is that your message? Is this truly only about you? You say your ancestors suffered the indignation of slavery…yes, that is true but they weren’t the first and they certainly won’t be the last. The first slaves in the settler states of America were the Irish, not the black. So…that argument is on the back burner for a sec…black slaves were actually worth more to the slave-owners than the Irish, who would be killed on the spot if justified by the owner. The first slave-owner on those plantations was black. More importantly, he can actually be referred to as an ” African-American ” . Can you? Can any of the people in your crowd actually call themselves, African-American, or are they just blacks from America, born here? That first slave-owner was a freed slave, Anthony Johnson, from Angola, Africa…he had at least one black slave. Did you know this? Do you care? You should. A black man held another black man as his slave. Many black landowners in Africa had ‘ white ‘ slaves.

The word, white, should actually be the word Caucasian/European. But these days, it would be considered ‘ racist ‘ to use the coinciding word Negroid, even in anthropological terms.

What is racism?

In a word?

A word. That is all. Racism is a word. So now, even the word racism, which covers ALL perceived races, has been relegated to be a ‘ black/white thing ‘ …

the very idea of race as a separating factor, was crafted by eugenicists, who found it easier to break down the foremost components of human structure, ( with mostly physical characteristics in mind ), and break those into corresponding groups, according to physiological anomalies.

Racism, like Slavery, is not just a black/white issue. In all fairness, it has been a predominantly¬† ??????/white issue…but not each and every time. There have been plenty of other cultures who viewed certain peoples a certain way. Is it right? Who’s to say? Is it anti-humanist? Yes. Africa for example, during it’s Apartheid period, which has not ended to date, was instrumental in the government enabled, racially motivated genocide ( s ) of it’s own peoples time and again. Black Africans killing other black Africans. If you dig for information, you will see that the USA, Britain, and France were in the wings tossing money and power at these government entities. This all happened within the past 50 years.

The incidents of slavery you refer to, happened hundreds of years ago, and were not directly related to you or your life, only through, sometimes, indirect lineage. The racism you claim to experience on a daily basis does not happen the way you perceive it. You are keeping it alive. You are falling victim to your own oppression. When is the last time a white person called you a nigger? Now, when is the last time a black person called you a nigger?

It was you who attached equality to that word. It has nothing to do with the value of a person, it refers to complexion. Black people and darker people of other cultures, were described as niggers for the dark pigment of their skin. I’m curious, when that black person called you a nigger…were they referring to the color of your pigment, or were they referencing a misused epithet to describe what is perceived as the lesser value of one of their ancestors?

Yes, of course that was hypothetical. I know the answer already. But, this IS a black thing, right??;)

Some black families in Africa sold their own peoples into slavery, sometimes they went willingly: for purposes of paying down debt, or for favors like food for the year. It truly was a barter system…other times, family members were sold, by their own families, into what was indentured servitude. But, by only focusing on black slavery, which was also indentured servitude at times and was also willingly at times, you’ve drowned in your own retarded logic. By this logic, the notion of others suffering isn’t as important as your own, or that of your ancestors. In effect, you are negating any other portion of humanity but your own. Is that fair?

Why do you insist that slavery was only a black thing? Slavery knows no color. Yet, you have taken it and made it only about you. Let’s be honest, it was never about your ancestors…this was always about you in the now, not the then…you shouldn’t only dwell on the past, you should fight for the future. Teach your children about honor and humanity, before indoctrinating them with centuries of misunderstood history…it wasn’t right for ANY person to be enslaved, yet it still occurs today. What have you done about that? You are focusing on events from hundreds of years ago and hoping to ride on their coattails.
Now you have stolen the suffering of ALL other cultures and subcultures who were also enslaved and made this about yourselves.

GOOD JOB!!! ( clapping even harder now…..)

Making martyrs of thugs and criminals just because they’re black and died in ways you didn’t agree with.

YOU don’t know the meaning of the word martyr. You have no idea what it’s like to suffer. You have no business taking the suffering of others upon your own weak shoulders, because YOU cannot handle the brunt of the pain they endured. YOU have nothing important to say, and you are weak and ineffectual in your delivery. How is it that YOU are to be seen as a martyr? You are a sham. You are an insult to your own ‘race ‘ …

Mike Brown, was a thug, he was trying to grab the officer’s gun! What would you do? What would any of you have done in that situation? Allow him to take your gun? He got himself killed. Then you react with looting, rioting in the streets, falling right into the hands of all the media outlets who were salivating to capture your black face as you smash in a store front window.

GOOD JOB!!! ( clapping so hard the laptop fell over, and grinning so maniacally i chipped my front tooth…….) you fell right into the trap. You tit.

You went out of your way to denounce the ” racially-motivated ” killing of Trayvon Martin, a known thug, and not just some innocent kid…he got himself killed. You cried racism, when George Zimmerman is as much Latino as European…Trayvon instigated the fight, over nothing more than Zimmerman wanting to know what he was doing in the area at that time of night. Trayvon started hitting George, who had to in the end after a long drawn out fight, shoot him to stop his attack.

Freddie Gray, who was a criminal…a well known drug dealer, who was dealing drugs at the time of his apprehension, and subsequent capture. We should note that this wasn’t some guy selling joints in the park, he was dealing heavy drugs, to the inner city. Was HE helping his community, being the philanthropist, doing all he could to prevent crime? No he was exacerbating it. THAT is your hero? When he was seen by the police, he took off. Why? Why is this a common theme in most of these cases? Freddie suffered injuries while in police custody, yes injuries that he gave to himself to further injure his back and neck, which were sore from an operation the week or so before, and which were only the result of his scheming since he was involved in a fraudulent case for a car accident that he was responsible for. You see a common theme here?…he did that, not the cops.

And who made the comparison to Gray’s death with that of Biko’s? You didn’t? You never even made the connection? Why is that? You were too busy making posters and practicing your lines for when you’d bust in and jump on stage? Ahhh i see. Yes, well in case you didn’t know, Biko was killed while in police custody. Look into what happened in Police Room 619 of the Sanlam Building in Port Elizabeth.

He was killed by the police. Just like the completely innocent Ibragim Todashev. What? You have no idea who that is?

Well, he’s not black, maybe that’s why huh? He was murdered by the FBI, to cover their killing of the Tsarnaev brothers, and the first suspects named surrounding the Boston bomb drill in 2013, Sunil Tripathi and Mike Mulugeta. Read up on it, him, them, all of it.

back to the blackness at hand…

Freddie Gray injured himself while in police custody. Biko did not.

Walter Scott, took off, when he’d been pulled over for driving what was thought to be a stolen car. Why would anyone run? Stay there see what’s going on: if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear…he was guilty. He ran, he got shot. Or did he???
This is only one in a long line of government enabled false flags…but more about that at some other time. Let’s just say though, he went to grab the officer’s taser. Again we see a man who took off, then went to grab the officer’s weapon. For what purpose? To use it on him of course. So, according to the narrative he took off and was shot, 8 times in the back or at him from behind anyway…after which he fell into the grass and then had no visible blood or holes in him anywhere, except for one spot of blood on his upper right shoulder…was he only hit there? 8 shots from about 30 feet and the trained officer only landed one? The way it happened, if you research it, doesn’t add up to the way it was reported. Whatever…the bottom line is black man detained, takes off gets ‘ killed. ‘ this is our running theme.

The only case where we can say the person did not deserve what happened, in this main stream conversation, there are others we could mention of course but when it comes to the main stream media and their sometimes willful depiction of all matters involving ‘ race ‘…i have to mention Eric Garner. He was killed through no fault of his own. He was a good guy, not doing anything, and he was killed by ‘ accidental death ‘ …which we have to determine as a faulty supposition right from the start. He was not resisting arrest, and the only reason so many cops were on him is because THEY were afraid. Think about that. He was a timid guy, big as hell, but timid. They have weapons, they could have easily just stood him against the wall, and had a clear shot should he attempt to run or fight back in any way. Instead they wrestled him to the ground…they could definitely hear him saying he couldn’t breathe. They could have definitely allowed him some air. Why did they cover his face, grab his neck in that certain way? He wasn’t doing a thing and they deemed him a threat. Is there more to this story than the surface reveals? I think so.
All of these instances of media bias, showing you sides of these people, that were untrue, only to get you motivated to react, and they knew you would react in a boisterous and eventually violent way. YOU have proven yourself. This was a self-fulfilling prophecy, spelled out by you in 1964. Dr. King would shake his head in disgust…shed a tear out of sheer exhaustion.
Have you ever heard of legendary champion of black freedom, Patrice Lumumba?

If not, you should be ashamed of yourself. You do not deserve to hold your head so high, if you don’t know his name. He did more for your ‘ people ‘ than most any other man who ever lived.
These are the martyrs. Steven and Patrice alone, did more for Africa, than you will do at your ridiculous rallies and interruptions of other activities, just to get your names and faces on youtube…
You are bringing shame to your entire culture by doing this.
Steven only needed to write what he liked, and do what he said, and be sure everyone knew their own place in this fight. All he did is being lost by your attempt at equality. In fact, you don’t know what it’s like to not be equal because you are really white, even through your black skin.
…Patrice only needed to stand at the podium looking respectable, with his bow-tie perfectly centered…yet, white America, through the actions of Dwight Eisenhower, using the CIA had him killed. Not just killed…” shot to death, then chopped up into little pieces, which were then scattered about on the ground and covered with lots of acid before they were burned and tossed into an unmarked grave ” …..
and YOU say you are oppressed??? YOU ARE A DISGRACE.
You have nothing to fight for. YOU are fighting for yourself NOT your people. You are fighting for recognition, not the resolve of higher issues, outside of yourself. YOU are only making it worse for you and your kind, by acting out these stereotypes in live time for all to see. YOU are proving right all those bigots who would say, typical niggers…
What have you really done? Who have you really saved? Have you done anything about the millions of slaves in Africa today? Have you done anything about the little children who are forced into slave labor? Or are you only interested in staying local, attending other people’s rallies and events only to barge in shouting your ridiculous slogans, and chanting like some cult mob on the way to mass suicide?…are you doing anything to help anyone or are you helping yourselves?
Even as you shout, ” Black Lives Matter ” you are showing your true face and that face is white.

Steven and Patrice are hanging their heads in shame.
I hope you’re proud.


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