Whose side are we on…and why?

Here’s a thought…
on the subject of HAARP.
The government doesn’t ever need to use nukes. They can use HAARP to cause instability, and bring on massive damage through floods or earthquakes, which would in effect destroy any nation’s economy, in a heart beat. We have seen scenarios where we could assume they were caused by human intervention…Katrina, Tsunamis, Thailand, Haiti, Japan…earthquakes in India…Iran?


Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits Iran, USGS reports

who’s to say the government didn’t effect each and every disaster? We know they’re all fine, upstanding country gentlemen who would never kill innocent people in third world countries, murder Qaddafi using Al-Qaeda, then steal his gold…lie to us all at every turn just to achieve their agendas…
SURE we can trust them…
Our government is the New Barbary Pirates. Drug and gun-running, human trafficking? Harvesting of human organs through Planned Parenthood…the list of offenses goes on…..
The Barbary Pirates were mostly ‘ black ‘ Muslims…
we have a, 50% white, 44% Arab, 6% ‘ black Muslim ‘ running our country into the ground as we speak. Who will be next?
I believe any talk of nukes, especially now concerning Russia, is a distraction. There’s so much going on right now, it is actually confusing, and overwhelming. Everything is connected though, on several levels. If we want to trace things back, let’s go to 1910, Herbert Walker, part of the Bush cartel, who was right there a few years later to help construct the plan for Wilson to play a role in WW1…who helped Wall St., to finance the Bolshevik Revolution, and had 3 years earlier helped finance, both sides in WW1…the USA armed and financed both sides in WW2, with Prescott Bush at the helm…we were there in the South while Russia was in the North, during part of the Korean conflict, where we also played both sides against each other…we played both sides against each other in Vietnam…noticing a trend here?
All info derived from hours and hours of lectures from Professor Antony C. Sutton. Seek it for yourself…
put it all together, and you come up Bush. My point, is, which city was hit the hardest in Louisiana? Walker. Coincidence?
We hear Cuntary say she wants to attack Russia…she’ll use our best nukes. Why? Why would we ever use them, when Russia has the capability to erase us from time? They will defeat us. If not them, China because they will be right next to Russia, maybe along with Iran…although i don’t see Iran getting involved unless they have to. Further, i don’t see China being involved, when we owe them so much money. They recently set out to purchase land in Kansas. China. KANSAS! Do they now own part of our country?
For China to fight with Russia against the USA makes no sense…but then we would turn on them in a second and they know that. We glad-hand, while we’re raising the hammer to strike when you turn away. We are the terrorist, the mafia, the serial killer.
When Cuntary said to Putin, in 2011-12, we will come with guns blazing…he laughed at her and said, make sure you’re ready when you come.
We will not win. Why are our ‘ leaders ‘ trying to start WW3?
Let’s think about it. The USA armed and financed…
WW1, the Bolsheviks, WW2, parts of Korea, Vietnam…we used Panama, as an excuse to go to Iraq, in 1989-90…telling the world we were after Manuel Noriega, because he was ‘ suppressing Democracy ‘ …well shit, ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black?…
IF Cuntary wins, we will be at war with Russia, and whomever else, immediately.

Why is the antiquated notion of nuclear warfare even on the table? And why is Cuntary the one doing all the talking?

{ shared from my FB group, Diggers } …


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