” regime change ” …

It is good to read that the USA and Russia are ‘ working side by side ‘ in Syria…

with all the talk from Billary, about Russia, hacking the Selection process, when in reality her side is the one messing with the numbers…her outright condemnation of Putin’s Russia…we’ve been living in a climate of constant chaos, for a long long time, and she is not helping.

To know that Obama and Putin are AT LEAST talking, and on the same page is a good thing.
Of course, when we consider that Obama has enabled many of the terrorists, and allowed groups of murderers to go unpunished, allowed racial tension, and even promoted it…we can see that anytime he is involved, you KNOW that something shady is gonna go down. When we consider that the entire issue in Syria could have been prevented if we had just stayed out of it and let them figure it out on their own, we see that our imperialist regime in DC is bent on destruction and the destabilization of as many countries as possible in one fell swoop.
” 7 nations in 5 years…” …


This is just another example of our mission to enforce a ‘ regime change ‘ whenever we think it’s necessary. This is a plan laid out in the details and shady workings of the PNAC, and can be traced back to 1962 with ‘ Operation Northwoods ‘ …

We need a regime change here in America, like, yesterday! It seems like all of our leaders over the past 70 years have been working toward chaos, tensions…

what i call ” Democratic Imperialism ”



When we read that Putin accepted 20% of our Uranium, we can see that this is the same thing as Obama approaching Argentine president Christina Fernandez in 2010, to purchase enriched Uranium, in order to sell it to Iran. She knew what he was up to and refused, knowing that he would sell it to them and then say look they have nukes! Get em…
So, on one side we have Obama selling Uranium to the very people the other side is condemning…what do you think will happen?
Russia is more than equipped to wipe us off the face of the planet should it come to that.
Why are we seeing two sides who are competing to broadcast different angles on our foreign activities? Why now, before Selection time?…it usually happens this way. Most of the events we’ve seen, have occurred close to poll time.
For Russia, or ANY other country to fight terrorism…to TRULY defeat it 100%, they would need to strike the USA, Washington DC to be precise. This is where all of our issues are being created. Why is it this way? Why is it that we can’t trust our own government? We usually hear these kinds of things about other countries: those despots, tyrants…today, in 2016, our US government is the terrorist. Trace the origin, the way these groups are enabled, financed, armed…trace the money, it will go back to DC. The Bush cartel, the Clintons…Obama, whoever he really is…all connected, even related somewhat. THIS is our government? These are the champions of Democracy?
We might as well be living under Mussolini, because we are indeed a Fascist state.
We, the people, have no say, no voice…we’re here to work, pay taxes, in an endless cycle of tyranny, global jurisdiction, and murder.
Even though i’m glad to hear that Putin and Blobama ( quoting my Mom ) are working together, it makes me crazy to hear that they’re working to fight terrorism. It’s such a ridiculous concept. Putin knows Obama is the terrorist, he knows the Clintons and Bushs’s are evil…he knows that Obama or Cuntary, or whoever else gets in, will eventually aim their contentions at him. That being said, i believe Putin has the upper hand, and if Obama says do it our way, he could easily say get fucked.
Luckily, Putin is smart enough to address his views on the US and their role in funding terrorism, and is very vocal about how the USA has upset the balance of power, in their favor. He knows that his country is in mortal danger every moment, because we are now right back to the Cold War mindset. It really never stopped. This might as well be 1920, or 1950, McCarthyism, in the hands of idiots, and false prophets.

Is this an example of Hobson’s Choice? …do it our way, orrrrr
do it our way, completely up to you, take your time………
You have two choices, both decided by us, both bad…side with us in an attempt to portray ourselves as the hero, or side with us in an attempt to portray ourselves as the liberator. Pretty simple huh?

It’s up to us all to see through the bullshit, and do all we can to promote the real story, and debunk the disinformation…call out the propaganda, and tell all in the most basic effective way, to everyone we can.

Civil Disobedience…


and a fight to the last breath to recapture our Republic, and the liberty for which it USED to stand.

” There’s no justice…there’s Just Us “


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