*BEE the change you wish to see*



————————————-Save the BEES!!!———————
——————————-your life literally depends on it—————


Colony Collapse
Do some research, find out what they do for us…
see what would happen if they die off. See how the entire world would suffer. Why is Monsanto destroying our eco-system? To sell more grains to whom? Grains which are so toxic, that they had to invent a stronger, more vital grain, which could withstand their own poisons!!! Namely Glyphosate, or their trade-name product Roundup. Roundup crops are dangerous because the effect is gradual. Think about this…vegetarians are actually in MORE danger, because they rely on those crops. It’s the grains, wheat, corn, that are constantly being sprayed with Roundup. What does the livestock consume??? Grains.
Veggies, direct hit! Meats, indirect hit.
Go see the stats, and read through the false narrative that it’s harmless. Read into which company invented Agent Orange for the US government…ask yourself, do you see a pattern there? Their lobbyists claim that they could drink a full glass of Glyphosate and not be harmed. When one man was asked live on the air, to drink the glass they had out back he said, ” NO…i’m not stupid ” …it’s on youtube, go watch it. Why all the posturing? Why are millions, probably billions of dollars going towards protecting Monsanto? Why did Blobama ( quoting my Mom ) pass legislation that protects Monsanto from any prosecution? So that the EPA, and the US government couldn’t complain, like they even would.
They are the top dog, no one can touch them. Why?
They lie and tell us their hard work is only to reap the benefits of micro-genetically enhanced proteins, for what? For whom? If the bees die, everything changes.
Why would they claim to be the champion of progress and development, when in reality they are effectively trying to cut off the lifeline of ALL agriculture? The few who stand against them and do it on their own, are slowly but surely being bought up, shipped out, ejected from their land, so Monsanto can take over.
In my opinion, they are ok with the bees dying off, because they want to do the pollinating, with their own products. Their own products, WHICH ARE TOXIC …there is no doubt, not even a shadow that they are indeed toxic. Why would Obama encourage the consumption of products sprayed with POISON?

” MONSANTO – kills humans dead ” …


{* obviously i referenced Gandhi’s famous quote in the title. Credit where credit is due…}


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