Black Terrorist


WHY is Samir Shabazz, not, being treated as a terrorist?

If a white man stood on a street corner, and shouted, ” if you want to be free, you gonna have to kill some niggers…” …

he would be jailed, all over the media, slandered in public, on social media…

but, when a black man does it, he is PRAISED!

He literally said, kill whitey. Gonna have to kill some crackers and their BABIES!

THIS is terrorism. Why has our mixed race Selected leader NOT done ANYTHING!!?

Instead, he and others in high positions, acknowledge his claims as freedom from the oppression of 400+ years…

OK, HOW???

The IRISH were the first niggers here, NOT blacks. If you, as a black person, are ok with calling each other nigger, why do you get angry when a white person calls you a nigger? WHICH THEY WON’T!!! Be honest with yourself…when is the last time a white person called you a nigger? Go ahead…..really think about that? WHEN is the last time a white person called YOU a nigger? EVER?? NEVER???

Your ancestors were the people who were oppressed, not you!


Why is it that when Shaun King, a white man posing as a black man, heading up the bLACK Lives Matter movement, is proven to be white, no one bats an eye. THAT doesn’t matter to you?

A WHITE man pretending to be BLACK, champion of your cause, leader of your movement…THAT is racism. You cannot accept, any other truth but your own.

When Rachel Dolezal, head of the NAACP in Seattle, is found to be white, and suddenly, not black like she claimed….you don’t bat an eye?

whack blight


YOU the black person who sides with the ridiculous BLM movement, are fighting for something you can’t even comprehend. George Soros, is a major contributor to BLM…he is using blacks to fight against other blacks, and throwing his money, white, Jewish money at you, to make you appear to be the violent, out of control nasty violent black creatures that you have become. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

YOU were not the first niggers here, in settler/colonist America. The Irish were the first here, and were of LESS value than any blacks were. They would be killed on the spot, before any black person was harmed. The blacks fetched a higher price.

So, by your retarded logic, the fact that you were worth more, makes it so you should be first in line at the hand out window? Reparations for what exactly??…

When someone like Shabazz, or any of the other racist blacks go out in public and yell and scream their rage…just what is that rage aimed at? What is the purpose?

Would it not be better, more appropriate, to teach the black youth the real history? What really happened? Why keep them indoctrinated? YOU are indoctrinating your own children, into the hate-filled people they become!

If you want to end racism, WHICH you claim is ever present, why don’t you remove it from your own lexicon?? Why don’t you remove the word nigger, instead of embracing it?

Why don’t you educate yourself, then pass on that information to others, who will benefit from it?

Because, YOU want racism to be a BLACK/WHITE issue…

White people let it go ages ago, it is YOU who are holding onto it. FOR WHAT?? To have something to cry about?

How about the FACT that blacks make up about 13% of the population in the USA, and are responsible for around 53% of all crimes? Are you going to tell your children that? Are you going to keep telling them to be afraid of white people because YOUR ANCESTORS were oppressed? Let’s just be fair…if you decide to go that second route, at least tell your children, that before your ancestors were enslaved, on the plantations in America, the IRISH were enslaved there…tell the real truth, not just YOUR truth.

While you’re at it, be sure to inform them-your children whom you love with all of your HEART!!!-that it will most likely be a BLACK criminal who will hurt them, rob or kill them.

There is safety in numbers, numbers of people who understand what they are here for, what they should fight for and what they should call as ridiculous.

If you want to see an end to all the racism, hatred, prejudice…

Let It go.

black terrorist



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