Imperialism is the problem in America today.

I have to point out my own, semi-intentional, gaffe. I just typed, ‘ America ‘ …when i should have typed, the USA or United States of America. There are several Americas. We are the one who is above all others. We are indoctrinated to say ‘ America ‘…told that we are the world leader, number one nation when it comes to everything…when in reality, we are not a world leader, we are a world borrower. We owe several people for paying off part of our debt, while we publicize nations like Greece, running out of money, and how we ‘ had to help ‘ them recover their economy…what’s the difference? The money we gave to them was not our own! We have begged, borrowed, and literally stole to be the top dog. Where did Qaddafi’s gold end up??? Obama took it. Who did he give it to? China? Saudi Arabia?
How is this ethically, or morally sound?
Our ‘ leader ‘ is a terrorist. Most of them have been…
This is the same as piracy. The modern day Barbary pirates? He is a Muslim after all…
Our leaders have been Selected since just before WW1. Our policies and ‘ diplomatic agreements ‘ are neither, diplomatic, nor are they agreements.

I very loosely quoted Noam Chomsky, on his assessment of the Free Trade Agreements, we impose on people all over the globe. He said they aren’t free, it isn’t about trade, and they’re certainly not agreements.
Why is our government, or more accurately stated, our shadow government, bent on world domination? Is this truly Democracy? When a ‘ Democratic Republic ‘ such as our own opts for promoting, enabling, financing terrorism, to achieve our agendas, we have lost the battle. The battle full of created scenarios, false flags, and fake enemies…all part of the propaganda.
Why is it that our best most apt leaders are so often sidelined, while the shadow players work their evil? Why is it that NOT ONE of our Selected leaders, even JFK, have done anything to abolish the CIA, FBI, DHS, DoD…FEMA…any of the true terrorists we are living under today…not one. Is this not the same as organized crime? The largest drug cartel, the world’s largest manufacturer of weapons, the hit-man who will travel to any corner of the globe to kill someone.

A true leader, our ultimate champion, would do all they could to stop all of our posturing and shady operations, carried out in order to form an opinion in the public eye. The view that, ‘ hey the government knows what they’re doing, let them handle it. ‘
Because they sure as hell don’t have a clue as to what you or i need. They are driving our country into the ground, as quickly and efficiently as they know how, and they do know how! Billary is doing all she can to bring us into war with Russia…right now!

As of 4 days ago: 8-31-16: she was blaming Russia for hacking the Selection results. HER campaign has been guilty of voter fraud at almost every step.

Why is it that she has any power at all? Why would we give that to a known liar, a criminal?

…certain figures are used as puppets, in the game of media manipulation, and mass hypnosis.

I still believe all the election hoopla is nothing but a distraction from what Obama’s doing behind our backs…he’s the one we should be watching right now.

Why are certain celebrities so quick to hop on board, with whomever sounds best, without ever checking that person for themselves? Public opinion doesn’t seem to matter anymore…why is it that we can’t vote a president out, before his term ends?
WE should have that right. IF we were allowed to exercise that right, we would have booted the whole bunch and started from scratch. Instead, all of them have been put in place by the top dogs, or Fat Cats, as my Dad used to say.

Nixon was pushed out so Ford could come in, same as Carter being removed so Reagan could come in, JFK being removed so LBJ could come in…same as Herbert Hoover being removed so Roosevelt could come in. All part of an agenda to have a strong guy in the seat as opposed to their weaker counterparts. In each case you can find a reason for the stronger one to be in. Since then, we’ve seen tyrants and people manipulated by foreign intervention. Nixon, Carter, JFK, and Hoover, were considered weak, not motivated to move forward. Not the best plan for an imperialist nation, which we have been since the beginning. Ford didn’t seem tough, a fighter, but he was part of a larger scheme, he didn’t need to be tough he just had to be there. He ‘ pardoned ‘ Nixon, because even Nixon knew he was removed for an agenda. That was a nicety, since he was framed. Carter, even though he was a Trilateral, wouldn’t bargain with the Iranians who kidnapped the students, they would only deal with Reagan. Reagan, got the job done, but also brought lots of gun and drug running…JFK wouldn’t move forward, wanted to dismantle the CIA, LBJ wanted us to go into Vietnam, so he was the obvious choice since the USA was actually arming and financing BOTH sides in Vietnam, same as in WW2…source is Professor Antony C. Sutton…even worse, LBJ lied to get us in, with the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Hoover was too soft, so they brought in Roosevelt, who brought us into WW2, using the completely manipulated and financed ‘ attack ‘ on Pearl Harbor. We paid for the fuel Japan needed to fly 4,000 miles to strike an almost empty shipyard. As i said we were arming and financing both sides, so you see why he did that, money. War makes money. All of this was pre-planned, going back to before WW1, and does include the Bush family, with Herbert Walker. Most of our presidents have been CIA, or part of the Trilateral Commission, connected to the PNAC. Look into these and you will see a common thread, all of which points to our plan for global domination. We have had global jurisdiction, for over 100 years. Why? Why has no other country stepped in to stop us? Part of the plan.

Hoover was our last good president.

The last one who was truly qualified for the position. Since then we’ve seen tyrants, war-mongering despots who only have the plan for world domination in their minds…Hollywood actors, businessmen…
he did all he could to bring us into a new age, but he was knocked down at every step. He didn’t fit the plan to keep us at the top, that’s why. He was considered weak because he cared about others, in other countries. He was the last anti-imperialist.
We need another Hoover today. He could bring us out of our self-created quagmire of political manipulation, greed, tyranny.
Unfortunately, for us…our country is run by a shadow government which is headed up by the CIA, partially created, and wholly maintained by the Bush cartel. As long as the Bush family is involved in ANY way, we will not get out of the hole we’re in. Connect the dots, and you see the Bush cartel behind every one of our miscreancies, going back to at least 1910. Wall St., and it’s tendrils, funded the Bolshevik Revolution, WW1, WW2, part of the Korean conflict, Vietnam…take it on through the following years up to today…we, the USA, have been involved in massive casualties worldwide, all part of an agenda…why?
Even more importantly, why would our government remove a man who had our best interests at heart?
That should be very telling to you.
Immediately after his removal, Roosevelt was in the prime position to bring us into conflict. It literally has not stopped since then.



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