Victoria’s Smile…


WHO could hurt this kid? ANY kid?

little Victoria Martens suffered a Hell no child should endure.

10 years old…TEN!!!

NO CHILD…no child should have ever been in that situation. Why was Victoria in that situation? Why did her ” female parental unit ” allow such brutality? The boyfriend did things to Victoria, that an adult would not do to another adult, let alone a child!

The ONLY saving grace here, is that she’ll never ever have to endure that again, with those scumbags! Those pieces of human shit, who should be executed on live television.

Have you seen her smile? WHO COULD HURT HER??? Who could hurt ANY child?

Ashlynne Mike, age 11, was murdered back in May, by scumbag Tom Begaye…now Victoria. Not to mention many other kids who are being abused, hurt, killed. Why is this happening?

Does anyone else see the obvious common thread here?

New Mexico, drugs, child abuse, lack of input from law enforcement until it’s too late. The death penalty was repealed in New Mexico because 4 innocent people were unjustly put to death. It wasn’t until later on they were found to be innocent. But in Victoria’s case…they are guilty. Will they reinstate the penalty for these sick FUCKS!!? These child-murderers? Will they do all they can to make this right? The boyfriend did things to Victoria, that are considered barbaric, inhumane, bestial, deranged, depraved. Why is he still alive? ANY good parent will find him and shoot him in the face until they run out of bullets. Then reload and aim at the poor excuse for a ” female parental unit ” …and whoever else was involved.

Personally, i believe they were taping it, recording it for social media, like a snuff film. He started to dismember her. What else could that have been about? Selling organs/body parts on the black market? She was found in a burning tub already partially dismembered. He shot her up with Meth, then raped, and strangled her…while Victoria’s ” female parental unit ” was standing right there watching it all happen.


Coincidentally, i’m writing a simultaneous piece about human embryos being harvested and used in foods and cosmetics…going back and forth between drafts.

Were they gonna sell her body parts? Has this happened before?

Why so many affected children in New Mexico? Especially regarding the American Indian kids, like Ashlynne…

Is this part of some plan? The logical conclusion of the Trail of Tears…

If New Mexico can’t get their collective craniums dislodged from their collective rectums, nothing will change. The FBI, monitors the Navajo Nation…

yeah, like they can be trusted…( see Leonard Peltier, and/or the AIM movement )

you see who’s in charge, who they are…you know what they do what they’ve done…

Now ask yourself, where are the drugs coming from?


and never forget little Victoria’s smile.



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