” is an embryo a human life “?
why is this even a question? A life is a life is a life…
the moment humans create life, via impregnation, life begins. For people to judge, or decide when life becomes life, is just ridiculous. Is it alive? Is it not alive?
” It’s A-LIIIVE!!! ” …..

( r.i.p. Gene )…
for any person to decide when life is life, assuming they are Christian, or religious in general, is sacrilegious…they are shitting all over ‘ God’s work ‘ …
another angle on this, is that NO person, anywhere has the right to decide FOR the women, saying what they shall or shall not do, regarding their own body. And did i really need to write that? Wasn’t it already a thing???

No, for some reason, the courts and our ‘ judicial processes ‘ determine who does what.

The same people and systems who decided it’s acceptable to allow aborted human embryos to be used in certain products…


…recycling has reached a whole new level. In the case of the beauty products, the parents gave the company permission to use a sample of tissue from the fetus. But how much further does it go? And let’s just say right up front, they weren’t using a lab animal, they were using an aborted human baby, sampling it’s tissue. Yes, the parents gave permission, but was this ethically sound? Morally?

…why is it that the corporate side of decision making includes a timeline on whether or not we can use a HUMAN EMBRYO for products? By this backward logic, any human at any period in their lives could be assumed eligible for use in products. The elderly? The physically handicapped? The mentally handicapped?…those who are not white?

Who’s next?

use of insects in food, cosmetic products…’ cochineal extract ‘ …squished up bugs…
use of human body parts, being sold, by Planned Parenthood…some new age quest for the Fountain of Youth, via aborted human embryo…

who’s to say, the elderly aren’t being ground up and inserted into our products without our knowledge? Isn’t the knowledge that we use bugs and babies in our products, enough to make us assume, old people are being used? When the human life has reached it’s apex, whatever the age, it is reused, recycled…
the New ‘ Green ‘ …
embryonicide, infanticide, geronticide, humanicide.

” Soylent Green is people ” …


the truly sad thing here is, i’m not writing fiction. This is all true.

In our country, following the traditions of other countries, we are selling aborted embryos to be used for other purposes. Should this be allowed?

Are the beneficial uses of said embryos being used to their fullest extent, or are they being wasted? Passed off as the next youth juice…are we forgetting that we are literally talking about taking aborted babies and grinding them into our products?…that is exactly what this entails…

Do the ‘ Mothers ‘ gain anything for their contribution or is it completely shady, like back room storage jars with little dead babies just waiting for Igor to come and get em?
why else would women be encouraged to abort? Through the media, propaganda, ads on the tube…all of it, mixed with the non-sensical rhetoric, from the feminist cunts, who are fighting for the right to?…
be able to abort. Yes, this is a HUGE can of worms. I believe that in most cases, where there was consent, the woman has the right to abort, the man needs to stay the hell out of it. BUT, that being said, in the context of this piece, i’m referring to cases where she was raped, there was incest, whatever. Not just a regular slut getting pregnant because she fucks every guy in town.
If embryos can be treated this way, i believe it could stretch to the elderly. They are relegated to some internment camp, disguised as an assisted living facility, where they are mistreated, bilked of their life’s fortune, disregarded by their families and public, only to die a lonely death, then what?…be recycled into the food chain? If we can be ok with bugs, babies, poisons, being interjected into our foods, cosmetics, way of life…why not?
Are we so civilized? What was it that we called the indigenous tribes who were here before us?…” savages ” ? Here before us…here. Before… Here.
What’s worse? Being indoctrinated into believing the white man came over, and worked in harmony with the ‘ savages ‘ , when in reality, we slaughtered them like rabid dogs, WHICH you also knew…or the FACT, that for your whole life you’ve had that information stored away in your mind, without really thinking about it, going along with it as if that was normal?…
was this the same as cleaning your windshield of all those squashed up bug carcasses, or removing the lint from your dryer screen?…PEOPLE DIED…and for the most part, we just bury these facts. Why would a nation, destroy, or erase it’s own violent past? Isn’t a criminal supposed to pay for his crimes? Does he get to pick and choose which abominations to humanity he has committed, what to reveal, what to bury?
MILLIONS of individuals from a plethora of indigenous tribes, murdered in cold blood, men, women, children, elderly…forced to relocate along the impossible Trail of Tears. Still being mistreated to date.
George Orwell, was correct. We are living under a bubble of tyranny, oppression, propaganda, outright lies from our own leaders. Are we now the savages? Unprotected and alone in a country of billionaires and pedophiles, paid off politicians and an impotent Congress. When our own ‘ appointed ‘ leaders rally against us, it’s time to strike them until they’re dead. Because it’s only a matter of time until they strike us first.
WHO, would put their seal of approval on a plan to harvest aborted embryos?
it happened.
WHO would be ok with killing scores of innocent people in other countries, just to establish a foot-hold, for our coming agendas there…
it’s happened several times, and will again.
WHO would sell out their own US Constitution, just to further the imperialist tendencies of the Bush cartel?
it has happened constantly since just before WW1, and will keep on happening until we are a broken union. We will be a broken union if some other country comes in and offers us a shitload of money to buy property here. It has already happened. China, Kansas…money…
we owe them so what are we supposed to do?
WE paid our bills on time, TO our government…they squandered the money we gave to them for other things, not our problem.
Yet, it is us who will have to pay for this again and again. This is the rest of our lives here. Our country is a sellout, murdering, looting despot. That is the exact truth. Our country has taken on a life of it’s own, has it’s own momentum, why?
Who did that? Who do we support? Who do we keep close, while selling our own ideals right down the crapper? Terrorist states, like Saudi Arabia, and Israel…Pakistan, any state who supports, or sponsors statewide, or global terrorism. Our own country is at the top of that list. Why? Who runs our country? Zionists.
Why would the Zionists align themselves so closely with the USA? They have already made this their homeland. Their Zion…their entire purpose. Since 1896, the Herzl philosophy has been get home. No matter what happens between now and then, just get there. They have, in Israel, and in the USA: the United States of Israelica as i call it.
It is supposed to be us who runs our country. These supposed enemies, which our shadow government created by going out of their way to fuck with them, will strike us someday. Will they take the time to listen to reason? Will they allow us to explain that ‘ it wasn’t us, it was our leaders ‘ …? or will they detonate their devices, deleting our existence from time?
We are now the ‘ indigenous ‘ ones next in line for a deathmarch along a trail of our worst fears…


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