” suppressing Democracy ” …

The US government, could…
go to each and every city, round up all the homeless veterans, bring them to the proper establishments, according to their needs…pay for them ALL to live in complete luxury for the rest of their addled lives.
Have they done that?
Or, have they taken BILLIONS, upon TRILLIONS…
and used it, OUR money, to stage false-flags, promote war in the name of covering themselves and their misdeeds? Career criminal Rumsfeld announcing on the morning of September 10th, 2001 that there was 2.3 TRILLION that had just ” gone missing ” , and they couldn’t account for 25% of military spending, military budget…Hmmm, how convenient. This wasn’t the first time that this news was revealed, it happened in 1998 as well.

( 1998-2000 )…
3.3 TRILLION, just poof gone…so add it up…5.6 TRILLION, just poof gone…all conveniently missing. If it was doled out through Congress, it should have been closely regulated, right? Would they just piss it to the wind like that and not follow the trail? Congress is guilty as much as any leader post WW2. Think about all the groups, organizations who would have been in on this…the UN, the IRS, the treasury, Department of Defense…all complicit.
{ from 1998 } ” According to estimates, the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development cannot account for over $3 trillion allotted to them by Congress, amounting to thousands of dollars of missing money for every man, woman and child in the country…” …
Where did the money go??
From 1998 to 2000, 3.3 T gone…( think about who was president then, what he did, who he interacted with, what he allowed to happen…) Now imagine his cunt of a wife as president.

In 2001, the day before OUR OWN GOVERNMENT attacked us on our own soil, 2.3 T gone…i could go off on a tangent here, no problem, but let’s keep it simple. Just a few days before the ” attack ” there was insider trading, between some of the key companies involved, as well as the airlines involved…take that info and run with it…..go ahead i’ll wait…
( humming…….she’ll be coming around the moun ) oh you got it? Good. Now tell everyone you can reach. They need to know.

That money could have built entire towns, filled to the brim with enough houses, facilities, developed areas, to house not only all of our vets, but the rest of the homeless as well. You can build a home for just over $100,000, if you do it right. How many times does $100,000 fit into 2.3 T??? Even more distressing, the 3.3 T that HUD ‘ misplaced ‘, they didn’t even use it properly!! That’s their THING, what they do…

they are paid to perform a service, and have been caught red-handed NOT doing that, even worse bilking OUR country of more than 3 Trillion dollars. We wouldn’t have needed to borrow from Japan, China, some countries in South America, Latin America, Mexico…if we had used our own money properly.

Of course, this is going in circles, because our own money hasn’t been worth anything for decades. The paper that circulates, is a distraction, to quell the public so they don’t decapitate the White wash House…we all live on credit, and borrowed time.

China has been looking at land in Kansas. CHINA has been looking at LAND in KANSAS!!! They could potentially own part of our country.

How did it come to this?

Capitalism, being exploited to the point of global strong-arming and Jack Boot tactics. Socialism, being suppressed, but used as a system of racial and class divide.

We hear of the deficit being right around 18 Trillion, according to the Zionist owned and operated media…but, it’s actually around 90 Trillion, and must be more than that, when we add everything up, bring it all into focus.

We should be talking about how much money we’ve saved.

How much does each war cost? How many have there been?

Is it not obvious that their systems are NOT working? Is it not time to take our country back? Do they need to shoot us in the streets? According to plans laid out in Operation Northwoods, that is one of their tactics. Kill Americans, blame it on some perceived enemy.

It has already happened several times.

When there are no more countries to exploit, will they just attack us? Oh wait…they already have. Roughly, 15 years ago, our own government attacked us on our own soil. NEVER FORGET that. Ask anyone today how it went down. You’ll hear about 19 hijackers, ( 9 of whom are still alive )…and planes, hitting the towers, and the Pentagram, oops:) Pen-taaaa-gonnnnn…and people being stuck inside the buildings, dying, bodies everywhere, people jumping…

sometimes you’ll hear others telling you it was the government who did it, they know it was really an inside job just like everyone said. All the conspiracy theorists are correct.

Since then, we’ve seen false flag after false flag, fake attack after fake attack…bomb drills in Boston, fake dead kids in Newtown, CT., shootings in a theater, blamed on the latest victim of MKUltra, James Holmes, who didn’t actually do any of the shooting himself but doesn’t remember any of it. Hmmm, sound familiar? Sirhan Sirhan?…and WHY are we seeing a badly chosen, double who looks nothing like James in court and in the media?


How many innocent people died as a result of our posturing and lies? How many soldiers thought they were doing the right thing, never knowing they were being lied to, manipulated, used in a game of war. Now take that last sentence and apply it to ANY battle over the past 70 to 100 years. It is still correct. The real enemy lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC.

An enemy of peace, justice, liberty. An enemy of Democracy and human rights…



sorry, tension breaker…had to be done. This photo was too awesome to pass up! Look at the eye in the middle, it was beckoning to me…

…our vets are sleeping on the sidewalks.

All i could see in my mind right then, was a group of bedraggled, disheveled veterinarians, huddled around a barrel fire in a back alley somewhere…back to it now…

I live in Taunton, MA., there are homeless vets here. I have a friend, he was in Vietnam. I asked one day, did you know we were arming both sides in Vietnam? He said yeah, but what could we do? I never got his name, but i see him at the soup kitchen all the time. The day i met him he was pan-handling, and he’d been sleeping in the back hallway of the bank across from the court house. I’m from Rockland, MA., i used to see vets sleeping outside, or in parking lots there all the time. This is not an issue which is halfway across the globe, it is right here. Who has done anything to change it? Is it enough? We’re still waging wars over nothing but oil, land, bragging rights, and cash. There will be more vets fighting for space on the sidewalks, while yet another skyscraper sits empty, devoid of all human interaction, but waiting to be sold to some foreign agency, or business partner. The same people who we point at and say, THEY are terrorists. What are those soldiers fighting? What enemy? They are embroiled in constant battle with their own government and they don’t even realize it.

How has our government spent what is essentially OUR money in the past? We have been involved in wars, battles, skirmishes, for over 200 years…they’ve bailed out big banks, big biz, big everything, before they bailed out their own affected citizens…
when we do receive a ‘ refund ‘ it’s to keep us satisfied for a bit while they’re right back to the evil.
Not only are they robbing us blind, we are still forced to keep on paying into their coke habits and call boys…trips to the Middle East for 5 year old girls, and pin the tail on the journalist’s head…
these people are sick! Our leaders are true sociopaths…most, if not all of our selected leaders-post WW2-have been CIA, and Trilaterals ( Trilateral Commission ) …some have been members of Skull and Bones at Yale, which is the same affiliation Hitler had in Germany. He was also a member…….2 + 2 is? There’s nothing to add up, it’s all public knowledge. Why is it that most people don’t know this information? This is a fact. We armed and financed BOTH sides in WW2, just like Vietnam, probably Korea…we created the propaganda yet pointed at Goebbels, and said, he’s a liar!! Do a web search for ‘ US propaganda photos, WW2 ‘ …you’ll get it.

There is a slight challenge while writing ‘ WE armed and financed both sides in WW2, Vietnam, ‘ etc., because it was not us, it was our government acting in our stead. But, we did nothing to stop them. When Roosevelt announced our entry into WW2, he did it against a 60 to 80% negative approval rating. Source is Gore Vidal, in his excellent book-Blood for Oil the Bush-Cheney Junta. He knew that Japan didn’t want anything to do with us, as far as war. They were used and abused, then later nuked for their role. The role that our government hired them for…

Roosevelt was only continuing where Woodrow Wilson left off.

We, would have stayed out of Vietnam. We, would have stayed out of WW2 Germany. We haven’t been attacked by a real enemy, since 1910. That enemy was Mexico, and it was over a land dispute regarding Arizona.

We would have had nothing to fear, if the USA, Britain, France, and Germany itself weren’t working alongside the Nazi Party. Enabling, arming, financing them. We, would have never financed the Bolshevik Revolution, only to later suit our own purposes. We would have never killed millions of innocent people across the globe, which our government somehow thinks they own…

We, would opt for peace, and unity on a global scale. There is no enemy, but the enemies that our own government created by doing all they’ve done. Cause and Effect. Their cause equals one huge and constant violation of our US Constitution. Does that piece of paper even matter anymore? It is laying in tatters, soaking in a sea of blood, running it’s color out into a fading portrait of the human race, devolving into some primordial ooze, which keeps playing each side of itself against one another while reaping the riches and killing it’s own soul.
Why have we not revolted yet? Why have we not stormed the castle and taken the King out of his seat by force. A bloodless coup like Qaddafi achieved in 1969…
because the US military is too big to get around.

If they’re not on your side, you are fucked.

It would never happen without massive amounts of bloodshed, unfortunately, because our government, our Zionist shadow government is so rooted, and hunkered down, it would be like removing a stubborn tick…
but it can be done, and if it isn’t soon, we are all doomed.
Think about the blood that has been spilled, over what?
They have caused all of our grief. Gone into third world countries, completely devastated entire villages, massacred scores of innocent people…for example: My Lai, or any of the ‘ 14 ‘ massacres that occurred during our occupation of Vietnam. If we can even believe that number to be true. Let’s just assume that number is correct…
As Professor Antony C. Sutton revealed, we played both sides against each other in Vietnam. We armed and financed the North Vietnamese, through Russia, who was aiding the North, and we gave arms, money and whatever else, to the South. Our government did that. The soldiers on the ground, were duped into that fight, on ALL sides. Some of them just fucking snapped! And lost their humanity in the process. But let’s turn this around for a minute here…Russia was taking arms and money from us, for? They had to know what we were doing and still followed through. They bought the arms, from us. For what other purpose? They had to know we were ‘ protecting ‘ South Vietnam…therefore, this is the same scenario as WW2. With both parties attending. The USA enabled Nazi Germany, at the same time we enabled the Stalinist USSR. After we enabled both, we aimed at the USSR with contempt, painting them as the bad guy.

Hence the Cold War, the circa 1950s Red Scare, ( though it went back to the 1920s ) – which should have been named the Red, White and Blue Scare…
Back to Vietnam…

during this later period of the Red Scare we decided to work with them, only to have a war to fight. Today, we are STILL living within the bubble of a propagandized, media manipulated Red Scare. Why?

As far as i can tell, through research and gleaning bits of info through the years, the president of Vietnam must have been in on it, to some degree. In the same way that Japan, was used to attack Pearl Harbor, which was a pre-planned event…they were paid to do that. We reimbursed them for the fuel* it took to fly 4,000 miles to attack an almost empty shipyard. *Source is Professor Sutton. I believe that the president of Vietnam knew he was backed into a corner, just like Japan. We always hear about the MASSIVE, 11 year campaign of defoliation…he ordered, financed, enabled that. Why defoliate? Was he playing his own sides against each other? If he was ok with doing that, who’s to say he wasn’t ok with us playing both sides? War makes money, as much as it spends it. After all, i am very sure that he remembered what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and could imagine that happening to his country. America is a terrorist state.

I can’t pin all the blame on our government…We are the government as much as they are us. So, WE are responsible for what they’ve been allowed to do, on our dime, and on our time. We have had chances to take it back and have done nothing.

This is an area where peace by attrition comes to mind…waging war on the warmongers, in order to finally have peace, no matter how many regular good citizens are killed in the process of taking it back. An insurrection, aimed at the tyranny of our leaders who have created our quagmire of injustice and ruined our country. Turning it into a warhead, set and ready to explode at whichever country gives us the finger first. Even more sinister is the FACT, that our own government is more than ready to strike at us, it’s own citizens, just to keep the status quo. They need to be taken out effectively, and quickly the first time. But it has to be done through ethics, morals, philosophy, anarcho-pacifism. No violence, even if they fire upon us. Someone, somewhere needs to be a witness to innocent Americans being murdered by our own government, so it shakes them awake, and moves them into action. That right person will have the necessary wares to effect our change. We couldn’t, say, bomb the White wash House…we would hurt innocent people there, who are only part of the cast in this B-Movie…it needs to be done the right way. But, it has to be done NOW!

Our government has taken the wheel, and driven us over a cliff into a miles-high mountain of rotting corpses…whistle-blowers and patriots, innocent women and children, anyone who gets in the way. Anyone who doesn’t quite fit the mold. In other words, one who refuses to be a sheep, just waiting to be killed while we bleat and moan…we choose to be the lion! We are the King of our Jungle. We are the ones who could make it right again. Will we?

If we truly want to defeat, the typical definition, of terrorism, we should dismantle the US government, and start from scratch. Dismantle the CIA, which will NEVER happen…stop putting big banks first…get back to what we used to be.
Well, let’s not go killing millions of American Indians this time HUH??! Adding insult to injury erecting a 4 faced stone statue as big as the mountains of all those slave-owners, and Indian killers as a beacon of all our tyranny. Their faces represent those of men who killed CHILDREN. These are our heroes???
These genocidal maniacs should have been stopped. No one even tried. Did any ANY any other country step in? No. They were fine with it. Why? Britain? No, they had already slaughtered scores of indigenous tribes worldwide, what did they care?
Canada? At least they allowed some tribes to relocate, and protected them, to a degree…but why be passive-aggressive? Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad for the indigenous tribes if someone was in their corner. This is why i believe many people were in on their extinction, anyone could have stopped it.

Now to the present.

Why is our government, ” suppressing Democracy “?…( i borrowed that phrase from the article on Noriega, ( below…) …they said he was doing this. ) …one of the supposed goals in our system, way of life in the USA…taking from us, to give it to weaponry, aimed at innocent victims of tyranny. Panama in 1989…Manuel Noriega, accused of drug trafficking. What a load of shit! How much cocaine and opium, to later be refined into Heroin, has the US government allowed into the country? Why did the USA have the power to go in and decimate their peace, kill a bunch of people, cause grief and hardship? Who gave the go ahead to make us the neighborhood watch, calling others out for what we do ourselves? Look into it, there were other reasons why we invaded Panama, obviously the Noriega story was a decoy for Bush Sr., to go to Iraq.

So, as we’ve seen many times, the government made up a reason, then just went and did it.
For what? Ulterior motives.
What ever happened to having a ‘ fair fight ‘?
Not only do we happen to possess the biggest military in the world, we will use it against you even if you did nothing. Even better/worse…we’ll lie to start this battle, just because we can. C-Mon…we’re the USA…who’s gonna stop us?…
Our leaders don’t want peace. That would mean an end to the raping, pillaging, outright theft, murder on a genocidal level, for what?
” Democracy ” …

1. freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. “you can while away an hour or two in peace and seclusion”
synonym: tranquility, calm, restfulness, peace and quiet, peacefulness, quiet, quietness; privacy, solitude “can’t a man get any peace around here?”
antonyms: noise
mental calm; serenity. “the peace of mind this insurance gives you”
synonyms: serenity, peacefulness, tranquility, equanimity, calm, calmness, composure, ease, contentment, contentedness…”peace of mind”
antonyms: agitation, distress
2. freedom from or the cessation of war or violence. “the Straits were to be open to warships in time of peace”
synonyms: law and order, lawfulness, order, peacefulness, peaceableness, harmony, nonviolence; formalconcord “we pray for peace”
antonyms: conflict; a period of this. “the peace didn’t last”
a treaty agreeing to the cessation of war between warring states. “support for a negotiated peace”
synonyms: treaty, truce, ceasefire, armistice, cessation/suspension of hostilities “a lasting peace”
antonyms: war
freedom from civil disorder. “police action to restore peace”
synonyms: law and order, lawfulness, order, peacefulness, peaceableness, harmony, nonviolence; formalconcord “we pray for peace”
antonyms: conflict
The opposite of peace would be…
disturbance, chaos and disorder, war, violence
conflict, agitation, distress, noise…
our country has been on the opposite side of peace for a very very long time. This will not change until we change it. Do we still have power over our government? Fuck no. Do they rule us? Yes. Do they have our best interests at heart? Hell no. Will they stop the; violence for no reason, warmongering, pillaging the riches of any country they want? No.
Our government, only exists in the truest form of the name itself, as a moniker, for a corporation, or company. We are ‘ governed ‘ …but the people who are doing the governing, just happen to be psychopaths bent on world domination, even if it kills a few million people in the process. How is this any different than the propaganda we all learned about Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Vlad the Impaler…
Why is it somehow acceptable when the USA does the same thing they did? We go into a random country and murder 100,000 people and blame it on our latest fabricated enemy, showing how terrible they are in the media, portraying them as terrorists, when in reality, we did all the killing, through the CIA, or some connection to Mossad, or another faction. We enable terrorists, in the Middle East, who have displaced 100s of 1,000s of people, for what? Who is behind these terrorists? Who gave them weapons, and money? The USA. Who armed the Mujahideen? Who enabled ISIS? Who is very tight with Al-Qaeda, even after blaming them for 9/11, going into Afghanistan, and Iraq, murdering HOW MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE???? For what? Then using them in the plot to capture and kill Qaddafi…using them at Benghazi…who did all this? The USA…
Who shines a light on Muslims, blames them for false flags, fake terrorist attacks, shootings, general chaos…then favors them to their faces? The USA…namely Obama. But his entire administration accepts this and DOES NOTHING! Are they afraid to act? Wouldn’t someone, somewhere have stood up by now and said WAIT! This isn’t right, you are violating our own US constitution…
A very small handful of people have stood their ground and called attention to our government’s misdeeds, and it got some of them killed. So that says to me that everyone from the top to the bottom is involved. It would have to be that way, or the tyrant would be impeached, his lackeys would be rotting in jail next to the Bush’s, Cheney, Rumsfeld…any of the other war criminals who are still alive today. Hang them all. Do it in public so we can spit on them while they choke and sputter, for doing this to our country.

We, the people, would not oust the Native Americans, force them into constantly contracting reservations, smaller each year, deny them even the most basic rights, force them to exist as lowlife scum, in a pig pen, while we saunter along on our $10,000 rugs and eat caviar. We, the people, would not condemn a soldier for telling the truth about his own government, revealing their wrongdoings to the public, who deserve to know…shaming him and stripping him of his honor, when he acted accordingly with his position, militarily and morally. We, the people, would make sure none of our own were downtrodden, without, empty bellied and hopeless…
Our tyrannical, maniacal, imperialist despots don’t care enough to do any of these things. If they did i wouldn’t have needed to write about it.
What has our nation become, and why?
Who got us to this point?

What can we do to change it?


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