‘ Literary Terrorism ‘ …


” you have the right to remain silent…”
but you have the moral obligation to report injustice, and tyranny.
” anything you say, can, and will, be used against you ”
even when you tell the truth, your words will be used against you. Even if every word you say is absolute truth, the system can, and will, use it against you. How? By taking what you say, write, promote…and using it in a campaign of propaganda, aimed at creating their next false flag. Crisis actors all of us.

When the government prosecutes a citizen for whistle-blowing, through their output of anti-Imperialist positive propaganda, they are showing themselves as guilty…wouldn’t they just let it slide? Why call attention to it by killing the person who revealed vital information which points to the US government as the terrorist? The word is already out. A true liar, ( that sounds like a contradiction, but it is accurate. These people believe their own lies…) would call the least amount of attention to it possible by ignoring it, acting as if it never bothered him. Why attack the whistle blower? Why not let them have their day, and walk away headlong toward your next blatant violation of our US Constitution?…

…this points to socio-pathological tendencies. A sociopath is a pathological liar. In other words all of our leaders in the USA have been sociopaths bent on the destruction of any ideal that doesn’t match that of their own, or that of their contributors. Is that Democracy?

1). ” a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. ” …

Do we conduct, fair, accurate, balanced elections, or have they been rigged since right around 1914?…do we have equal say in what happens?

2). ” a state governed by a democracy ” …

is our state governed by a Democracy? No. Read the first definition and you see a gaping hole where our ‘ choice ‘ used to exist…not to mention the fact that we don’t run anything, it’s been run for us since the beginning. All eligible members of a state? Have ANY of our selected leaders been eligible? The last qualified president we had was Herbert Hoover, and he was drummed out for being too soft.

3). ”¬†control of an organization or group by the majority of its members ” …

This one would make sense, if the people in charge were you and me…instead we have others speaking in our stead. Are you ok with that? Unfortunately, this one rings more true than the others. Our country is a corporation, who has other smaller corporations in it’s pocket. Our selected leaders are only CEOs of this corporation, in all it’s miscreancy and chaos, ruling all, and loving none. This third definition is the problem. We should be at level 1, and clearly we are at level 3.

Can we save ourselves?


We need to get rid of the common conception of Democracy; how it’s misused and fragmented into other more evil intentions. When you hear that we want to ‘ democratize ‘ a nation, you can rest assured that we are setting them up for further exploitation of their key resources, until they need our ‘ help ‘ to rebuild…and of course, they are on that list of future enemies…hmmm, who should we destroy today??

If nothing else it’s a mask for the underhanded intentions of our Zionist wannabes in the White House. The way it’s been used to stand as a banner of peace, while we are destabilizing other countries for our own uses…used as a way of being, while it only further separates classes, further instigates racial tensions.

the key issue here is our right to vote and have an actual say in what goes on…and the FACT that it is not that way. Look into Billary’s contributors, campaign financiers…where are they from? Why is foreign money having a say in who gets in? Does that not bother you? It definitely should. But then, Obama literally said in a press conference, that due to changes in the election laws, foreign contributors would have more of a say in the elections. WHAT!!!??:) Really think about that…

He spelled it out, plain as day. Who said anything? We should all be first, and we are looked at as last. Our current ‘ election process ‘ is a terrible idea, set to favor the rich, while the poor can go fuck off somewhere else for their healthcare or well-being. This is the way our country was founded, the rich being at the top, the working class being at the bottom. How is this NOT Communism? Feudalism? An ant farm on a global scale…where humans are nothing more than a vehicle to enrich the already well-off and the well-off are just looking for a way to destroy the hopes of the ones who need help. Kill them and you no longer need to provide for them. Hence, our illegal wars, global terrorism, massive campaigns of propaganda to take the attention off of our own scheming, in the plot to form a one world government.

This is ‘ positive ‘ propaganda, meaning, the things we can reveal about our completely fabricated history. These writers and whistle-blowers are necessary, because they reveal that missing information about our past leaders, bringing it up to the current despot and his administration; all of their misdeeds, all the misdeeds of ALL our leaders…all they’ve done to destroy our country since roughly 1910…and we can trace it back even further to just before 1492 if we align things like the Jews being expelled from Spain in 1492, for conducting one of many child sacrifices…they were also expelled from England for the same reason, just around 300 years before that…look into it, you will see a pattern. Many patterns and connections…and the strange fable of a sailor who never actually landed here, but is lauded as a hero, even though, by his own legend, he was a pedophile and murderer, responsible for genocide, of indigenous tribes…the Spaniards were responsible for bringing scores of people from Africa, to this continent to be used as slaves, while they mined all the resources and stole millions of humans for worldwide dispersion…
…this guy is one of our heroes?…we get a holiday for him, after what he did?…

does that not bother you? Does it not sound suspicious? Does it not seem as if in reality this was all part of the plan? Clear out the indigenous tribes, make way for the ‘ disaffected ‘ who are on their way from England, seeking a new, or relatively new land, which just happens to have been already cleared…by whom? Who was behind this new frontier? How many slaves were used to build this new venture? How many children? How many humans were used by other humans to do their bidding? Is there a caste system when it comes to your equals?

Our fore-fathers were so high and mighty, they went on to tell us, we are all created equal, yet they had their own slaves. I loosely quoted comedian George Carlin right there…find his standup on the subject and you see that he was actually a great philosopher. Knowing this, isn’t that just verification that our system encourages others being on a lower scale than you? How is this different than the Socialism/Communism that we so abhor? Working class bows to the ruling class. The citizens being ‘ protected ‘ by the ruling class/empowered lineage-Bush Cartel-military complex…in exchange for their unwavering devotion to the State…

This is Feudalism. America was and still is a Feudalist/Communist/Socialist republic of uninformed workers, towing the line for unqualified, unjust tyrants.

We deride any attempt to bring the inequality of the white race, into the equation, out of fear of being labeled racist…while bolstering the false image that black America is some revolutionary sentinel of human rights. There are legitimate examples of great black activists who have done much to erase hate and bigotry…yet, those men and women are long gone. They would roll in their graves if they saw the current state of black America, where they are killing each other, and looting their own stores, rioting over falsified stories of police injustice, without ever reading further into it…

the reason there is, and always will be, a divide between the races, is because we were all shown that it was there. From birth, we’re told, this is God, give him all your money, don’t ask questions. Some people are good, some are bad…some are lighter, some of the darker ones are probably bad…the media shows a biased view from the inside of a vacuum, designed to obscure facts and promote propaganda, no matter who it involves or what damage it will do. This is sensationalism. Let’s all talk about a gay wedding cake in Cambridge while there are homeless veterans on the streets of Boston. You can see by my example, attention paid to gay agenda, no attention paid to the end result with all of it’s shrapnel, to the fake war issue which has left millions dead, many many disaffected…soldiers who are committing suicide because they just can’t deal with all the innocent people they killed. It has been definitively established, that our government went to war over nothing, they acknowledge that it was based on a set of lies. All fallout can be directly attributed to them, their decision to go against such a high disapproval rating etc., all of it should be on their laps right now! Why is it not? Why are Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld…not in Gitmo right now being water-boarded, hung out to dry all day…ridiculed in the media…instead, they’re exalted. Why?

…why is it that some people today are hapless, unresponsive to this bane to our well being?

So many connections, angles, tendrils…

Our system encourages child labor in third world countries, in order to reap the benefits here. Willfully exploiting Capitalism by way of violating the human rights of a CHILD? Also discounting reports of the rampant, and unceasing pedophilia, in the human trade…covering up one injustice with yet another.

Pedophilia and homosexuality in the much revered and still somehow respected, church… where they go out of their way to protect the priests who have sex with CHILDREN? How is this normal? If you don’t step up to the plate and talk about it, write about it, you are part of the problem.

Campaigns of violence, where our civil rights activists talk big, then back off when their own people agitate to the point of lawful intervention…where they instigate the authorities until they just fucking snap, then turn it around in the press to reflect violence aimed at the activists instead of from them. Is it not suspect that the black man who is perfectly positioned for the row of cameras next to him is the one smashing out the store front window? Why him? What about the line of armed to the teeth police, standing guard against any racial implosions which are in fact scheduled ahead of time…while the angry looking black man is face to face with one of them for the prime photo op of the magazines and press coverage? Why is it so important for the ‘ media ‘ and i mean mostly the main stream media…to get in there and get the prime shots? Wouldn’t they need to keep it neutral?

Why do they encourage racially biased material only when it benefits the situation? Isn’t this sensationalism? Suddenly, Jerry Springer could run for president.

The continuation of slavery, in third world countries, namely Africa. Why? Why is this still an issue? Because without it the world economy would suffer, it’s just the truth. That sounds harsh but all we did was bury the issue of slavery, not defeat it. It’s not politically correct to say, that sometimes, cheap labor is a good thing…

The almost pathological greed, of our leaders; extending it to the citizens who now lose all they’ve scrimped and saved, to pay more taxes for the coming wars, foreign glad-handing and overall manipulation of the now befriended, but still future enemies; imposing sanctions if they don’t comply. What leader could be ok with inflicting suffering on it’s own peoples, no matter which side of the equation they’re on?

This is somehow allowed, yet, people who tell the truth, are being prosecuted right now.

When a writer describes our own government’s shortcomings, suddenly they are deemed a threat. They are now a ‘ literary terrorist ‘ …in the eyes of our tyrannical figurehead for the Zionist revolution, little America. When a soldier who is sworn to uphold the US constitution, gets in trouble FOR upholding the US constitution…we have definitely lost the battle. When a soldier reveals a video which shows definitive proof, with no doubt whatsoever, he is berated, punished, even tortured…all of this before he’s made to look ridiculous in the public eye by his ‘ sudden choice to become a woman…’ …come on…that was a strategy by the very people he exposed, who told him, do this or we shoot you in the face…which is it?
When citizens, who decide to protest, EVEN peacefully become united, they are deemed a threat…why is this? Strength in numbers? Kind of like the next Civil War happening right in front of our eyes? Growing in intensity and aimed at our fallen leadership, which readily bent over and accepted the unlubricated prong of Zionism, in it’s goal of extending their trail back to their ‘ home land ‘ …

as early as 1896, Theodor Herzl, had already broken away from traditional Judaism, and he was in line to effect the start of WW1 with his cohorts, including elements of the German government at the helm. With the dream team of America, Britain, France, and Germany involved, the coming events would fall in line perfectly. Herzl, was an Austro-Hungarian journalist. Who’s to say he wasn’t promoting propaganda to enhance his own agenda? If you read into all events surrounding him, his cause, and the way that all countries were on the side of Zionism, you see the way their plan was effected. Why else would Gavril Princip have been paid to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife? That was a win-win for many people.

Going back to the Jews being banished from Spain in 1492…who was the King at that time? King Ferdinand. He was murdered with Queen Isabella. Connection?

We could align events going back as far as we want. As far as Zionism and the role it played in our downfall, we would have to look at the period of time around 1896, then forward around 20 years to Wilson being available to help fund the movement. There is a strange coincidence with the figure of 20 years…WW1 ended, and with the Treaty of Versailles in 1918-19, it would be 20 years, until millions would be murdered in the line of fire between Hitler and Stalin. In 1946,7,8…millions of Jews, were relocated to Palestine. That did happen. In 1967, the illegal state of Israel, attempted to take land close to their newly gleaned home. They were met with resistance, and had a small war, ” the 6 day war ” …you can see patterns there, and follow them to the current conflict in Syria, Turkey…literally, nothing has changed. All of this points to an illegal state being created, with the help of many great nations, enabled backed, financed…all for the purpose of a new state for Jews who had suffered so much through the centuries…

Muammar Qaddafi said, to both sides…” Israel, in 1967 you went to take land, why did you wait 20 years before doing that? And to Palestine, the land was sitting there…you did nothing until Israel went to take it, only then did you fight. ” …you can watch this brilliant speech on youtube, or wherever you get your videos…he was at the UN, i believe this was in 2010, because he was murdered soon after in October of 2011. In fact, he cryptically predicted his own coming death, when he called out the USA for hanging Saddam Hussein, over nothing more than wanting to abandon the US dollar. When Qaddafi announced he was set to do the same, Obama went in with NATO, other troops, drones, and wiped out sections of Tripoli, killing innocent men, women, children, elderly…for what?

the common theme, in all events, is a one world government with Zionism at the helm.

…whether you look at the end of the 1890s or the beginning of the 1910s, you see a connection, which spreads to key events, which will lead you to our current situation. All of this is a direct result of our government being aligned with Zionism.

Start WW1, take Poland, pay Hitler and Stalin to war over it 20 years later, kill millions of innocent Jews and Poles just to have a certain number of war-dead, which you can later propagandize, taking the light off any other dead, only promoting your 6 million dead claim…then relocate the ‘ better ‘ ones who are very much alive and well, to your dream destination, Palestine. That is exactly what happened.

The USA was and still is ok with having Zionism as it’s benefactor, and partner in crime; war crimes to be exact…yet discounts any other way of thinking but the old American ideal…fuck the Commies, fuck Muslims, fuck Americans.
America aided the ‘ Commies ‘ ; funding the Bolshevik Revolution-( source; Professor Antony C. Sutton ) enabling both world wars, swaying the turn of events regarding the Korean War, stabilizing our own agenda, while destabilizing their entire country…arming and financing BOTH sides in Vietnam…now, if we were arming and financing both sides in Vietnam, it would make sense that we played both sides in Korea…since Russia was in the North, we were in the South, ‘ protecting it from Communism ‘ …just like in Vietnam.
With the knowledge that we actually funded Communism, we can see that everything we learned about the Red Scare was indeed a fabrication. The only way it could have been applied is if one hand was cutting off the other, it’s a logical improbability, yet America has effected that at every step. Now bring it up to today, all of it is directly connected to America funding the Bolshevik Revolution. We are STILL painting Russia as the bad guy, even though Putin has done all of our dirty work for us with OUR OWN war-child, ISIS. So…
WHO is the terrorist? And is it not obvious that Herzl’s ideology falls right in line with the multitude of reasons why the USA has been at the center of all chaos over the past 100 + years? See the connection?

By these standards, and according to her own…America should be looked at as the neighborhood bully. ALL personnel of the military in ANY faction should technically be approaching the White House right now to capture the true terrorists, the ones who are behind ALL of our discontent.
As Professor Sutton says, the Bush family truly has been behind all of this. Since 1910, with Herbert Walker, they have been the money behind the terror. Our own presidents…i go back to Woodrow Wilson, you can still trace it further back of course…but to go with him, rounds everything off, on this current chapter regarding the USSR, Germany, Britain, France, the USA, all being behind the unified effort to cause global strife, and threat of death in a continual, if you trace events from one to the next…campaign, of terrorism coming FROM the US government. Who allowed the US government to do all this? Wouldn’t someone have stepped in by now? Really think about that. Why has no one stepped in?
Everyone and their Mom is in on it. It would HAVE to be that way.

So, to be the patriotic, proud citizen you are, you need to do all you can to promote justice, no matter who it ensnares. Promote liberty, which has been taken from us over the past 70 years; any number of events from domestic terror actually perpetrated by elements of our own government in order to paint the picture of foreign entities doing it all…( Operation Northwoods ) …to the current threat of a foreign enemy, who…does…not…exist. The current threat is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The people who have derided our government, turned it into a juggernaut of hatred, bigotry, violence, greed, lust…

i’m not religious, but how many of the seven deadly sins can you attribute to any of our presidents? They are after all normal, everyday average men. They have faults. When we are duped into an election process which is already rigged to favor the favorable, even over those with more experience than they could ever need, we are living in a country that has no law. ALL presidents in the USA going back to the very beginning were in on a plan to create a new Empire. America the world leader, waving proud it’s arms, and bombs, and drones, and anger at what you have…mining resources to the point of desolation…farming the land of our scapegoat countries, in order to render them helpless, thus enabling our own liberation tactics, as we saw in WW2…we go in to save the day, when in reality, we, the USA armed and financed both sides…

It truly is all a game.





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