On Obama’s failed coup in Turkey…
( pronounced, ‘ Coo ‘, not coop…in case you didn’t know…)
COUP : 1. a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
“he was overthrown in an army coup”

This coup feels like an extension of the strategies, outlined in the document, ‘ Operation Northwoods ‘ …if you don’t know what that is, you should read on it. There were things planned like firing on innocent people, then blaming whoever your current enemy is…bombing ships, then claiming no responsibility, shooting down planes and blaming terrorists. In a coup, your enemy is the one you are trying to depose. This document is behind the mindset that leads the government to do such things, in the name of having something to protect and be the hero for. It all comes down to fake terror, falsified information and propaganda used to create an image of a perceived enemy, whether or not they actually are. So, who really shot down that Russian fighter plane in Turkey? It is debatable, as to whether or not it actually entered Turkish airspace.

Here is only one of many outlines on it. You should find as many alternative sources as you can, and read on those as well.

It was a plan, drawn up in 1962, to fake an attack on a US vessel, among other, even more insidious ideas, which include firing upon US citizens, in order to blame it on Cuba, so Castro could be removed. This strategy has been used time and time again.

To name just a few:

the Gulf of Tonkin incident; the faked attack which Lyndon Johnson fabricated, and used to bring us into Vietnam. He reported an attack on a US vessel, blamed it on North Vietnam, in order to bring us into the already existing conflict in Vietnam. Side note, this is how disinformation works. There was one actual attack, but not on a US ship, yet he crafted the story to be something it wasn’t. Why? The USA was in fact arming and financing BOTH sides in Vietnam. Really think about that for a second…we were giving arms and money to Russia, who was defending/helping North Vietnam, while we were giving arms and money to South Vietnam, who WE were defending/helping. So, we, the USA, were playing both sides against each other. Why? To have a reason to be ‘ at war ‘ . Of course, Kennedy had already bombed the shit out of South Vietnam in 1961 and 2, but he didn’t make up a lie to go in and do it. Not that what he did was right. He just attacked full force, wiping out scores of innocent people. For what?

the Murrah building in Oklahoma city; which was an attempt at blaming, ‘ homegrown terrorism ‘ and which was actually carried out by rogue elements of the DEA and ATF, sponsored/enabled by whom?…and closely following the 1st attack on the WTC and Waco. Let’s take a moment to discuss what happened at Waco. This was government sponsored terrorism against religion as a whole, and the freedom to practice whichever one you wish. Why were the Branch Davidians murdered? Who gave the order to kill? Who was the government agent who fired the first shot, which subsequently caused a volley of bullets to rip through the compound killing innocent men, women and children? 26 children, to be exact…does that number ring any bells? 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook? Who’s to say a double agent hadn’t infiltrated the Branch and shot from the inside to start the rounds from the outside? We’ve seen the government using information from different places and putting it together to form a new event or situation time and time again. We could get into parallels here, but it would consume lots of space and should really be interjected into another piece in the future. Most events, false flags, scenarios which are blamed on terrorists, or small factions can be paralleled to some other situation of the same ilk. Try it sometime. For example, Dzhokhar ( Jahar ) Tsarnaev received his naturalized citizenship on 9/11/12…obviously the anniversary of 9/11, 11 years to the day…also the same night as the attack in Benghazi. Why? Why that particular date? So far, there are at least 2 coincidences surrounding Jahar and citizenship. His family received US permanent citizenship, in 2007, after being relocated to the USA under political asylum, in [2001], and he received his own naturalized citizenship on [9/11]/12. Coincidence? Would that have been the date it went through, by a series of coincidences? Or was it insult to injury on the part of the true puppet-masters? Offer him citizenship as a reward for playing along with the scenario at hand? If you truly know the facts and understand the entire thing, you will see that there were ulterior motives for his involvement which stretch toward his older brother being blamed for a triple homicide in 2011. The sole reason Ibragim Todashev was murdered by the FBI, to cover it all up.

Ibragim Todashev and his wife Reniya Manukyan

Back to Waco, who was it that took this and turned it around to reflect a fire-fight aimed at the government, not from them? Why else would the offices of the CIA, and the Secret Service, even Giuliani’s office, all of which were housed in building 7, be destroyed on 9/11? Not only destroyed, but reduced to ashes through several processes, which include controlled demolition. Those offices would have held sensitive information, such as names of people involved, to protect them from prosecution? Giuliani’s office on the, appropriately located ’23’rd floor had previously been over-protected against an attack, with bullet proof glass and strengthened walls and windows. And why did he decide at the last minute to relocate to a different office in a different building?…another strange coincidence would be that there were offices in that building for 5 financial institutions; Salomon Smith Barney, American Express BANK International, Standard Chartered BANK, Provident Financial Management, Federal HOME LOAN BANK…

as well as 3 insurance agencies; ‘ ITT ( evil corporation ) Hartford Insurance Group ‘, First State Management Group Inc., NAIC Securities, who would have been directly involved in mortgage and securities investments, and who is the be all end all as far as insurance regulations on a federal, and even international scale…WTC investments, which would have been traded days before the ‘ attack ‘ ?…i would think that Larry Silverstein benefited from their partnership as well, considering he stood to clear millions for each building destroyed, and billions overall…through what? Conveniently located insurance agencies perhaps? I find it strange that on the NAIC website, they don’t mention, even once, what happened to their NY offices in building 7. Wouldn’t they have some kind of dedication page for the victims? Possibly their own employees?

And of course the 5 government agencies; IRS Regional Council, US Secret Service-they didn’t see it coming? 😉 – the CIA, the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission, Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management-unless he’s actually in the middle of it apparently, then he’ll bail and let it all happen.

When you take into consideration all the insider trading that occurred only days before the 11th, it makes sense as to why these companies/entities were ok with losing those files.

Back to Murrah, Timothy McVeigh was a double, even triple agent used as the poster boy for rebellion against a deceptive, manipulative government, who had cheated him out of his due earnings, and was the catalyst for all his woes. It was all bullshit, and he was used as the scapegoat for a new wave of terrorism on US soil, ALL created and carried out by the US government. It didn’t happen the way it was reported. He was in on it as much as any of them were. I watched on TV as he was given the ‘ lethal injection ‘ …did he really die?

the attack on 9/11; which we all, should by now, know was NOT 19 completely inept hijackers, 9 of whom are alive and well today, who flew planes into the twin towers in New York, the supposed field crash in PA., and into the Pentagon, where suddenly the ‘ plane ‘ turned into a missile. They told us all that this was the biggest attack on US soil, this is the day that changed everything…we should go into Afghanistan and capture Bin Laden because they somehow knew already that he was responsible. It was all a sham. And to take it even further, we went into Iraq, using 9/11 as the reason, when our government and every single person involved, knew Saddam Hussein and to a greater degree the citizens of Iraq had nothing at all to do with it. Read into Saddam doing what Qaddafi was set to do, and abandon the US dollar…that is why he was murdered. Any WMD that he might have had, were given to him by the USA, in the earliest 1980’s so he’d be armed to the teeth, in our cleverly, and not so cleverly disguised proxy war with Iran, in which he was our ally. Some of those weapons; artillery, bombs, missiles came from Russia and China. Anyone who truly reads into even the first reports on the morning of 9/11 can see that it unravels itself at every turn. Hey, i fell for it too at first. I was attending community college in Brockton, MA., and between classes was informed of the ‘ terrorist attack in NY ‘ …i watched in a room full of mesmerized students, as the media replayed the hits on the towers, over and over and over and over again. That was a very deceptive, however brilliant display of Goebbels era propaganda. But, then again, the USA was always close to Hitler. Going back to before WW1, there is an overwhelming amount of information that points to the Bush family, starting around 1910, being in on the group of independent bankers and businessmen, who helped to finance WW1, as well as WW2. I always quote Professor Antony C. Sutton, on this subject. Whether or not he realized it, he was naming the Bush cartel, when he reported that Wall St., financed both world wars. Prescott Bush, George Sr.’s Father, was instrumental in the Nazi-American connection, and did much to promote Hitler’s agenda, which was in fact the agenda of his own financiers, the Zionists. Of course, this goes in a big circle because the Wall St., bankers, are the Zionists we’re talking about. Then there is the connection to the CIA, and the way that Prescott made sure certain Nazis were brought into the USA and granted immunity. Josef Mengele, A.K.A., the Angel of Death ( ” Monarch to the Kingdom of the Dead ” quoting the band Slayer ) …was smuggled into the USA, to head up the CIA mind control program, MKUltra…Nazi physicists, scientists, engineers were all given jobs in this agency. Same thing with NASA-Nazified America Steals Aryans 😉 Read into it, you’ll see that we literally relocated elements of the Nazi party to the USA. Many of them were later involved in our American eugenics programs. Many people place the blame on Hitler for initiating his own eugenics programs, while never mentioning once, the American Eugenics Society, which ran from 1926 – 1972. Look into Margaret Sanger, see what she stood for. Look into Planned Parenthood and see who they really are. And, it is well known that Hitler admired the USA for it’s work in the field of eugenics, and the genocide of the indigenous tribes here. Although, i’m attaching no contempt to the Nazis. The Nazis did not simply decide to exterminate millions of innocent people, it was part of a larger even more sinister plan, because it was the Zionists who put them up to it, and financed their work, in the battle for Poland, where millions of innocent Jews, Poles, were placed, only so they’d be directly in the line of fire. The Zionists are the ones who took Poland from Germany through the Treaty of Versailles…if you don’t know who the Zionists are, they are high class Jews, who follow a strict agenda. They have been and still are responsible today, for much of our distress and chaos. Read into ‘ 40 million dead during peace time in the USSR ‘ and you’ll get an idea of who they are, what they do…they willingly murdered their own lower classes, in order to have a certain number of dead to claim, so that they themselves could initiate the whole 6 million dead story, which actually goes back to the 1910s right around 1917. As far as the ‘ Holocaust ‘ you’ve always heard that 6 million Jews died there, right? But, was it only Jews? No. This is propaganda. The total number of deaths in ALL death camps, named so because they were the place where the dead were brought to be cremated, not burned alive, was just over 271,000…read it again, two-hundred and seventy-one thousand. Not 6 million. Now trace the pilgrimage to Palestine in 1946,7,8…and see where 5.9 million ‘ Jews ‘ ended up…

When you read the true history of the Nazis, Hitler, the whole shebang, disregarding all the propaganda, you may just glean a different mindset on their legacy. To put it another way, the reason you learned a falsified history, is because some of our richest most powerful people and innovators, were aligned with Nazi Germany. America, Britain, France, were all enabling Hitler. So now we get into a big old can of worms when we think about Charles De Gaulle and France…subject for another discussion, but along these same lines of a fool’s game being financed by Zionists. You have to read between the lines to see it. I recommend that to everyone. You have learned absolutely nothing…all the history you learned through school is either false, or falsified. You’ve been taught to accept the first thing you are told and that you can trust the government, the education system, all of it when in reality that is your biggest curse. The best and really only way to shake all of the disinformation, is to unlearn everything you know and start from scratch, seeking alternative sources, backed up by your own research, all pointing you to YOUR OWN conclusions. It’s up to you to figure out that people like Alex Jones, and Anderson Cooper, are put there as a distraction, as your mouthpiece against all the oppression, when in reality, they have their own agendas and are part of a larger more insidious plot. Yes, i did use the word plot. But, do this on your own, even if you think i’m fucked in the head. And i’m not saying i’m not fucked in the head, but you’d have to be even more fucked in the head to believe any of the crap they feed us on a daily basis, no?…

Back to 9/11. There were no planes used that day, they were drones. Drones don’t use jet-fuel, so there goes the ridiculous tale of the fuel melting steel beams reinforced with tons and tons of concrete.

If you still believe that ridiculous narrative, there is a famous bridge, also in New York, which i believe is up for sale right now, REAL CHEAP!! ( the Brooklyn Bridge…)…to take this ridiculous narrative even further, we were all told in May of 2011, that Obama captured and killed Bin Laden-who was once our ally in the bid to protect Afghanistan from Russia in the 80’s-thus righting what had been done in September of 2001, and bringing us some kind of closure on that whole epoch. That did not happen. Bin Laden died of Marfan Syndrome in December of 2001, not May of 2011. An innocent man was murdered in his place, much the same way that a Polish prisoner was murdered and placed in Hitler’s bunker so the fabricated story that he’d killed himself could stand.


So, was Obama unaware of what was really going on, and duped into believing he got him, or was he part of the plan to make it look as if we were once again the champions of the world? Of course that was rhetorical, not an actual question, and everybody needs to be on the same page if we are to defeat this imperialism, which has ruined our country, since the mid 1910s. This also happened right around election time for Obama, that in itself is suspect. Fast and Furious, the faked capture of Bin Laden, the overthrow of Qaddafi, Benghazi, all happened close to the election and painted our Selected leader in a good, nice patriotic light. After the 2nd Selection, literally one month later, Sandy Hook, 5 months later the Boston bomb drill, since then we’ve seen false flag after false flag, fake terrorism, falsified reports of Muslims being at the center of all the chaos. Obama IS Muslim! Shouldn’t they take him and remind him of his insult to Muhammad? THIS is the ultimate hypocrisy, not only in terms of his own religious beliefs, however they are perceived by the rest of us, but on a scale of what should be patriotism and dedication to our US constitution. This is treason. He is a war criminal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent, which would be death. But then, if we extended due punishment to all whom have rendered our once great country into the shambles of a broken and barely breathing union, like it is today, we would have the American version of the Nuremberg Trials, filled with both Bushes George, and a Jeb, both Clintons, and a McCain, a Kerry and a Holder, an Obama and a Biden…and a coke and Thai ladyboy weary Cheney at the top of the list. Cheney has been at the center of all our miscreancies going back to before Nixon was made the scapegoat for our own spying. Why would we spy on our own president unless we expected, or needed him to slip up? When have we seen this before? Why was Hillary immune from prosecution given her role in it? From Watergate to the current conflict that we’re trying to initiate with Russia, Hillary has been there. On to our next subject…

The overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi; which should have never occurred. Billary was interviewed and she was quoted as saying, ” we came, we saw, we killed him! …” …then she went on to laugh like the true cunt that she is. The only reason the Obama administration did that was because Qaddafi was set to abandon the US dollar and move toward the gold dinar, a much more profitable currency for his country and citizens. Can’t have independent financiers in a foreign country able to fend for themselves, then the USA has no one to ‘ protect and liberate ‘ …so, the USA, backed by Britain, France, some people in Canada, went in using NATO, to bomb the shit out of Tripoli, killing scores of innocent women, children, elderly…eventually capturing Qaddafi, then parading him through the streets, and killing him, in a bloody very well publicized and promoted campaign of visual terror, enacted by Obama. Did you know that Qaddafi was anally raped? Who do you think made sure that happened? Did you know that the rebels who were on the scene there were in fact, Al-Qaeda? Or, was it our own CIA pretending to be them? There is a lot to this story, which i could go into much detail on, but to lay it all out takes away from the sad and tragic loss of one of the world’s true great leaders, who had revolutionized his country’s economy, and had opted for equal rights for all, even women…free education to anyone who wanted it, $50,000 and a new home to ALL married couples…Qaddafi should be remembered as a true pioneer, a champion of human rights, and a great philosopher in the vein of Socrates, or a less Christian Paramahansa Yogananda.

Portrait Of Gaddafi  In 1972
LYBIA – JUNE 23: The Colonel and President of the Republic of Libya, Muammar El Gaddafi on June 23, 1972. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images ) *** Local Caption *** Muammar al Gaddafi

Yes, you are correct, i spell his name differently. That’s because our media uses the Anglicized version. If Obama had taken even one simple page from Qaddafi’s philosophy, he would have attempted a bloodless coup, like Muammar achieved in 1969. But he is a white nigger who is all for war, poverty, chaos and tension, drone warfare no matter who the target. He should be taken through the streets, beaten, raped and executed in a public forum, so we all see his demise and public ridicule. Just the same way he did to Qaddafi. But, that will never happen, because fools like you still believe he’s a well educated black man who just happened to win a seat in the White wash House…you’re not that fool? I hope not, and i hope you do all you can to make sure no one like him gets in again. The sad reality of it is none of us have any control over who gets in, and we are all doomed to repeat our tortured past. If you’re smart enough to realize and admit that much, you’re on the right path. If you realize that even though you and i are on that path we will never be ‘ correct ‘ , because people are idiots, we have at least some shred of a chance to change it.

The ‘ attack ‘ on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi; occurring almost one year after the overthrow of Qaddafi, and just an extension of pre-election calamity, geared towards making our favorite false prophet, Obama look like some golden god in the eyes of most jingoists and morons everywhere. We were told, there was a demonstration, over a video tape, which was the running narrative, purported by Billary, Obama, anyone else from his ‘ administration ‘ …Susan Rice, Jay Carney, all of them stuck with the story that a videotape had incensed the locals to the point of insurrection and said violence which occurred, coincidentally, or strategically, on September 11th, 2012…the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 sham, and, as i said above, the same EXACT night that Boston bomb drill ‘ suspect ‘ Jahar, got his naturalized citizenship to the USA. It didn’t happen that way at all. There was no videotape, and that story was in reference to the previous, but simultaneous attack in Egypt. It was a series of lies and media manipulations to cover the gun-running operations of Ambassador Chris Stevens. And it wasn’t only the Democrats who did this, it was a duel effort by both parties. John ( fake war hero ) McCain had just as much to do with these operations as anyone else. Why was Stevens running guns in to the rebels, who were in fact Al-Qaeda? Why did we use them at all? Weren’t they supposed to be the bad guys, and the main culprits in so many other terrorist acts? Weren’t they the sole reason we went into Afghanistan? Our government, used what is essentially the most widely suspected terrorist organization to carry out it’s evil deeds. WHO IS THE REAL TERRORIST? The US government. To be more precise, the shadow government, which truly runs the USA, led by the CIA, and enabled by Zionists. It has also been said that Obama was planning a fake kidnapping of Stevens, but the others there at the compound, fired upon the rebels, causing the kidnapping to go awry. Bottom line, all of this was to cover gun running, to rebels who were Al-Qaeda. The CIA, our CIA was stationed less than 2 miles away. Am i supposed to believe that the CIA, the watchdog, for good or bad, for the entire world, who demands worldwide jurisdiction, didn’t know that guns were being run into those rebels, who were in fact Al-Qaeda? Come on…..

Another angle on this, is that the term ‘ Al-Qaeda ‘ is code for, the Database, which started off as a list of suspected terrorists, and quickly turned into the visual representation of a scapegoat, someone to blame all things terror on, while in reality our own twisted and sadistic factions are in control of it all.

Now, the number 33…

Sandy Hook; where they told us, children were shot to death in their classrooms, occurred, 3 months and 3 days after Benghazi ( 9/11/12 and 12-14-12 )…thing is, it DID NOT HAPPEN. This is our government? They could use a fabricated story about kids being killed just to take away our weapons? Guns, ammo, all of which we will need when they start firing on us, as already outlined in Operation Northwoods…there is no way, suspect, Adam Lanza carried this out. According to the information they gave us, he weighed between 112 and 116 lbs., yet we were told he was able to enter the school, armed to the teeth, carry out these murders with the accuracy of a marksman, move from location to location, fire upon the children and staff, change out his clips, remain on time, and do all this within a, roughly, 5 minute time frame. They also told us he was a shy kid who never left his home, and was afflicted with Aspergers. So, not only did they choose the weakest, most improbable killer, they blamed this on a mental affliction. Then he was apprehended, however conveniently, and was ‘ killed on scene ‘ …the report says they found BLS, blood like substance, in the hallway of the school, nowhere else. Was it blood or was it not blood, pretty simple huh? And why was the school not drenched in human blood? There were so many holes in this story, such bad acting from people surrounding it, so much fake crying by fake parents and family, and Obama himself, that anyone can see through it. But the subject of innocent 1st graders being killed, is enough to make anyone choke up and disregard the facts, making this a quagmire of subliminal terror. When you read further into it, you find a collection of falsified information; names of kids who would have been up to 10 years older at the time. We were shown their 1st grade photos, yet they were out of high school already…no dead bodies, no real tragedy, lots of people paid off with lump sums and donations, and free houses for many of them…why? There are so many parallels to other events, you could fill 10 pages. Also, Obama called this the biggest attack on US soil…wait, didn’t they say that about 9/11? Which was bigger? Considering both were manipulated events, both with FEMA on the scene, both with elements of propagandized information, who can tell? It becomes a bit easier when you remember that in CT., a bunch of fake kids, fake died, in a fake event…on 9/11 thousands did actually die in a faked attack, in a fabricated scenario, with lots of faked and/or propagandized information…and both were filled to the brim with disinformation.

Besides all that, the real patsy of Sandy Hook was Nancy Lanza. If you research this sham of a story, you will see that she was a real person, so was Adam. But was the real Adam actually used, or was his name and information used in a bid to have a scapegoat, use his family history, using real facts from a real family, but manipulating said info in such a way that they become whatever the artisan says they were. Send it straight to the media, and go with the falsified story. Everyone will believe it if we say a bunch of kids were killed. The first reports told us that Nancy was one of the top analytical psychologists at the CIA, involved in the program DARPA. Now, why, if she was not that person, would said info be placed into the public eye? Is it disinformation, or is it truth, interjected in with some of the lie? I believe she was CIA, and she was selected as the main agitant in this event, since they went out of their way, several times, to point all the blame her way.

Was she a potential whistle-blower? Was she silenced, after being completely humiliated in the public eye? She would have been on her mini-vacation, until the earliest morning hours of December 14th. So, to go along with the narrative we were told, she would have to be home, before Adam set off for the day. He supposedly shot her, then left for the school.

I have covered this in a previous post, but to touch on it a bit, i believe that when she got home in the morning, maybe 6, or 7am…she would have been met with 3 or 4 agents standing in her kitchen with Adam. Either they brought them both upstairs, and forced him to shoot her, 4 times, then killed him…or they killed Adam in front of her, then led her upstairs to her bed and killed her there. I don’t believe Adam ever made it to the school.

There’s a lot more to write, but i would point you to a piece i wrote here, from March 2016, called Catalyst.

Roughly, 5 months after Sandy Hoax, the Boston bomb drill-( 4-15-13 …also, Patriot’s Day…more insult to injury ); which was used as a way to blame two innocent Chechen brothers, who were not the first suspects named…and how close was this to the lingering operations in the Ukraine, which were all US backed and propagandized/promulgated? Especially notable here, as this scenario has been used before, to make it look as if Chechnya was a terrorist nation, only that time it was Russia using this strategy not the USA. Both brothers, as well as, Sunil Tripathi and Mike Mulugeta-the first suspects who were named-were killed in cold blood so the government would have it’s scapegoats, and move forward with the false narrative. I can’t leave out, MIT officer, Sean Collier, who was most likely killed by fake hero Carlos Arredondo. The first reports of his death included information that a ‘ Hispanic ‘ looking man, around 6′ 2″, and wearing a cowboy hat, was seen approaching Collier’s car. Carlos is from Costa Rica. Is around 6’ 2″, and was seen in almost every publicity photo, wearing a cowboy hat.

All of this leads to a much different narrative than the one we were given.

Although, personally i believe that Sunil could be posing as Jahar today, since Jahar was most likely murdered that night in Watertown, MA., April 19th, the same day as Waco ( 1993 )…and any subsequent media of him makes no sense. The jail-cell video of Jahar, which is said to have been taken 3 months after the marathon sham, is out of place, since he would have had quite a large wound in his neck/throat. The reports said they shot him in the throat. Another said they cut out his voice box…why could you not see the wound in the jail-cell video? Either it was not him, or it was recorded before he was murdered, as propaganda of the coming event, which was clearly thought out ahead of time, though, not very well…

Yes, i am aware that Sunil went ‘ missing ‘ in March of 2013, about 3 weeks before the marathon sham, and yes i am aware that they ‘ found his body ‘ in a pond by his home in Providence, RI., but do i believe he actually died? No. There were reports that ‘ the guy in court ‘ ( Jahar ) was now around 3 inches taller, and spoke in a thick Russian accent. Hmmm, kinda like a kid who looks like him and is literally 3 inches taller? A kid named Sunil who was of Indian descent and would have been faking his best ‘ Russian accent ‘ ? There is a slight difference in accents from Kyrgyzstan and Russia, small things that only a local would recognize, so there is that. Besides, Jahar spoke perfect English. Quoting USA Today, ” He was not perceived as foreign, spoke English well ” …

Why would he choose Russian, since he was forcibly removed from his homeland and relocated to Russia as a child? Would he sympathize with a country who had effectively destroyed his family life? The family moved here, under political asylum, WHY??, when he was 8 years old. He was born in 1993, so it would have been 2001. Why were they protected, over all the other people who needed asylum there? It’s known that his uncle, and others in his family had ties to the CIA and FBI…so were they in the pocket of the USA?
For all my efforts to prove his innocence, i have to bring this information into the equation to be fair.

As far as Mike Mulugeta, i am going on the conclusion, after months of research as to whether or not he is still alive, that he is not. Especially since Tamerlan was an FBI informant, who’s to say Mike wasn’t the one who was run down and shot to death by the cops? Why not use the double and keep the agent? As i wrote, i’ve found ZERO subsequent information on him, beyond him being the naked guy who was arrested and put in the cop car, and his little bit of public info revolving around the marathon sham. The very next chapter reads him being gone. I have to assume that he was the one killed instead of Tamerlan. Instead of going into much more detail on this, i would point you to an earlier piece i wrote here, called ‘ Operation Tango 911 ‘ …As you can read anywhere, it was not the Tsarnaevs, they were indeed set up to take the fall. Go back through the photos, and see that the ones of them standing at the finish line were not actually them at all, that was Sunil and Mike used for those photos. See the way that when Jahar/Sunil is shown at the finish line his white hat bears the number 7, yet when he is shown leaving, running away from the scene his hat bears the number 3…why? Why all the photoshopping and media BS if they were really guilty? You wouldn’t have to fabricate anything if that was true. See the way that he is in fact carrying his backpack with him as he’s running, and it was brushed out of the photos, to enhance the false narrative that he left it at the finish line and it was his backpack which was detonated. The ones that were detonated were black, with a skull logo, like the SEALS, and belonged to the demolition team called, Craft International. His was light blue/gray. Again, he left with it. So how could his have been the one detonated? As far as older brother Tamerlan, he was an FBI informant, so his narrative is harder to excuse as innocent, but BOTH brothers were indeed set up. Even worse, two others were brought in to solidify the narrative that there was a terrorist attack to begin with. It was a bomb drill turned live event, in the name of creating false terror, nothing more. Anyone who did get injured there, was only part of a small portion compared to the ones who faked their injuries and were actually crisis actors.

Why would crisis actors be used or needed at a real event? 2013-04-19_15h59m53s_015_

…all of these examples, although i could have named many more, are logical extensions, even if slightly different, of this plan to effect an attack on a US vessel, or location, in order to blame it on any perceived enemy: even if that enemy is guns or a way of doing things. It goes back further than 1962, with Pearl Harbor, a completely manufactured, manipulated attack, which ultimately did no damage, and was the catalyst to bring us into WW2, which the USA had vested interest in, beyond just taking out Hitler. That was a lie. The US supported Hitler through the war, and after while he was living in Argentina, until his death in the 60s. You have to read into the actual true history to get what i mean…the USA armed and financed BOTH sides in WW2, also in Vietnam. So, why all the posturing? Listen to ANY lecture from Professor Antony C. Sutton, and you’ll get it. His series on how Wall st., financed these wars will open your eyes. This attack in Turkey was obviously a plan to enact the latest regime change, as outlined by the PNAC, ( Project for the New American Century ) in order to level the playing field. Obama should be executed for treason against what should have been our ally. He doesn’t care. The USA doesn’t care who it kills as long as the plan goes along without a hitch. THINK ABOUT IT…Obama is trying to start WW3. Who will be next? Probably Hillary, although she’s a war criminal and a professional liar and thief. She’s been trying to start a war with Russia for just over 4 years. IF she does get in, we will be at war immediately, you can guarantee yourself of that.

Do yourself a favor, and research all of what i wrote here. Go over it for yourself. Fine-tooth comb it, see what is what, who is who, and how all of it leads right back to our own government being the cause of unwanted chaos and unnecessary deaths of millions of innocent people, while we claim to be the world leader in the fight against terrorism…

Let’s liken this to abuse, whether physical, mental, verbal, whatever. The abuser tells you, aw babe, it won’t happen again, you just got me so mad i lost it. The victim is made to feel that they are safe now, only so the abuser can strike them twice as hard next time. We are the victim caught in a bad relationship with our government. We can’t just move out, relocate, abandon all hopes of it working out someday, no. We must sever ties with our own government, because it is them who have caused much woe, and the exact opposite of what we all signed on for here: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Define, Life. Define, Liberty. Define, the Pursuit of Happiness. Now place those definitions against our current imperialist state of consciousness, and ask yourself, if you are free.





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