Feminist Cunts

In my experience, most feminists are cunts. What’s worse, they enjoy being cunts.

What are women fighting for?

To be cunts?

No, i don’t believe that. I believe that when a woman stands up against something she believes in, she has all the power in the Universe behind her.
{ sidetracked for a sec…} the Universe must be ‘ female ‘ right? It birthed us and everything we have ever been, ever will be??

But, the moment she starts becoming someone else, something i call ‘ peer hypnosis ‘ …which you must have already understood, but to elaborate. You have 3 hypothetical women at a rally. The 1st one shouts ‘ women’s rights ‘ …the 2nd one says ‘ women’s rights, or death ‘ …the 3rd one says ‘ women’s rights, or death…and we’ll kill all the men on the way out…’ …
so, just by being in the situation, their rationale changes and they become part of those around them. We’ve seen this time and time again, with feminists, at rallies or being interviewed…they do not have a fucking clue, as to what they’re talking about or why they’re even standing there, but they are just there to be a…
feminist. Thank you.

So, the line has been blurred. Who is who? Who is true?

Now, ANY woman is a feminist. How did that happen?

The same thing happened when one black man stood up and said stop the oppression. Suddenly, every black man was a freedom fighter whether or not they actually were. So, who are the real feminists and who are the cunts? Not every woman is a cunt, not by a long-shot…women rock! I fucking love em! And i have fought tooth and nail for women’s rights…but that number seems to be dwindling everyday. In my opinion, women who want to represent themselves, need to rally against feminism, and get back to equality.

If you ( general, not specific ) are claiming you’re a feminist, you are separating yourself from the women who don’t want to be a part of that number. This is like female Apartheid, is it not? And it should be addressed that the ones who ‘ don’t want to fight ‘ ARE NOT caving to the pressure of this male driven and dominated society, they don’t feel the need because they don’t feel like they’ve lost anything.
Besides, you ALREADY have all the rights you were given, they never went away. All of this arguing and fighting is for nothing, but what’s on the surface. Women, blacks and gay people already had human rights. The fight is a made up thing, promoted by the powers that be, so that there is always some struggle going on. If you read into it, you never actually lost anything to begin with. What topics are you so concerned about anyway?

Please, leave comments, i don’t care if they’re nasty or insulting, i can take it;) Say what you have to say. Abortion? You have that right already. Do you not? That is a human right, to bear a child, or to have it terminated. Equality in the job place? If you are as good at what you do than any man, you should be earning what they do, if that’s an issue take it up with the companies, not waste time on idiots who will never ever understand your point.
If we really want to address an issue, let’s talk about ‘ human privilege ‘ …that is a deeper more insidious issue, which covers, and affects more than just women, it involves children, who are enslaved in third world countries right now. How many female children are gathering palm oil for Pepsico right now? How many female children are being used for eugenics, right now? Experimentation, like they did in the USA in the 1930s on black and Irish women, at the famous hospitals in Boston.

You want to help? Put your vagina away, shave your armpits and go fight for any of the millions of kids who don’t have a home, a Mother or Father, and are probably being raped every night by a ruthless scumbag who would sooner kill the kid than let her go.

In short, more power to you if you want to ‘ reclaim the ( word ) cunt ‘ …

just stop being one.

child-labor-photoegyptian-children-working-developing-world-saqqhrah-egypt-arabian-arg8h01d7d7f48218099b52627410331c5a71fChild labour - before being rescued Jeevitha filled matchboxes picture World VisionMZ_cr_SC_2396



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