Ashlynne Mike Navajo girl killed in NM

This is about little Ashlynne Mike. She was a beautiful Navajo girl from Shiprock, New Mexico. She was 11 years old when she died. She was brutally murdered by a useless waste of breath named Tom ( just about to be killed ) Begaye, who, unfortunately, is also Navajo…

I will not go into detail about what happened. You can do a search on your own. Just be assured, that i write about ANY topic, i won’t touch this. It would disrespect her senseless death, and glorify what he did to her.

I sincerely hope someone gets to him and cuts his fucking throat.

I hope they take him out back and hit him with hammers, or better yet, and more fitting, tire irons until his face is a mash of tomato soup and raw meat. I hope they take him and cut off fingers, and hands, and arms, and feet and legs, and leave him in the hot sun. I hope after they do this, they push a pencil into each ear until each drum pops. I hope they take a nail and slowly drive it into each eye. I hope they cut out his tongue, and let him drown in his own blood. I hope they pour salt on his open wounds. I hope they cut off his little dick and leave it next to him in the hot sun. I hope they cut off each of his tiny little marbles, and let them burn in the sun. I hope they slice and peel off the skin on his back. I hope they scalp him and piss in the wound.

More than anything, i hope little Ashlynne’s parents get to see him die.

But most of all i hope this happens before he gets the chance to hang himself.

dead meat!


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