When i say that i don’t want to see two men kissing, or having sex in public or in a web search, i’m called a homophobe…
there are just so many things that are wrong with that term.

I don’t fear homos, or want them to come to any harm. The real issue lies with it being so out in the open. What ever happened to couth? If i saw a girl sucking off a guy in a booth at the back of a restaurant, i’d complain about that too.

People who aren’t even involved get offended when i called gays, ‘ homo ‘ …how about this…mind your own business! No one asked you to respond to the way i see things. I didn’t tell you that you were an idiot until after you called me out. I would have never even known you were there if not for your need to be the great liberator.

I have gay friends…they call themselves homos, why shouldn’t i?

They are HOMO sexual, not just sexual. They are all for GAY rights, not just the human rights they already had. They go out of their way to be QUEER…what ever happened to just being normal? Normal meaning, not being a little fairy like my sisters. If you’re gay, be gay, but did you suddenly turn into a little girl?
I’m hetero, do i need to speak in a lower voice? No. So why do they talk in a higher more effeminate voice? Those are the ones i called faggots. They have taken this to a whole new level because they are no longer men, they are the catcher apparently. They have assumed the role of the female in their homosexual relationship, which is just bizarre if you think about it for a minute or two. The pitcher is really fucking a woman in the ass or mouth but it just happens to be a ‘ man ‘ …

Heteromo?? Hometero??…bisexual is still gay. By that same logic it’s also being straight.

The man is still a man, he just prefers to have a dick instead of a pussy.

So for all of the people who will call me a homophobe for writing my opinions here, i say that you are a heterophobe. You have a problem with my sharing my feelings because you are uncomfortable with what i say. This issue lies with you, how dare you imply that i have the problem here? I have no issue with people who are gay. There is a cut off, that should be applied. They are doing what they feel is correct. So, let’s apply this to everyone shall we?
Obama passed legislation that pretty much excuses pedophilia, saying they have a legitimate issue and they can’t help themselves, let them exist in society etc., i say shoot them in the fucking face. Gays shouldn’t be treated like this. They are only expressing their affections for their own sex, and there is a big difference between homos and pedos. Are some gays pedos? Maybe yeah, it would make sense, but then some heteros are pedos. What is the difference?
If you want to defeat an issue, defeat the issue of you and everyone else calling me a homophobe for using my right to speak my mind, or a racist when i say black people shouldn’t call each other nigger.
Think about my last sentence there…
when i say black people shouldn’t call each other nigger, i am called a racist!!!:)

One of my friends says i feel the need to use my god-given right to use the word nigger. Why wouldn’t i? Nigger is the word people react to. But blacks call each other nigger every five seconds. Oh but white people shouldn’t ever even think about using this word…so ridiculous. How about this, if you want to prove that you really aren’t so fucking stupid, and have a lower IQ than everyone else, stop using that word altogether. After all…

You aren’t calling each other ‘ Negro ‘ …which would be short for Negroid, which is your classification in anthropological terms, much the same that mine would be Caucasoid.

So, how can i be called racist when i’m only echoing the black person’s choice to use that word? Suddenly, all my work at race relations, and equality are down the tubes? All the work i’ve done reaching out online to black people and asking the important questions; why are black people racist against white people? Do you know that the first slave owner in America was a black man, named Anthony Johnson? Did you know that before any of your ancestors worked in America, Irish slavery was already a thing? Did you know that the Barbary pirates kidnapped, stole millions of Irish, Italian, French-Canadian, American Indian, Portuguese, Greeks, many many different European cultures were captured and forced into slavery, many of whom were sold to black land owners in Africa…

Honestly, ONE girl knew what i was talking about.

Otherwise i was met with all sorts of ‘ color ‘ ful insults. I was told i didn’t understand, it was a black thing…i said, it sounds like you’re the one who’s colorblind because ‘ white ‘ people were actually enslaved before blacks were in America, and it sounds like you can’t accept that. You are being a racist right now.

But, i know that everyone comes to understanding at their own pace. I blame the media for all of it. They are the ones telling everyone to be sensitive, and to use certain words over others. Is this not censorship?

Now let’s apply this retarded liberal logic to everything and everyone ok?

If i choose a Snickers bar over a Mounds bar, i’m a coconut-o-phobe. If i prefer Guinness, over Bud, i’m a rice water-o-phobe…if i choose steak over tofu, i’m a spore-o-phobe. See what you’re doing? Yes this is you. You are so intent on labeling my actions and opinions that you have fucked it up for everyone else who might offer their opinion. There should be no fear of being labeled a racist for saying black guys shoot each other, rob people, rape women and little girls and many of them have some serious hygiene issues. Yet YOU say i’m a racist for even saying this!

When did telling the truth become racism?
There should be no issue with my saying gay men who fuck each other in a public bathroom are depraved, and they should be prosecuted for it. They are so horny, or so gay that they are desperate enough to go and wait in a public bathroom, and wait for another fag to meet them there to fuck anonymously. Does that sound normal to you?

What if i did that? Waited for a woman in a woman’s room so we might be able to fuck? I’d be thrown in jail before i ever got the chance. But this isn’t a hetero issue it’s a homo issue, for men and/or women. They do wait in those bathrooms for some remote chance that they might be able to get off. This is sick.

Not everyone fucks little kids, but how do we know who’s who? Not that you would let your kid go in there alone, at least i wouldn’t. There’s no telling what you would allow, you can’t even call it for what it is with your liberal logic. Maybe you’d say, eh, my kid got fucked in the mouth by some faggot in a bathroom, but it’s ok, cause GAY RIGHTS!!!

If i say a priest should be shot in the head for fucking an altar boy, is that churchist of me?
Fuck you, you are the problem today. Not me.
You are a logic-o-phobe. You are afraid of being called a homo hating, race baiting, transgender denying piece of shit. So you would lie and pretend that these things don’t bother you? It bothers you when someone says black guys fucking white girls is gross. It is gross. I have black friends, i don’t want to see them fucking a white girl. I don’t want to see a white girl with them naked, or having sex, it just doesn’t look right. Why should i be called out for saying that? Why should you make me feel like i have some kind of problem for expressing my opinion? I certainly don’t wish them or the girl who would do that any ill will. But why should i be forced to watch it, or to accept it just because everyone else thinks it’s ok?

It makes you uncomfortable when i say there’s a difference between niggers and regular good old black people? Ok so by your own logic, are you saying there ISN’T a difference between blacks and niggers?
Ok , so there is no difference between gay guys who would suck a random dick in a greasy dirty bathroom just to be the faggot they are, and the clean good people who identify as homosexual, not dirty fags?
Ok, so there’s no difference between men who dress as women just to be on the cover of a magazine, smiling like some little girl when they are really a big burly man, and the clown at the circus? Or the pedophile who just bought a round trip ticket to Thailand so he could go fuck a 5 year old boy…

OH now you tell me the issue lies with Thailand having 5 year old boys available for sex???

You should just kill yourself now, because it is you who is fucking up our country.

Oh, so now i should be prosecuted for implying that the world would be better without you in it? Why is that? I was the one who said we should call things for what they are, call em right. It is you who say, don’t call it for what it is, because someone might get offended.

How many black fags are gonna rape you in jail? How many white fags are gonna rape you in jail? How many humans are gonna rape you stab you, make you feel like you have no other choice but to engage in homosex, just because you are in jail? How many years will be added to your sentence if you stab them in the fucking throat for ever coming at you to have sex?

But by your own logic, you will just turn the other ‘ cheek ‘ and let them fuck you because if you don’t…
you would be a homophobe.


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