the first Holocaust

Tonight { April 23rd, 2016 } marks the 101st anniversary of the beginnings of the Armenian Genocide. It’s listed as starting on the 24th but it started on the 23rd. This was the first Holocaust…not many people mention it in our Zionist run media.

All the focus is on the ‘ 6 million Jews ‘ of WW2…

the Ottoman Empire fell and eventually became what is Turkey today. All the refugees, migrants, displaced masses…are the exact result of Turkey doing what happened back then. And our ” leader ” is doing all he can to contribute to the terror there by arming, financing ISIS/ISIL. Read it for yourself before you call me out. Google is a wonderful thing…and maybe think twice before you condemn each and every ‘ immigrant ‘ huh?

In 1915, Armenians, Syrians and Greeks were relocated, and later murdered and/or starved to death. Today, we’ve seen the same thing happen. Maybe the circumstances are a bit different but the Genocide has been in motion for years. Look at Palestine, in effect, Israel is doing the same thing there. This is Apartheid.
Women were crucified, babies were burned alive, and smashed on the ground. Elderly men were gutted in the road.
I cleaned it up for this post…but i found a good summary of the events, here…

” World War One gave the Young Turk government the cover and the excuse to carry out their plan. The plan was simple and its goal was clear. On April 24th 1915, commemorated worldwide by Armenians as Genocide Memorial Day, hundreds of Armenian leaders were murdered in Istanbul after being summoned and gathered. The now leaderless Armenian people were to follow. Across the Ottoman Empire (with the exception of Constantinople, presumably due to a large foreign presence), the same events transpired from village to village, from province to province.

The remarkable thing about the following events is the virtually complete cooperation of the Armenians. For a number of reasons they did not know what was planned for them and went along with “their” government’s plan to “relocate them for their own good.”
{ notice a similarity here…}
First, the Armenians were asked to turn in hunting weapons for the war effort. { gun control } Communities were often given quotas and would have to buy additional weapons from Turks to meet their quota. Later, the government would claim these weapons were proof that Armenians were about to rebel. { sound familiar? } The able bodied men were then “drafted” to help in the wartime effort. These men were either immediately killed or were worked to death. Now the villages and towns, with only women, children, and elderly left were systematically emptied. The remaining residents would be told to gather for a temporary relocation and to only bring what they could carry. The Armenians again obediently followed instructions and were “escorted” by Turkish Gendarmes in death marches.

The death marches led across Anatolia, and the purpose was clear. The Armenians were raped, starved, dehydrated, murdered, and kidnapped along the way. The Turkish Gendarmes either led these atrocities or turned a blind eye. Their eventual destination for resettlement was just as telling in revealing the Turkish governments goal: the Syrian Desert, Der Zor. Those who miraculously survived the march would arrive to this bleak desert only to be killed upon arrival or to somehow survive until a way to escape the empire was found. Usually those that survived and escaped received assistance from those who have come to be known as “good Turks,” from foreign missionaries who recorded much of these events and from Arabs. ”





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