WE THE FASCISTS of the U.S., government, in order to form a more pertinent union of destruction, hatred, dictatorship and greed, do enact these certain sets of laws which do take away all rights, liberties, and power of the people in the Divided States of Israelica.
We have taken an Arab, Muslim tyrant, in the guise of a poor black guy from the inner city, and placed him in the prime position to take the reins and steer you into Hell.

Your Constitutional bills and amendments are useless, worthless in this dictatorial quagmire…our favorite Arab Jew, Ubayd will promise ‘ change and hope ‘ , while lying to you all and telling you, ” yes we can ” …

No, we can’t…we won’t. We don’t care about you, your children, your elders…in fact we will strike at you and them with impunity. We will attack at 3am, dropping bombs and white phosphorus on your neighborhoods, then shoot you in the back while you run away.
We will bring drugs into the country, then distribute them to the inner cities, while pretending we care enough to act. Prosecuting those who are duped into buying said drugs from our undercover agents, the same ones who have brought those drugs to them. We will target the black public, so we can turn it around in the main stream media, making ourselves look like we are sympathetic to the black man, while in fact we want him eradicated from our white-oriented society.

We will make you feel bad for having reservations about walking down the street while there are groups of disgruntled blacks, just waiting to shoot you in your fucking face. They will gang-rape an 11 year old girl…15 of them! And we will tell you, a group of teens did it. No. Black teens did it, not white teens black teens. Black teens and young adults are the problem and we will make that very clear. All of them should be killed, and by what we’ve put out in the media and movies, we are slowly but surely causing that to happen. We sit back smoking our fat cigars and snorting our coke, while our 5 year-old whores bring us our mint juleps and we kick them in the ass…
we will sit in the back rows of our churches while our 10 year-old altar boys show us their sucking devotion to God, while we decry any efforts to debunk this god. We will encourage pedophilia while telling you it’s ok to be sexually deviant. As long as you don’t say gay people are disgusting, or black people should be killed…we want these things but we are smart enough to hide our wants in long drawn out examples of double-speak and triple entendres.

Our banks are empty, yet we tell you they’re full of your money. Your money which we had no problem spending on our wars, over nothing but a reason to go impose Democracy on yet another Theocratic system which we will dismantle in our effort to rule the world.
Hell, let’s just be honest, we will kill you, it’s already happening everywhere, so why don’t you just save us the trouble and kill yourself?

You aren’t important enough to save so just fucking do it will you? Hurry up hurry up, yes yes i know, you’ll miss ya Mommy blahblahblah…go, now!
Agenda 21, will bring us our new America, full of Zionist pigs, and money hungry, child-raping tyrants who snort our faces off all day and fuck our cocks off all night. We will be in the dungeons of Yale in our Skull and Bones, while wearing our black robes and girly underwear…masturbation rituals inside coffins, while fucking the face of our latest kill, the 5 year-old Muslim girl we killed this morning on the way to breakfast.
She doesn’t matter, you don’t matter, we matter.
No one but us matters in our grand scheme, which is only a method to the madness of rich Jews, and drug-addicted pedophiles sitting in the White House, taking pot-shots at the constitution and aiming at the heart of humanity.


Better yet, we’ll push your Grandmother out the 3rd storey window, while we stab your daughter in the ass with our presidential erection process…fear not, we will erase you and your family from history, if you resist. If you write your discontent on our social media sites, we will kick in your door and shoot you in the shower, blaming it on a black teen, who we’ve paid with drugs. When you speak out in public, you can guarantee we will send in our thugs to knock you back into shape. If you fight back you will be shot. If you use your rights of free speech, you will be taken out back and shot. If you use your intellect to deride our plan, we will murder your parents and make it look as if you just fucking lost it.

” Well, from what his neighbors say, he just had a problem. ” …



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