just us

It’s amazing to me that no one has killed ” Obama ” …after all he’s done to our country.

In 2013, when he was set to detonate a nuclear weapon in the Navy yard in Washington, D.C., on the anniversary of 9/11…a group of U.S., soldiers were going to take him out, meaning kill him. They knew what he was going to do, and stepped in to stop it. This would have been a false flag attack, backed by elements of our own government.

He had a nervous breakdown over it.

I supported that fucker from the beginning. All my friends told me he’s an asshole, he doesn’t care about the U.S.A.,…i said, nah, give him a chance, he’ll prove himself. Well, he sure did!

He proved his loyalties to big banks, big business, big drugs, big terror…while standing at the podium, reassuring us that he would bring ‘ change ‘ …

Well, again, he sure did!
He changed the U.S., constitution, made it ok to deem the least healthy people not worthy of life through his ridiculous healthcare ‘ plan ‘ , he took away our freedoms and liberties that the founding fathers, no matter how completely fucked they were, set out to create in the 1770s. This of course is the natural course of events for a terrorist to undertake, in the name of final destruction of our once great nation. He needs to be removed, now. Why has no one acted on this? Congress and the House of Representatives should have acted, and because they didn’t they are just as guilty. They have enabled him by standing back and watching it all unfold, throwing their hands in the air, like ‘ eh, he is the Prez ‘ …

No, he is not. He was never legal, he is not a citizen of the U.S.A., and never ever was. If we believe the false narrative that he was born in Kenya, he would be British, since it was under British rule until 1964. If we are to believe the ridiculous narrative that he was born in Hawaii, he might be considered a ‘ citizen ‘ but it is clear that he wasn’t born in Hawaii.
Besides, according to the laws in Hawaii, a citizen with foreign credentials is able to draft a certificate of live birth, reflecting their residence in Hawaii.
He was naturalized…how could he be a citizen if he was naturalized? From what Steven Pidgeon found in 2011, his name was Barak Mounir Ubayd, until October of 1982, when he changed his name to Barack Obama Jr., just about a month before Obama Sr., died.

Who is this man sitting in the White ( wash ) House?
He said he was a Christian, he was African-American…he was neither. He is 50% white, 44% Arab, and only 6% black. He is not African, and more importantly he is not American. He isn’t a Christian, he is Muslim. He may have been born in Canada, since his name change occurred in British Columbia.
Will someone take it upon themselves to kill him? Will we see it in live time like we all did with J.F.K.? He was killed for nothing more than saying he would dismantle the C.I.A., and doing all he could to defeat the shady dealings of the U.S., government.
” Obama ” or Ubayd as i call him, has done much more to offend us and detract from our entire way of life.

If the government would kill one of their own-J.F.K., or at least stand back and let it happen…why haven’t they acted with Ubayd? They have to be in on it.
If we can’t trust our own government, we need to act on our own, and overthrow this corrupt system, for once and for all.
Time for a coup d’état…but, it HAS to succeed, or it could bring us into civil war.
Ubayd likes his drones so much, and uses them to ” take out the terrorists ” …
one should be aimed at him.

Barak Mounir Ubayd-terrorist


” There’s no justice, there’s just us ”




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