break a tooth…

On gay America, and the forced depiction of it in the media.

It has gotten out of control when you do a web search for, ‘ female nude bent over showing ass and pussy ‘ …and you get black guys sucking each other off…or a white guy fucking a black guy…see what being politically correct does?
This is the ONLY place where i am all for segregation. Keep the gay shit in the gay area…is that too much to ask? Not everyone is so accepting of it. This is forced visual bisexuality. Visual rape…can i sue for this??

I’m called ‘ intolerant ‘ for saying this stuff…of course, ‘ kill a homo ‘ right? Give me a break…

Besides, let’s take a minute to unravel some more of that good old retarded liberal logic…shall we?

Take the word, intolerant. This means i won’t tolerate something because it doesn’t jive with my way of thinking or doing things. Right?

Ok, good.

Now let’s assume i was tolerant…this would mean i tolerate something. This means i allow it to occur, albeit begrudgingly. Is it better to be tolerant, and to allow something, begrudgingly, which would mean to scowl and make evil gestures at it, then smile as if i actually cared… Allow? Like i have any power over the situation? There is no power, it’s a two sided thing. You are a man who is kissing another man, i don’t like that so i cannot possibly tolerate it.

It’s my opinion that it shouldn’t be out in the open. Think about what you’re doing…how many innocent little boys see two guys kissing and want to try it? How many boys in their teens, know they are supposed to experiment, and decide that it’s ok to do it with other boys? IT’S NOT OK. You’re forcing them to think this way. They should come to it on their own, IF they’re gonna come to it at all.
Being gay is a choice, the same way that being hetero is. The other side of this is, you can NOT be gay or hetero, NOT have sex at all. It isn’t a necessity in any other way but to satisfy our ego, or to have children.
Now anything goes because someone somewhere decided you should feel bad for offending someone.
It’s them who got offended. Maybe they should toughen up a bit…
Yes, you are correct, i am offended by what i saw…my point is, the reason i saw it in public and was offended is because the bleeding hearts decided it was ok. More than that, it’s encouraged. It’s become acceptable to just pretend nothing bothers you. I can’t do that. And yes, you are correct again. By the same token that i don’t care if you’re offended by this piece, i understand that they, or you might not care that i’m offended.
Their being gay isn’t my issue, it’s seeing men kissing, or more to the point, homo-eroticism.
” HO-NAY!!! ” Ho HELL nay…

This should be something that is kept in the bedroom or to yourself. The same way that i don’t want to see a guy and girl kissing, Frenching in public, fucking on a park bench…
Even hetero-eroticism bothers me.
Keep that shit out of the public eye, keep your tongue in your mouth! So fucking gross! What’s worse is hearing it…
Outside of this piece, i keep my heterosexuality to myself…although, anything i do will be laced with vaginas and breasts: women who are dainty and cute, or thick and broad…as well as women who are kick ass and tough as hell…but they are still women.
I like my girls to be actual girls.
ME BOY, YOU GIRL…and they are obviously women, not some gender bending, modified man in a tight dress and a fake girly smile…

BRUCE Jenner. He was my hero when i was a kid…now, i don’t know what to think. When he came out and said eh, i’m a woman now, i had to think, this is fake, he can’t really mean it. I guess he does mean it. It’s weird man, it’s just weird…and i shouldn’t be made to feel like an asshole for saying that. I supported him when he first did it, but i’ve changed my mind since then. You’re not a girl you’re a man.

I have a close friend, of about 35 years who decided he wanted to be a she…and as much as i love the guy, what the fuck!!!? Again, he forced me and everyone else to be ‘ ok ‘ with his decision. Really, what are we going to do, write him off over it? He/she’s still my good good friend, but…what the fuck??!

For me, this weirdness started in the days when people like Madonna were still relevant, and she had so many fags and black dudes on stage, making out with them and shit…what is your message? What are you trying to achieve? They are gay, and you are making out with them…what is your purpose? I never understood it. Maybe she didn’t either. To me, she was trying to break down barriers, or something…what barriers? They weren’t there to begin with. If nothing else, the people who force this shit to be accepted, ARE putting up barriers, because before they did this we didn’t know there were barriers, you get it? Like you’re born, and from the first day you can understand your Ma, you are probably told, this is God, God is good he gets all the cash, you need to always include him in everything you do…why? well, because we do honey, just go with it.

I remember hearing years ago that ‘ Jesus ‘ was gay, or bisexual, which is still gay if you’re a man. If you willingly take a dick in your mouth or ass, guess what? You are gay. But, i thought, how is this relevant? He turned water into wine, not sperm right?
I guess this is the point i’m making. Why should it be relevant? Why should your sexuality be relevant? Why should my repulsion over your public display not be acceptable?

Quick clarification, gotta keep it honest here…anyone from Massachusetts, who saw N.I.N., and Jane’s Addiction in Mansfield in 2010, saw me get head right out in the open. My bad. I had a panic attack and my girlfriend took me by the hand to the area by the bathrooms and went down.
So, one notch for me on the ‘ hypocrite side ‘ there…

Hetero has become a risky term today. You are looked at as a sexist, if you separate the terms hetero, homo. In fact, when i say homo, PEOPLE GET OFFENDED!!…WHY? Why would they get offended? Apparently we’re supposed to just sit there and shut up. Fuck you.

Again, being gay isn’t the issue. Be gay…suck as much dick as you can…break a tooth, i really don’t care. But it has gotten so out of control that now it has become an insult to couth.

Another thing that bothers me is the term ‘ gay marriage ‘ …WHAT?? How is this different than regular marriage? I don’t mean the obvious fact that it’s two guys or girls in love getting married…it is that when you’ve accepted that this little descriptive should be added onto the term, ‘ gay ‘ …marriage…it is still separate from normalcy. Why would anyone accept this? They are fighting for gay marriage rights…idiots! You have just given up your battle by allowing the other side to dictate what your marriage should entail. Not a regular one, a gay one. Are you really alright with that? Because i wouldn’t be alright if i got married, and it was called a ‘ fat marriage ‘…or if i was drugged out of my damn skull and it was called a ‘ high marriage ‘ …
Get married, be in love, live together…good for you and best of luck to you, sincerely. I have gay friends. I respect them. I don’t want to see them doing what they do because it is disgusting. I don’t want them to see me licking a pussy or fucking a pussy…why would i want to see them sucking a dick? It’s just not right!

Nowadays it’s perfectly acceptable to see two guys having sex, or seeing naked men in a web search. They have replaced what used to be our heterosexual culture in America. Men are feminine, and women are masculine.

Again, i don’t have a problem with someone being gay, it is that now it’s interfered with my own life. When i search for ‘ has Al Sharpton’s skin become lighter? ‘ …and i see a naked pic of a black dude…i want to puke. I search for ‘ nude woman ‘…what do i get? Naked men fucking each other sucking each other off…it is gross! This is the new America?
What about all the posturing for normalcy in the world? This is not normalcy. Being fruity gay is not normal. Are you a man or a woman? It is literally that simple. Be gay…fuck guys. That doesn’t make you a 13 year-old girl…
There are gay men who could kick my ass. Lift the front end of a car…they aren’t running around like one of my sisters.

Today everyone is so worried about offending others, this is the end result.
Well, i don’t care. Too bad.
When you say, ‘ i think gay guys are disgusting ‘ …someone says, you’re a homophobe! And they go out of their way to force you into accepting it as normal. It is not normal.

This actually happened on a ‘ friend’s ‘ FB page. He said gay people should be allowed to get married. I chimed in with ‘ i agree. Be gay, do what you want. I just hate seeing it. ‘ …i was called every name in the book and he went on to show gay guys kissing each other, tongues wrapped and fagging it up. Fuck that! I didn’t say don’t be gay. I said, be gay, be happy, do it all you want, i just don’t want to see it. Why am i the asshole? Was i saying don’t be in love? Don’t express your genuine affection for your partner?

I have what’s called decorum…a sense of propriety. You keep it to yourself, you don’t fuck your girl on the front lawn because it’s between you, not the rest of the world. When gay people are in public, kissing and making out…who is that for? We already know you’re gay, you sound like a faggot. A faggot is girly queer…beyond gay. Why? Why do some gays, and my friends do this as well…talk in a higher more frilly voice, and change the way their ‘ S’s ‘ sound…why? Why would anything change? If you’ve been into guys your whole life, why change this now? If i was gay, i’d still be the burly, 300lb., 6 foot tall guy i am, not some little Nancy who wears my sister’s clothes.
What the fuck is wrong with people?
What is wrong with me saying this?
Let’s see how many people tell me i’m being ‘ insensitive ‘ or my favorite word…” intolerant ” …idiots…this means i won’t tolerate certain things. How is that a bad thing? The opposite would be tolerant, right? So i’ll ‘ tolerate ‘ your behavior, because someone told me i should?
I will not tolerate something i disagree with.
Hate me, tell me i’m an asshole. FUCK YOU.
Keep the gay in the bedroom where it should be and have some fucking self respect.
The fact that gay men call each other queer, or faggot, is the same as black people calling each other nigger. So why is it that if i call a gay man a fag, he gets upset? Why is it that if i hear two black guys calling each other nigga, which is the same as saying nigger…and i call them out on it, they get upset?
YOU are attaching the derisive term to yourself. Why do gay women get offended when i call them dike? Why do gay men get upset when i call attention to the fact that they like the hairy ass of another man? Do they suck dick? Do they find it appealing to fuck a man in his asshole?
YES. So, 2 + 2 = fag
Some will say, ‘ oh…well this means you are gay yourself, and that you simply cannot accept your own gayness. Freud would say…….blahblahblah…’
EH!! Wrong answer. I was a teenager…i experimented a few times, but i didn’t like it. It wasn’t natural to me, so i didn’t do it anymore. And there are other reasons. I was molested by my Grandmother’s neighbor when i was 8 or 9…i thought i was gay as a kid because a guy fucked me. I wasn’t and i’m not now. If i was, believe me everyone would know it because i’m a slut. But that is just not the case.

Am i for denying someone their freedom? Hell no!

What bothers me is that now they are denying me my own by inundating me with images of something i think is gross. We are pushed into being ‘ accepting of this culture ‘ …ok but why should i have to see it? Why should there be an open area of images available to most people who are forced to endure this? We have a gay president. He’s a Muslim. He hates America.
THAT is why. He isn’t even black, yet if you say, we have a nigger in the White House…people will fucking flip! What…is it not true? I say nigger because he acts like one. Technically it isn’t true because he’s not black, he’s only 6% black by blood, and that’s if we go by his false information saying he was born in Kenya, which i do not believe.
His name was Barak Mounir Ubayd until 1982, when he changed it to Barack Obama.
Who is this guy? Who did you elect to be president? You got him in and now our country is ruined because of him. Why did you elect him? Because he’s???….black.

He is one of the biggest race-baiters out there, and he contributes to the attitude of people like Samir Shabazz, a black supremacist, and a true nigger, who calls for the destruction of the ‘ white ‘ race…someone needs to shoot that fucker in the face. That is how to kill racism, kill the racists. Why not start with him? I wrote on one of his pages, that i never heard him mention all the white slaves, all the little Irish girls who were molested, brought into factories at age 9, forced to be raped by a black slave, by the British royalty, who only did this to create the Mulatto complexion. I was called every name in the book, and told i didn’t understand racism. No…i don’t understand how a black guy can stand on the street and claim racial profiling while he’s calling his friends and family nigger. That is just ridiculous. ” Obama ” has done nothing but exacerbate this by allowing it to continue. You want to help ‘ your people ‘ ? Do something about it. By the way, ‘ his people ‘ are white, Jewish, Arab Muslims, not black. He is 50% white, 44% Arab, and 6% black.

What did he do? Everyone should be gay, Muslim and not ever question authority.

This is America???
No, it is not.

Even my friend Rick agreed with me that seeing gay men kissing in public is wrong…
I have known him most of my life. He’s an excellent vocalist, very active in his Christian belief, which i am not…very open and just a good guy! He got married recently to his boyfriend. MORE power to them both. But even he fell into the trap of having a ‘ gay ‘ marriage.
You marry your partner, it’s just marriage. To be forced to accept that little stipulation: you HAVE to attach the word gay to your marriage is nothing but offensive, and i think it’s wrong to do that. The mere fact that there HAS to be a separation, says to me that gays have won nothing. It’s the same as black people being allowed to have more rights. ALLOWED?? Didn’t they already have certain inalienable rights? Apparently not, because someone somewhere had to define that degree: which of those rights were afforded them.
How is that freedom? Democracy?
So please…if you’re a homo, do what i do as a hetero. Keep it to yourself and your partner, love each other. And stop being so politically correct. It IS destroying America



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