Disjointed States of America

Why has the U.S.A., done nothing about Israel using white phosphorus?

” Human Rights Watch found 24 spent white phosphorus shells in Gaza, all from the same batch made in a U.S., ammunition factory in 1989 by Thiokol Aerospace. { the company found responsible for the crash of the Challenger in 1986 } Other shells were photographed during the war with markings showing they were made in the Pine Bluff Arsenal, also in America, in 1991.

Human Rights Watch said the Israeli military often used the weapon even in areas where there were no Israeli troops on the ground, which it said, “strongly suggests that the IDF [Israel Defence Forces] was not using the munition for its obscurant qualities but rather for its incendiary effect”. …” …

We went to war in Iraq for Saddam’s alleged use of W.M.D.

…we went in and destroyed everything, murdered anywhere from 250,000 to 1 million innocent people, depending on which report you read…the number of orphans due to the fallout of the US invasion is anywhere from 400,000 to 5 million…caused decades of unrest. Over what? Over nothing.

” The Israeli military has previously denied using white phosphorus during the 15-day offensive in the Gaza Strip, but has said that any munitions that it does use comply with international law. ” …yes, because white phosphorus is not illegal. Therefore, they can say it isn’t a W.M.D.

They are claiming that they use it as an ‘ obscurant ‘ , to mask their movements across the battlefield…well, how about not having the damn battlefield??! They have forced these battles. Over what? Over their own want to dominate any area they choose, even if that area has been inhabited by native citizens of whatever nationality. Zionists want it all because they believe they are entitled to it. They are not entitled. This is a crime against humanity and this is what they have been doing for decades.

In short, the Zionists ARE the Anglicized personification of the typical Nazi.

I read something yesterday that said ‘ NA-tionalist ZI-onist ‘ …and i get it, but i had to laugh because they were paid by the Zionists to be the scapegoat in WW2. Nationalist Socialist is more fitting since they, under Hitler’s direction were fighting to take back what was once theirs, meaning Poland, as well as Germany’s independence. But all this was initiated by the Zionists who took Poland from Germany in the first place. This was all part of a larger, much more insidious scheme, to place millions of harmless lower class Jews directly in the line of fire.
Just like what has been happening in Palestine since 1967. The plan was hatched to eradicate Palestinians from the planet, the same way we were all told, BY the Zionists that the Nazi party intended to do to the Jews.

I have to, loosely, quote Muammar Qaddafi, at one of his brilliant speeches at the U.N., where he said, speaking to both sides…Palestine, you had control of the area Israel wants from 1946 to 1967, you did nothing until they moved to take it. Only then did you react. Why? Israel, you did nothing for that same amount of time…why?
He brought it out into the open which he was famous for doing. Which is only one of many reasons ” Obama ” had him killed.

Shame on Israel’s favorite black, well half-black…….well, actually, he is of mixed race. Well to be exact, he is about 50% white, about 44% Arab…scary! and about 6% black. So, technically, he is ‘ white-Arab ‘ not black…

Qaddafi would have literally changed the world. He wanted to abandon the US dollar and move to the gold dinar, which would have effectively wiped out all need for the Western influence, need for international banks, and the need for ‘ intervention ‘ from the West as a whole. As a Zionist run, and maintained whole, we would suffer instant collapse. Can’t have that now can we??!
So, ” Obama ” used ‘ rebels ‘ who were actually Al-Qaeda, to escalate the fake attack on the U.S., consulate, which shouldn’t have even been open, and used them to fake kidnap Ambassador Stevens, who WAS running guns to those very ‘ rebels ‘ Al-Qaeda. This was all backed, and i believe enabled by Israel. It is known that certain agents from Mossad have been used in I.S.I.S.,/I.S.I.L., the Taliban, Al-Qaeda…Mossad is from Israel.

When will ” Obama ” stop being a puppet? He will not. When will he take out his dick and remember that he even has one? He will not. He’s too busy pretending he’s black, to get the black votes, and to pretend he gives a fuck. He is totally fine with Israel doing all this because he won’t be around long enough for it to matter. He is ‘ this close ‘ to using white phosphorus on his own people in the Disjointed States of America…
” Israel used white phosphorus during its 34-day war against Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement in 2006, while the United States used it during the controversial siege of the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004. ” …….
Why does Israel get away with this? Why did the U.S.A., get away with it? Because as David Duke says, Zionists run America. Because no one says a word when we kill innocent people. When someone says, ” the U.S.A., should pay for what they’ve done! ” …you hear crickets chirping…everyone mumbles amongst themselves…” eh, we’ll let it slide. ” …

They’re too afraid of retaliation.

This is why i call our country Israelica.

Why has ” Obama ” done nothing about this? His biggest campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs…a Zionist entity. Why would they pay into his own obvious black, no wait Arab supremacist leanings?
Why is he doing nothing? Because he won’t bite the hands that feed him and his fake family. I don’t believe for one second that those are his kids. I think they are Michelle’s kids. I believe he is CIA, or even Mossad. He is Jewish, he is Arab. They are completely manufactured. Is she in on it, or an innocent mook in the scheme to put him in place?

How many children have died during his time in the White ( wash ) House?
Why has the U.S.A., given Israel an average of 3 billion a year since 1985? Who’s to say that’s the true date it started? Why do they have unlimited access to our weaponry? Surely we don’t need to keep it there…so, was it OUR white phosphorus that Israelis used on the Lebanese? It must have been. As you read at the top, it was from our own factories, from 1989, and again in 1991. This would have been part of the huge amount of ‘ aid ‘ given to them. Where else would they get it from?

They want Palestinians wiped from the Earth. Will they use it on them? Yes, they already have, and no one did a thing!

Israel is an illegal state. Palestine is not.

The Zionists moved hundreds of thousands of ‘ Jews ‘ to Palestine. By the numbers, that would be 600,000
What happens when you add a zero to an already large number?
6 hundred thousand
6 million
we heard that the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews
We heard that ” 6 million Jews went missing or ( were ) dead ”
So, if we do the math, it would make sense that the number of ‘ 6 million dead ‘ in WW2, were actually moved to Palestine. The United Nations were behind this.
Why? They’ve regretted it since.
The Zionists run the U.N., that’s why. How else could ” Obama ” sit as Chairman there? HIM of all people…

Israel turned on them. They just don’t care who’s who. They promote diversity, while in reality they would want dead Palestinian children just to have their own territory. The Palestinians would be fine with a shared territory, the Israelis would not.

When i keep saying Israelis of course i am talking about the government and group of world leaders, not the everyday average citizens, many of whom are great, hard working, open-minded people. The government is under the delusional impression that they are doing this for their people, while keeping up the narrative that they are doing this in tribute for all the dead killed by the Nazis, when in reality they never even died. The Nazis were paid, enabled, armed by the Zionists themselves. Hitler was enabled by the Zionists themselves. He was ‘ used ‘ in their scheme to erase the lower class Jews from history. Anyone who can have an open mind and really read into this will see that they’ve been lied to for the past 70 years, about WW2, about the Jews being burned in ovens…all of it. When you break it down, those who WERE burned in ovens represent the numbers of them who died of starvation, disease etc., who were only caught in the middle of the great war, which was started by the Zionists themselves.
Look into the causes of both world wars and you come up with a common denominator…the Zionists.

Israel is trying to create a new America. They are literally doing what the settlers did.
The only difference is that when the settlers ended up here they had left the ‘ oppression ‘ of their former land, while Israel was behind the ‘ oppression ‘ they claim.
If the Zionists get their way, they will reshape the integral structure of our country. It’s already begun. Look at Turkey…the Ottoman Empire never went away, it moved to Turkey. The forced relocation of the Armenians, Syrians, and Greeks, is still happening today.

How long will it be until we, the citizens of the U.S.A., are relocated?

When will the skies be full of white phosphorus, over Boston, New York, California…your town?

We do now live in a police state which is only getting worse.

Can we all expect the front door to be kicked in, and a gun in our face for speaking out against our Fascist government?…

” yes we can ” …



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