A very close friend of mine just lost a close friend of his due to ‘ opiates ‘ …he doesn’t want to offend anyone by talking about it.
I can talk about this because i have also lost close friends to opiate use, and i lost the Mother of my youngest daughter to Heroin. I have no problem talking about this because protecting her dignity isn’t an issue when it comes to getting the real story out there. Her dignity would suffer if i didn’t talk about it. She was an artist, she was a wonderful person who just had the idea that it would help her to cope. In reality, that decision became her very last one on this Earth.
Heroin is nothing nice. What is worse is the use of pills. Pills are dirty, manufactured to destroy us. They don’t do anything for pain, they numb you to the pain by coating the receptors in your brain. At the same time this is happening, you are numb to reality.
I take a lot of heat for telling addicts, if you’re going to use, use Heroin, not pills. Yes, that sounds horrible, but if you haven’t been an addict you cannot possibly understand this rationale. My only reason for saying this is that ‘ junkies ‘ are for the most part accurate in what they do, and they do it out of what they think is necessity, when in reality they are duping themselves into making it ok to do it. That being said, ANY opiates are bad. My point is that doing pills has become the same as smoking cigarettes or smoking pot. When did the line get blurred? Who allows the drugs into the USA? The government. Who reinforces the Heroin chic culture? The media. Who makes it ‘ cool ‘ to be an addict? Popular culture.
These are all popularized misconceptions. Who can change this rationale? Us. You.
The truth is no drug is good for you. But, if you are going to do them, you are making it ok to destroy your family and friends, all to be the person you think you want to be. Is it worth it? No.
If you know someone who is still using…and if they are using pills, do all you can to help by informing them that they are cheating themselves, by allowing themselves to be bound by the chains of an unnecessary plague, which ONLY they can rise above. Tell them they have other options. They can easily get above this addiction.
I have said many times, my step-Dad told me once, ‘ just stop ‘ …
of course i laughed in his face and told him how fucking dumb that was…but, what happened? I did ‘ just stop ‘ …
and through some very hard work and through avoiding the same old people i hung around with i was able to just stop and stay stopped. Some aren’t so lucky or confident that they can.
Hug an addict, make them know that they weren’t always this person, and that they can get back to the good life they lived, unaffected by the shackles of opiate use, and/or addiction.
Don’t shun them, it only makes them feels worse. In this context, it isn’t about you…it is about them.
To eradicate drugs from our society, we need to work together and stop glorifying drug use, making it ok to go from detox to detox…if you aren’t ready to quit, don’t even bother going to a detox because you are taking the bed, and the help that someone else really needs while you’re still fucking around with your life and the love, respect, resolve of those around you. I have said before, when i went from detox to detox, i was only trying to make those around me, feel better about my use and i was only trying to keep those doors open to me. That is a terrible thing to do. I can honestly say, that when i was in Quincy, MA., at the Faxon House for my short three day stint, just to clean up for the weekend, i found out that a friend had died over the weekend while i was busy eating the free hot food and sleeping, sweating in the nice warm bed, i literally stole from her when she really needed to be there in my place.
If you know a Heroin addict, tell them there is hope and they can do this. Tell them that while they are still using to use clean needles, don’t share, no matter what, and think further ahead than the now…
when you are addicted there is nothing else but the now.
There are plenty of clean needle programs, in Boston, everywhere.
As a society we are the ones who can complain about shows that glorify drug use, or movies that show it in the wrong light. We do still have control over certain things and this is one of them. If you disagree with what’s on your TV turn it off. Write in to the producers, use social media as your platform. Tweet, post on FB, tell everyone how you feel. Make videos on youtube, get the message out that this is not acceptable, and it isn’t acceptable to demonize these people who are only temporarily bound to this slavery.

The price of heroin has dropped.


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