‘ threat ‘

on Usama Bin Ladin, Osama, Laden…

It is said that he worked for the C.I.A., at some point in the late 70s or early 80s. This i believe. We needed protection in that area, which was vulnerable, due to the ‘ threat ‘ of Russia, possibly gaining access to oil there. Oil which was never ours, and which we made available to ourselves through glad-handing with the very enemies we were decrying while at home. We have a pipeline there, in Afghanistan, and have since the early to mid-70s. My source is Gore Vidal. Read his book, ” Blood for Oil: the Bush-Cheney Junta…” …he was a wealth of information and knew how to tell it just right. He was right there when it happened. If not, he was in with all the right people and would have gotten said information from reliable sources. I trust him, you should always do your own research no matter who’s telling you.

I seek any bit i need to refresh myself on, from people like Gore, Noam Chomsky, Professor Antony C. Sutton, Michael C. Ruppert, Bill Cooper, Gary Webb, Philip Marshall, Jim Marrs…others, who i trust. But, i have issues with most of these people and others, because they might believe for instance that; Hitler killed 6 million Jews in WW2, i do not…we landed on the moon in July of 1969, and there are people on that real-big, real-expensive I.S.S., thing sitting up there empty, and all Scotch-taped together, i do not…America currently has a competent leader who isn’t really an Arab spy sent to infiltrate the U.S.A., and bring it to it’s final end. I do not. He is Arab, by his own admission. He literally said, ” i am an Arab-American, and i am with you…” …one problem. He isn’t American, this leaves???

….Arab. The relation to Kenya would obviously explain this but is he truly from Kenya? How close is Saudi Arabia to Kenya? Or Yemen? I do not believe he is from Kenya. Besides, he has acknowledged his African-American side much more in later years, and the Arab part of it was largely forgotten over time. I feel like it’s very important.

Could he have been referring to his already acknowledged faith, being Muslim? Yes. But in the very words he used, you get your answer. His statement wasn’t about religion. If nothing else, we elected a Muslim to the PRESIDENCY. Who in America, and abroad is perceived as being a constant threat to national security????? Hmmm. And now it’s too late. He already did the damage. My hope is that we can undo it since his seat in office cannot be valid. Why has no one moved to remove him?

Most of the ones i mentioned will tell you, do your own research. I agree, because no matter the message, it needs to be fully interpreted by you.

When someone is an ‘ eloquent speaker ‘ , you hear colorful talk and lots of posturing, especially right around election time…and maybe start to lose a bit of the context …speak of the Devil. Barak Mounir Ubayd. According to Steven Pidgeon, he’s only had the name Obama since 1982. Where is he really from? I say Saudi Arabia.

Our ” mission to exact revenge ” after 9/11, was nothing more than one of many attempts to claim land rights, and/or oil rights in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a ruthless exercise in violence, imperialism, and militarism–one of the main catalysts in bringing about WW1–which does extend to the present day. Usama, was used in that. There is info, or what i think is dis-info, that his C.I.A., operative name was Tim Osman.
This works on many levels. The C.I.A., used to be the O.S.S., OS(S)-man. Or the first two letters of his anglicized name OSama…also, in 2009, Ahmadinejad said he heard Usama was living in Washington, D.C., the first two letters of his name is Us…i go on the information that says he died in December of 2001, being that it was from a source in Afghanistan. Could this also be dis-info? Yes.
But, on yet another level, the word Osman, is a direct homage to Osman the 1st.
” The name Osman is the Turkish variation of the name Uthman, of Arabic origin. ” …
his name means, ” bone-breaker ” …a great name for a tyrant, or despot. Or a true great leader who makes it clear, that any opposition to his ways of peace will be met with violent retribution. Nothing wrong with that.

The Ottoman Empire has been the object of Western, and Eastern scorn for centuries. Whether it’s right or wrong, it still occurs today. The end of their Empire resulted in the formation of what is Turkey today. Look at all the strife in all areas there, and see why we both have such a want to wipe each other from history.

Of course, this is different than the present cancer of the treasonous traitor whose current administration has done nothing to ” be clear ” and has gone behind people’s backs to instigate WW3. Fuck him, and all his anti-American ideals. He is an Arab. He is not an American and never was. He’s naturalized, not born here. Is he a plant, to extend the ( former ) Ottoman’s war on us, placed on our soil? He naturalized, the completely innocent and definitely set-up, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on September 11th, 2012…the same night as the ‘ attacks ‘ in Benghazi, which were completely staged by Ubayd himself.

According to one source: which i do believe, because it just makes sense…


…it was supposed to be a fake kidnapping, in which he did hire ‘ rebels ‘ who were Al-Qaeda, to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens, but one or two of the three other men-Sean Smith, Tighe Woods and Glen Doherty- American heroes that they were, opened fire and the whole thing fell apart. Stevens and the others may have survived if not for this.

I have to add here, that i have seen footage from the day after he was killed, and it’s a video-taped shot of Stevens laying in the hospital on a gurney, supposedly dead. When they pulled the blanket back up over his face, i could swear his eyes followed the blanket. I watched it over and over, and i still to this day, about 2 years later, have my doubts that he actually was killed. Another angle on this is that Stevens was definitely running guns to the ‘ rebels ‘ who are acknowledged as being Al-Qaeda. Which means Ubayd set it up so Stevens ran the guns, then was to be ‘ kidnapped ‘ and it would have gone right, if the others didn’t react to try and save Stevens. Which to me, means Stevens would have been in on it. This leaves it wide open as to whether or not he would have really been killed. There were reports that he was brutalized, raped, tortured…and another that said he died of smoke inhalation. Which is it?

The U.S.A., created the propaganda, that made it look as if the crowds were carrying him through the streets to kill him, when in reality, they were helping him, carrying him to safety to save him, as he was well-liked in the area. There’s one that stands out as the main representation of it, in which you see a few men carrying Stevens, and one in the middle has his cell phone in his mouth. Most of what i’m saying here and most of what i write about in general can be backed up by any web search.

This is why Ubayd did nothing to go and save them. They were sacrificed, because he decided to play dirty. He also used these same ‘ rebels ‘ who were Al-Qaeda to go and take out Qaddafi, in October of 2011. So, our ” leader ” used Al-Qaeda, hired ISIS/ISIL, has colluded with the Taliban, even traded 5 prisoners from Gitmo in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, a known spy…just like Ubayd.

This is who is currently destroying America.

Ubayd, once again, violated the U.S., constitution here, by going over everyone’s head, to be the hero, and take out Qaddafi, when in reality, he and his son should have been brought to trial at the International Criminal Court, since they had issued warrants for their arrests. Ubayd wanting to be the hero took it upon himself, with N.A.T.O., to kill him instead of taking him back lawfully. Qaddafi’s son did eventually get caught.

What a fucking scumbag. Have you seen the videos on youtube, of all the senseless destruction and violence that occurred in Tripoli? How many innocent people were murdered, while at home Ubayd was telling us all how much of an evil person Qaddafi is, how he kills children, and fire-bombed his own people, while Ubayd was responsible for using White Phosphorous in an attack himself…he denies using it in Afghanistan, but the Afghani people themselves tell a different story. I have no doubts that he used it.

But, let’s all have this idea that Usama Bin Ladin was a bad guy who did nothing to protect his own people, and country…nah, let’s listen to the cowboys in Texas who called for his removal, according to the ” regime change ” in the Middle East, that the P.N.A.C., called for…..this is all public information.

There is a video on youtube, of Usama talking candidly for about a half hour. I copied it all down word for word, according to the subtitles, they seemed pretty accurate. I wanted to see for myself who he was, why he was hated, used as a scapegoat in the U.S., government’s plan to dominate the entire world, and how they stole land, oil, gold, human lives in the Middle East over the past decades. I assume the subtitling is at least 90% correct, you can make your own assumptions. If i did question any of it, i wrote my opinions as it went along. There are several places throughout which make it apparent, that he didn’t really know what happened, and was clearly going on propaganda, either promoted by the U.S.A., or someone tight, maybe the C.I.A., itself, who was working with him, right up until he died of Marfan Syndrome in December of 2001.
Oh, did you think Ubayd got him in May of 2011?…nope. That never happened, and Seal Team 6 was sent into a violently turbulent area, on purpose to be sacrificed so the real story never got out. This is all public information, readily available to anyone. Look at the fact that they were sent into battle, on an old Chinook helicopter, used in Vietnam, not a nice shiny new one…to save some money, not destroying one of the nicer, newer ones, because you know your own men are being sent to their deaths. THIS MAN IS A CRIMINAL.

Another interesting aspect of the Chinook angle, is the ancestry of Chris Stevens. Traced back to the Chinooken Peoples of Northwest, U.S.A.

Why does Ubayd have a Nobel, not Noble…Peace, meaning you paid just the right amount of quick cash to get this medal…Prize, for all your hard work for the Zionists who really own and operate, most of the West…
Yet, Usama was the criminal, terrorist, despot, tyrant, crazy-guy giving orders from a cave somewhere on the side of a mountain. This is the story given by the bat-shit crazy politicians of the U.S. A., to the dumb as shit cow-poke citizens. In all sincerity, i hope you aren’t part of that number. If you are, it isn’t your fault. Just turn off the T.V., seek alternate sources, and don’t lump everyone into the category of ‘ conspiracy theorists ‘ …if you do, please realize that many of the facts which solve these mysteries come from the extensive research of these people. You should actually thank them.

I’ll shut up now for a bit…

” We ask Allah’s protection from the mischief of our souls and the bad results of our deeds. Whosoever Allah guides, none can misguide; and whom He declares misguided, none can guide to the right path; i bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah, He Alone, without partners…and i bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and messenger. After the passage of three months since the blessed attacks on the world-wide evil against the head of disbelief America. And approximately two months since the ferocious Crusader attack on Islam. It is our pleasure to go into the details of what these events denote. These events have clarified a great number of important matters for Muslims. It has become crystal clear that the West in general, and the U.S., in particular harbor an implacable, incredible Crusader hatred against Islam. And those who have lived these months under the constant air strikes of various types of U.S., warplanes know this fact as a self-evident truth. How many villages have been wiped out for no sin of theirs? How many–if we start counting–how many millions have been turned out into the severe cold? These are the weak and oppressed from among men, women and children who are today seeking refuge in tents in Pakistan.They did not do anything wrong…It was just a suspicion–and America attacked them so ferociously! Even if the U.S., had incontrovertible evidence that the perpetrators of this act were Europeans, for example, the Irish Republican Army, they would have found many avenues to solve the issue. But, when even a suspicion pointed at the Islamic world, the true ugly face of America was revealed. and the Crusader hatred against the Islamic world came out into the open.
In the course of this statement, i would like to present the facts of the conflict between us and America. For not only is it very important and of consequence to Muslims, but it affects the whole world. America has no proof of what it accuses this emigrant group that strives in the way of Allah ( referring to the Arab Mujahideen in Afghanistan) -{[ which Hillary Clinton said the U.S., government hired as mercenaries ]}- but rather, it relies only on oppression, injustice and aggression. The history of Arab Mujahideen ( in Afghanistan ), by the grace of God, is clearly written on a snow-white sheet. They set out 20 years ago when the real and culpable terrorism of the Soviet Union became apparent against these children and other innocent of Afghanistan. These Arab Mujahideen left their work, their schools, their families and friends all for seeking the pleasure of Allah, and in support of the faith and moreover, to help the weak and oppressed children of the Muslims. It does not make sense that those who set out to protect the weak and the oppressed would now start killing innocents–as they are being blamed by the blamers. So this is their history and America itself had helped all those who fought against Russia. And then, when Allah gave the Arab Mujahideen the opportunity to help the weak and oppressed of Palestine, those innocent children, America flew into a rage and turned with obsession on all those who fought in Afghanistan. What is happening in Palestine today is absolutely clear. It is a point of great consensus among all humanity since the prophet Adam–peace be upon him. It is human nature to conflict and disagree on many matters. But there are some instinctive issues that Allah Almighty has preserved from disagreement…except those who have led their souls astray and have reached an incredibly high level in their injustice and aggression. One of these instincts that all humans agree on is that even if some injustice has afflicted them; their souls are not able to kill innocent children. What has happened in Palestine and what is still going on in Palestine today of deliberate murder of children; this is utterly revolting, unjust, oppressive and threatens all humanity.
And through the ages, history rarely finds the deliberate killing of children. In fact, it is the manner of Pharaoh, and Allah Almighty was benevolent to the Israelites in that situation and saved them from Pharaoh. -{[ meaning he forgave them for murdering children in human sacrifices? ]}-
As Allah ( swt ) says:…….

-{[ ” Definition: When writing the name of God (Allah), Muslims often follow it with the abbreviation “SWT.” These letters stand for the Arabic words “Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala,” or “Glory to Him, the Exalted.” Muslims use these or similar words to glorify God when mentioning His name. Pronunciation: sub-han’-a-hoo wa ta a la Also Known As: Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala Alternate Spellings: subhana wa ta’ala; subhanna wa ta’ala Examples: Muslims believe that Allah SWT created the universe ” ….]}-

” And remember the time when We delivered you from Pharaoh’s people { Egypt } who afflicted you with grievous torment slaying your sons and sparing your women ( in order to abuse them ) ”
Thus, the slaughter of children is something that the Head of injustice, disbelief and aggression became famous for, namely Pharaoh. But these Israelites now use the same style against our children in Palestine and the whole world saw and watched Israeli troops kill Muhammad al-Durra. And there are many others like Muhammad al-Durra.
The whole world, east and west, and despite the differences of religions, just out of their human nature unanimously condemned this act. But America continues unscrupulously in it’s deviation aiding and abetting these oppressors–these attackers of our sons in Palestine. Allah Almighty made clear that when a person rebels and attacks and reaches the limit where he takes a life without justification, it is an extremely hideous act. But even more revolting than that is the killing of the innocent children. Allah Most Great says ( in Sure 5:32 ) : ” Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, and ( not in order to prevent the spread of ) mischief in the world it would be as if he killed all mankind. And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind…” …
Thus in fact it is as if they–Israel and behind it America–had killed all the children of the world. And who is to stop Israel from the murder of our children tomorrow in Tabook or in Jauf or in the other surrounding areas ( of Palestine )? And what will the rulers do if Israel starts to expand it’s borders as it is written in their false and fabricated books that say: ‘ Our borders extend to Medina’? What will the rulers do but yield and succumb to this American Zionist lobby? So the rational people have to awake now and realize that what happened to Muhammad al-Durra and his brothers and sisters will happen to their own children and women tomorrow; and there is no power and force except from Allah. Thus the matter is extremely dangerous. And America is practicing this vicious terrorism in it’s most abhorrent form in Palestine and in Iraq.
Bush the Father–this ill-fated man–is responsible for the deaths of over a million Iraqi children not counting other men and women also killed. The events of September 11th are but a reaction to the continuous injustice and oppression being practiced against our sons in Palestine and Iraq…and in Somalia and Southern Sudan and in other places like Kashmir and Assam. This matter concerns the whole Islamic nation ( Ummah ). It is incumbent on the people to wake up from their sleep and rush to devise a solution to this disastrous problem that threatens mankind entirely today. As for those who condemned these operations looked at the event in isolation, and failed to connect them to past events and did not look at the causes that lead to this result. So their point of view is narrow. Their attitude is not in accord with and not based on either a religious, legal nor even a rational perspective. They just saw America and the media criticizing these operations so they stood up with them in criticism. Their example is like the story of the wolf that saw a newborn lamb. So it said to this lamb: ‘ You were the one who dirtied my water last year!’ The lamb replied,: ‘ It was not me’ …’it WAS you’, the wolf insisted. So the lamb told him, ‘Well, i was born this year!’ The wolf said, ‘So it must have been your mother!’ and ate the lamb.
And what could the poor Mother do when she saw her son being torn into pieces between the teeth of the wolf? But in the passion of Motherhood, she butted the wolf. Of course, the wolf was not affected at all however shouted out, ” look at this terrorist!” … So these parrots joined in, repeating what the wolf said and saying, ‘yes, we condemn the ewe’s butt against the wolf ‘ …where have you been when the wolf ate the son of this sheep? So, these blessed and successful strikes are but in reaction to what happened in our lands–in Palestine, and in Iraq, and in other places. America is continuing these policies with the arrival of Bush the son who started off his administration with a round of violent blitzes on Iraq in order to affirm the continuation of the same policies of injustice and oppression, and in order to make clear that Muslim blood is cheap for him. So this ( 911 attacks ) was the response with the grace of Allah Almighty. These blessed strikes have shown many great issues. They are a great testimony to the point that this arrogant and haughty power–the Hubal of this Age ( pre-Islamic idol in the Arab world ) namely America–is based on a great economic strength. However it is very fragile and it won’t take long until it will collapse with the mercy of Allah Almighty.
Those that carried out this action were not nineteen Arab countries–no armies were mobilized–nor were these the government departments of Arab countries that got used to submission and the injustice against us in Palestine and in other areas. These were but nineteen post-secondary students–i ask Allah Most Great to accept their sacrifice. They shook the throne of America and hit the American economy in the center of it’s heart, and stroke the greatest military force on Earth in the middle of it’s heart with the grace of Allah Almighty. So here is a clear testimony: that this global interest-based economy which America uses with it’s military force, in order to impose the disbelief ( Kuffr ) and humiliation on the weak nations; this system can easily be brought to collapse. These blessed strikes have inflicted on America by their own admission in the markets of New York and elsewhere a loss of upwards of a trillion dollars. That is by the grace of Allah Almighty and by a simple means. They used the enemy’s planes and studied in the enemy’s schools. -{[ he is obviously sticking the narrative given by the M.S.M., ( main stream media ) …he CANNOT really know what happened because there were no planes used on 9/11 …this should prove his innocence. He never admitted to having anything to do with it. The U.S.A., never proved his guilt. Even to the present day. ]}-

They did not need any training camps rather Allah helped them to be successful, so that they taught a hard lesson to these arrogant nations who do not know the meaning of ‘ freedom ‘ unless it applies to the white race. As for other nations, the Americans think that these nations should be submissive and enslaved. They ( the American people ) do not move a finger, but rather applaud to their leaders whenever they attack us–just as it happened in Iraq. So i say: the American military and it’s recent show-of-force in Afghanistan where it poured it’s extreme fury on these weak and oppressed people has given us great and important lessons in the methods of resistance against this arrogant force, by the Grace of Allah Almighty. So for example if the front line with the enemy is 100 kilometers long, it should also be broad. Which means we are not satisfied with a depth of 100, 200 or even 300 meters. Rather this line should be broadened many kilometers. So we dig trenches along this length and breadth. In this way, the bulk of the America bombardment is consumed before it arrives at the other limit of the front-line. Furthermore, we deploy light and fast forces in these areas so that they can move from line to line and from one bunker to another.
We learned this after the dense American bombardment in the front lines of the north and of Kabul. By using such methods, years will pass and America will not be able to, with the permission of Almighty Allah, to break the front lines of the Mujahideen. Apart from that, as is well-known, the fight needs two essential basic elements on the one hand the fighting people, and on the other hand the money to buy weapons. This is emphasized in the Book of Allah Almighty. There are many verses in the Quran with this meaning, among them Allah’s saying: Allah ( swt ) says,: ” Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise…” …So it’s always with money and lives. Though the distance between us and the American military base is very large and our weapons do not reach their warplanes, one possibility is the use of these wide defensive lines in order to absorb the airstrikes. The other way is to strike at the economic base that forms the foundation of the military establishment. So when their financial reserves run out, they will be occupied with themselves and refrain from the enslavement of weak nations. Therefore, i say it is very important to concentrate on striking the American economy by every possible means.
-{[ Clearly he doesn’t understand that the U.S., government themselves did this to our country…or, he does know and is playing along ]}-
Regarding those who preach ‘ humanity ‘ and ‘ freedom ‘ we have seen here, with our own eyes, their true criminality. A sliver ( of munitions ) is more than enough to kill a man–a sliver weighing 7 grams is more than enough. But America, out of it’s hatred for the Taliban here and Muslims at large rained down on our brothers on the front lines bombs weighing 7 tons each! O people of arithmetic–this is 7,000 kilos which is 7 million grams while 7 grams is more than enough for a man. And when the youths–we beseech Allah to accept their martyrdom–exploded a bomb in Nairobi a bomb that weighed less than 2 tons…America declared it a terrorist strike and that this is a mass destruction weapon. But when America uses 2 bombs each of them weighing more than 7 million grams there is no problem with that! And then the secretary of Defense says, after they attacked whole villages with no reason but only for terrorizing the people and make them afraid of hosting the Arabs or even approaching them, ( the Defense Secretary said, ) it is our right to do so. Is it their right to exterminate nations as long as they are Muslims and not Americans? -{[ by this logic it would be ok to do the same to the U.S.A., since Ubayd is Muslim ]}-

This is the real and absolutely clear criminality! And whatever you hear them saying about ‘ mistakes’ is clear and self-evident lying. Just a few days ago by their own claim, they attacked ‘ Al-Qaeda locations ‘…in Khost, and directed a precision bomb at a mosque and then claimed it happened by mistake. After investigating, it became clear that Islamic scholars of Khost were offering the nightly prayer of Ramadan ( Taraweeh ) , and after the prayer they held a meeting with the champion Mujahid Shaykh Jalaluddin Haqqani, who was one of the most prominent leaders of the Jihad against the Soviet Union…and who refused this American occupation of the land of Afghanistan. They hit the mosque while the Muslims were praying and killed 150 of them. Truly there is no power and no force except Allah. The Shaykh wasn’t harmed, and we beseech Allah to bless him a long good life. This is the hatred and grudge of the Crusaders. Those who keep repeating the same gossip about so-called terrorism without considering it’s consequences should be careful.
Our terrorism against America is a praiseworthy terrorism in order to repel the injustice of the oppressor…so that America withdraws from it’s support of Israel who kills our children. -{[ Mossad had some part in carrying out 9/11 ]}-

In fact, the matter is crystal clear, why don’t you understand? The leaders of America and the west repeatedly declared Hamas, Al -Jihad in Palestine and other fighting groups, and elsewhere, to be terrorist organizations. If self-defense is terrorism, then what is legal? Our self-defense is no different from theirs and our battle is not different from the battle of our brothers in Palestine like Hamas. We fight for the sake of ‘there is no God but Allah’ …so that the word of Allah becomes dominant and the word of the disbelievers becomes abased…and in order to lift off the injustice on the weak and oppressed in Palestine and elsewhere. So the matter is very clear. and it does not behoove a rational Muslim to sit in this trench ( idiomatic ) under the guise of any interpretations of the situation. This is the most dangerous, severe and ferocious of the Crusades waged against Islam. With the permission of Allah, the end of America is near. and it’s end is not contingent on the existence of this poor servant ( of Allah ) Osama. ( it doesn’t matter ) whether Osama is killed or he lives. By the grace of Allah the awakening has begun and this is one of the fruits of these operations. I beseech Almighty Allah to accept these youths as martyrs -{[ again, he seems to not realize that the hijackers didn’t even do it…he is clearly just going on the story he was given, and unclear of the cause of the damages ]}- and bring them to ” the company of the prophets and the truthful and the martyrs and the good, and the best of company are they” ( 4:69 ) -{[ i assume this is a verse in the Quran? ]}-
These youth carried out a very great operation–a gracious operation–may Allah reward them with the best of rewards. We ask Allah that He make them a resource ( of great reward on the Day of Judgement ) for their Fathers and Mothers…they have made the Muslims proud and have taught America a lesson that it will not forget, if Allah Almighty wills.

…i had warned, in a previous interview with the A.B.C., T.V., Channel that America has picked a fight with the sons of the Two Holy Places. -{[ A.B.C., is a Zionist owned channel, would he really do it? I remember the scenes of the reporter following Bin Laden into the cave etc., but thought it was faked…i’ve seen it, i know it happened, but again, reading this do you think he would associate with Zionists? ]}- … and that it will forget the horror of Vietnam. This is what finally happened by the grace of Allah Almighty and what is yet hidden will be even greater, by Allah’s permission…-{[ this is from November or December 2001, he died in December of 2001…what could be coming next? He could have known ahead of time of the other attacks carried out, by the U.S., the C.I.A., etc., ]}- …
From the lands of the Two Holy Places emerged fifteen youth–we ask Allah to accept them as martyrs…This is the land of faith–the greatest treasure of Muslims to where faith moves quietly according to our Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him ). Furthermore, two came out from the East of the Arabian peninsula–from the Emirates–and another from Shaam ( Syria-Lebanon ) –Ziyad Al-Jarrah–we ask Allah to accept him among the martyrs…and the last emerged from the land of Cinana–from Egypt–Muhammad Atta.
We ask Allah to accept them all as martyrs.

They in their management of this operation gave out great testimonies–immense indications–and made it very clear that this faith in their hearts requires many things and requires to offer one’s own life for ‘ there is no God but Allah’ ( Islamic creed ) They opened the floodgate towards good and truth. Those who say that these sacrificial martyrdom operations are not allowed ( from the Islamic point of view ), they are those whose voices we hear in the media and all they do is repeat the desired words of tyrants. and the desires of America and the agents of America. A nation of 1,200 million Muslims, from the East to the West, is slaughtered every day, in Palestine and in Iraq and in Somalia, and in Southern Sudan. And in Kashmir and in the Phillipines and in Bosnia, and in Chechnya { the Tsarnaev connection } …and in Assam, and we do not hear anything from the same people who condemn 9/11…and when the victim stands up, when the oppressed stands up and offer their own lives for the sake of their religion, those people raise their voices. But when 1.2 billion Muslims are slaughtered, they don’t feel anything and when a man stands up to defend them, they start repeating the desired phrases of the tyrants. Indeed, they have neither reason and nor Islamic understanding.
In the story of the boy, the King, the magician and the monk, there is a clear proof for giving priority to ‘ there is no God but Allah’ ( Islamic creed ) over one’s life. Also there is another important meaning that victory should not be only interpreted as the obvious success that is in everyone’s mind, but rather it is the adherence to the ( Islamic ) principles. The people of Al-Ukhdood ( the Pit ) whom Allah Almighty has mentioned, were immobilized in the Quran ( verse 85: 4-11 ) by praising them–because they adhered to their faith. They were forced to choose between faith and being thrown into the pit of fire, but they refused to disbelieve in Allah Almighty and were put into the fire. Towards the end of the story–the story of the boy–when the unjust King ordered that they should be thrown into the Pit of fire and a weak mother came carrying a baby. When she saw the fire, she feared for her son and became hesitant. It was then that the baby boy told her ( as the Prophet, peace be in him, relates ), ‘ be steadfast, Mother–for you are right’ …here no Muslim would ask ‘ what did they gain? They lost their lives!’ This would be an enormous ignorance. They became successful by winning Allah’s pleasure and by gaining Paradise forever, as promised by Allah Most Great. Thus, it is evident that victory should not only be seen in a material perspective. Rather, victory is the persistence on the ( Islamic ) principles. The Hadith of the boy, which has been related by the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him ) describes that a boy picked up a stone and due to his lack of knowledge, he was doubtful whether the monk or the magician was in the right. So when a wild animal was blocking the people’s way the boy said: ” Today i will know who is better–the monk or the magician. ” …due to his lack of knowledge, he was still unsure and hesitant about who is better. So he asked Allah to show him who is better and if Allah held the monk dearer than the magician, then He shall kill this wild animal. So the boy threw a stone at the wild animal, and the animal died. After that, the monk came to the boy and said, ” O boy, today you are superior to me.’ The monk said this despite his great knowledge and the boy’s ignorance. But Allah Most Great had enkindled ( the ) boy’s heart with the light of faith which made him sacrifice his life for the sake of ” There is no God but Allah” ( Islamic creed ) This appreciated sentence ( by the monk ) is very rare. The Muslim youth are waiting to hear it from their scholars. They are waiting for their scholars to tell those youth who sacrificed their lives for the sake of ‘ there is no god but Allah’ …to tell them what this scholar ( the monk ) had said to the boy, ” Today you are superior to us, ” …This is the truth.
So one’s superiority in this religion ( Islam ) is on the basis of what the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him ) had taught us. The benchmark of one’s faith is not determined by one’s knowledge only. Rather, it is determined by the combination of knowledge and action. . So the benchmark of faith is ” one who wages Jihad by hand is a Mu’min ( true Muslim ) ” according to the prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him ). ” and one who wages Jihad by tongue is a Mu’min and one who wages Jihad by heart is a Mu’min, and there is not even a little faith after that. ” …These youth waged Jihad against the greatest Disbelief ( America ) by sacrificing their lives! -{[ again here he is showing that he doesn’t know how 9//11 happened. ]}- …we ask Allah to accept them among the martyrs. The example of these youth is like what the Prophet ( peace and blessings be upon him ) said: ” The master of martyrs is Hamza ibn Abdulmutalib and a man…” …’ A man ‘ that means it can be anyone, however Allah Almighty has enkindled his heart with the light of faith. ” …and a man , who went to a tyrannic ruler enjoining good upon him and forbidding him from the bad and rebuking him, and was ( consequently ) killed ( by this ruler ) ” as it is reported in the authentic Hadith collection. Such a man will gain a great success, although he never witnesses the descendants of the Prophet’s companions, nor the noble companions themselves ( may Allah’s pleasure be upon them ) …However Allah Most Great will raise him to the rank of the Master of the martyrs. In fact, this action is a matter that the Prophet ( pbuh ) -{[ Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him…]}- encouraged. So how can a sensible Muslim say, ” what did the man get by sacrificing his life?” This is clear ignorance. May Allah protect us thereof! Indeed, Allah helped these youth to tell the Head of global Disbelief America and it’s allies: ” You are wrong and you are upon the false path ” … So they sacrificed their lives for the sake of ” There is no God but Allah ” ( Islamic creed ) …
My talk about these great incidents is getting lengthy. So i cut short my talk and i will focus on the importance to continue the Jihad against America economically and militarily By the grace of Allah, America is in retreat. And it’s economy wound, is bleeding up to now. But more attacks are required. I advise the youth to strive to find more of the American economic hubs so that the enemy is attacked in it’s centers by the permission of Allah Most Great.
Before concluding, i would like to commemorate these heroes, these men, these great giants who wiped out the disgrace that has befallen our Ummah ( Islamic nation ) It is a pleasure for me to recall them in some poetic verses praising them and everyone who is following the path of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  but before that, i would like to clarify a critical point. The war being waged in Afghanistan 24 hours a day against the Arab Mujahideen and Taliban in particular has clearly exposed the disability of the U.S., government and the weakness of the American and the hollowness of the American soldier. So, despite all it’s superiority in their military technology…America could not achieve anything without using the apostates and hypocrites. So, what is the difference between Babrik Karmil who came with the Russians to occupy his country, and the deposed president Burhanuddeen ( Rabbani ) and the deen ( the religion ) has nothing to do with him…What is ( the ) difference between the two? One came with the Russians to occupy the Land of Islam and the other came with the Americans to occupy the land of Islam… This is a clear sign of the weakness of the American soldier by the grace of Allah Most great.
We should take this opportunity, and the youth should carry on Jihad activities against America.
Now i conclude by reciting some poetic verses in the honor of those heroes who had come from the Hijaz ( region in Saudi Arabia )–the land of faith, and from ( the family of ) Ghamid, Zahraan, Bani Shihr and Harab from Najd ( region in Saudi Arabia ) –may Allah accept them all as martyrs, and those who had come from the Holy Mecca…namely Salim and Nawaf Al-Hazimi and Khalid-ul-Mehdaar…-{[ this is odd of him to name names, since today 4-16-2016 there are 9 of the supposed hijackers who are still alive… ]}- and those who had come from Holy Medina abandoning the world and it’s luxuries, just for the sake of ” there is no God but Allah ” …i bear witness that each of them was sharper than a cutting sword… tribute to those who jumped into troubles and made fierce attacks. Huge difference is between the common people and those who have sold their lives to their Lord…they took a smiling look at death, while sword gazed at them frowningly…they turned their chests into shields for the cause of Islam. When the shell of darkness closed and a wild beast bit us, while our lands were bleeding, and the oppressors were making fierce attacks, when the shining of spears and neighing of horses have faded from the battlefields…

when the crying was drown out by the sounds of drums and trumpets…at that moment, they rose like a storm and brought down the enemy’s palaces and told him: we will never stop attacking you until you pull out of our homes! Wa assalamualeikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu! ” …

So, what did you think? I believe he never actually knew what really happened, and was told to, or decided to make it sound like he had some inkling…which if you noticed, went along almost perfectly with the original narrative, no matter how full of inconsistencies, holes, bullshit propaganda. To me, he was talking in a room, location, cave, maybe full of C.I.A., agents, or other people from Mossad maybe…there are so many individual factions now, it’s hard to say, but considering that this must have been in November, or maybe early December of 2001, and he was already showing signs of his decline, i believe it was made part of his legacy-no matter how you or i feel about it-to be recorded, documented saying these things, so that it could be made available in subsequent years, used for more propaganda, or hero status, footage.
It’s already been established, by them, that the C.I.A., has made their own videos of Bin Ladin, and used them for their own purposes. The guy they shot in May of 2011, sure wasn’t him. So who was it? I can’t help thinking back to 1945-6, when we were told Hitler killed himself in his bunker…when in reality he was relocated to Argentina, supported, enabled, paid, by the U.S.A., the U.N., Britain, France…in his place, a Polish man was made to shave his mustache, and trim his hair so it looked more like Adolf, or it was done for him, and he was shot point blank in the head. This is the propaganda photo they used to promote the Hitler suicide.
The photos we saw of Bin Ladin were obviously manipulated, photoshopped…it’s like they think we’re stupid. Most of you are. No offense i guess, but yeah. I say you because i am talking about a huge portion of Americans who are just dumb as fuck, no matter what you do or how you break these things down. And it isn’t book dumb, it’s real-shit dumb. Like they don’t know the real shit, so they believe 19 hijackers who couldn’t even fly small engine crafts were able to maneuver the ‘ planes ‘ which were never there to begin with, into the twin towers…it’s just ridiculous. As with ALL details of what happened on 9/11, they fall apart as soon as you utter the words: like the bible, or Creationism. In reality at least 9 are still alive today, and have come forward consistently since about 4 days after it happened.

How many knew that? How many know that there was a F.E.M.A., drill scheduled for September 11th, and they were already on scene the night before. How many know that the Pentagon was hit by a missile? Due to the exhaustive research of the free and critical-thinkers, of whom i am a proud member, who have done all the legwork, made the connections and had the balls to put it out there and see who bites, see how it evolves into the full clear picture, new information comes all the time: exactly what the elements who put these events together don’t want. Remember, when certain people get it right, they get killed and it’s ruled a ” suicide ” …it’s all out there, to be processed if you look.

Lots of holes, lots of fake information-disinformation…to keep people guessing, while they struggle to accept that their own government did this to them and in effect the entire world, because this gave the U.S.A., the ” rights ” to invade any country they suspected of terrorism, when in reality they created the whole thing as the reason to be able to do that. I’m gonna hide my wallet, tell someone you stole it, then shoot you in the face. This is what happened on 9/11. Cheney ordered war games, to obscure the fact that he was waging all out war on his own countrymen, for an agenda. How soon was this blame placed directly on Bin Ladin? How could they have known? They had already had contact, set him up, used him whether or not he had anything to do with it. Even his own family was somehow involved because Bush had them carted back to Saudi Arabia, right away. Did they sell out their own blood? Did Bush, or more likely Cheney tell them go, it isn’t safe for you here?

Why did Ubayd bow to the King of Saudi Arabia at the White ( wash ) House?
We know whom is in whose pocket.
We know he cannot be trusted and must be removed immediately using non-violence and our own laws against him. Namely he was never legally sworn in, he isn’t our legitimate Pr_____ent because he isn’t a legal citizen of the U.S.A. He is an Arab. He isn’t Kenyan, that was to make some kind of connection to the black Americans who would surely vote him in. This was all insult to injury on several levels.
Bin Ladin was innocent of 9/11. He died without being able to express his true position. I hope in some way this makes you re-evaluate who he was, and what he was setting out to do. After all, we imposed incredible amounts of suffering, sanctions, destruction, really genocide on his people, his culture, his land, his dreams.

He was a highly religious, highly philosophical person, who ultimately wanted nothing but peace and prosperity for all. Same as Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Patrice Lumumba, Benazir Bhutto, Yasser Arafat, ( 25th U.S., President ) William McKinley…Berta Caceres.



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