Mounir Ubayd

Is our illegitimate ” president ” actually a spy?

i’m not the first to make this observation…

With Steven Pidgeon’s discovery that he changed his name to Obama in 1982, from Barak Mounir Ubayd, it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together, as so many have and see that his records were all doctored. He doesn’t seem to know his own history…he’s a good talker, and a community organizer, all around nice guy. TOO nice if you ask me. Everything seems pre-scripted, pre-destined. In 2008, in one of the elections, ” Obama ” lost to McCain by one vote because someone named ‘ Mounir ‘ forgot to vote. Odd…

His first speech as ” president ” was broadcast on a television network in Saudi Arabia . Recently it came out that he bought a mansion in Dubai, the same place that T.V., network is located…is he a hero there for infiltrating the White House? He BOWED to the Fucking King of Saudi Arabia!! A known terrorist. This is a huge dishonor to America.

But, then…he is an Arab. Not Arab-American, because he was never a true American citizen. He could be considered a naturalized citizen if it is true that he was born in Seattle Washington, according to Pidgeon. I think that’s ridiculous, because he already tried to hide all his info, did all he could to block anyone from having it. What does he have to hide?

The ‘ White House ‘ asked for all Christian symbols at Georgetown University, to be covered for Obama’s speech there…after the Fort Hood shooting, he made a speech, where he thanks people, gives shout outs for about 2 minutes before even mentioning the dead AMERICAN soldiers. How about the flight of Air Force One over New York, for a photo opportunity next to the Statue of Broken Liberties…doing a low pass, making everyone believe it was gonna crash…was this a bit of hijacker humor, or a nod to the ‘ heroes’ …supposedly he wasn’t on board at the time, so technically it wasn’t being called A.F., 1 at that time, he has to be aboard for it to bear that name. Someone else got fired over it. They could have easily used C.G., or done it another way. How was this a good idea?

FACT ( i hear Judge Jeanine Pirro’s voice here…) he has worked his hardest to infiltrate our system, imperfect as it is, always has been, and set a new level of precedence in lawlessness, and imperialist thought. The mission to impose a police state, take our guns, defeat the constitution at every step…one can add 2 and 2 all day and still come up with Orwell’s famous 2 + 2 = 5…he didn’t salute the flag, and purposefully looked away with his hands crossed, purposefully low, the furthest from his heart possible. He left out the words, ” Under God ” from a reading of the Gettysburg Address. There are ten versions, so he could have used nine others, but he chose to read the one with that term removed. Why?

I’ve seen him dressed as a Muslim…i don’t believe it’s some candid pic of him being trained etc., i think of it as more like a school play or something, but who really knows? He has a cane, his clothes seem like they’re homemade, and more costumey than anything else, just my opinion. But the name change is huge, because we had already heard so much fake or manipulated information about him.
Not to mention, Michelle Obama’s monumental slip up during a live interview where she addressed herself as a single Mother…2 + 2 = 6…

Barak is no leader. He’s either a spy, or another Lee Harvey Oswald, who is being set up to be taken out.

America needs a Putin. At this point, we’d be better off just joining the Russian Federation. Honestly. What’s the difference? Everyone else owns us anyway. 17 trillion dollar deficit? Nope…try 120 trillion and you’d be closer. We will NEVER ever pay it off. We have been ruined since 2008, which is why he got in. Look at what Putin has done for their economy. We have an illegitimate ‘ president ‘ who is an incompetent boob. Not only that, he has run America into the ground, on purpose as part of the bigger picture. If you know your shit you know i’m correct. Putin would turn it right around because he isn’t afraid to kick ass. Whereas ” Obama ” , is a pussy. This country needs a Lion. It seems Barak, or Mr. Ubayd, misread the memo and thought it said ‘ lyin’ …

How many innocent people have died while he was on his spy mission? How many children? Even one is too many. And the number is in the mid-hundreds. How many people love him for being a ” good leader ” ? How many people need a slap in the damn head…
He should have been impeached. Why has he not been taken out yet? He has bypassed Congress so many times i have to wonder if they’re in on it. I have faith in people like Trey Gowdy…but, Trey, how can you not see all this Buddy? You’re a smart guy.
Yesterday i left the link to the article in which Steven Pidgeon explains his findings as far as his real birth records, on Trey’s Twitter page, along with another one saying that he ordered Al-Qaeda to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, and it went awry because two of the soldiers fired back on the rebels. If they hadn’t Stevens might be alive.

Ubayd did this to our country. He is not a legal P.O.T.U.S., therefore law should not apply anywhere. The country has been lawless since January 2009. There are ways to remove him, including someone making a citizen’s arrest and having him placed in police custody. How can he make laws when he was never legitimate? Yes, he was sworn in, but it was on fraudulent information to begin with, so it shouldn’t apply.

When will someone in Congress, or the Supreme Court step up and say something?? This is why Judge Scalia was murdered. I read yesterday, that Ubayd is thinking of filling Scalia’s place. Legally he could, IF he is the president, which he is not. If he does get in on that ‘ merit ‘ alone, this says that we have no laws anymore in America. He knows this already…why do you think he grabbed all the guns?
Someone needs to be a martyr and take him out of power using non-violent, diplomatic means. Greater men have fallen with much more dignity, including Qaddafi, who was only murdered, by Al-Qaeda, paid by Ubayd, because he was gonna shift away from the U.S., dollar, and that would have crushed not only our economy but of all those we need to pay back, which we can never do. So he had him killed.

This is no great man. This is a coward who has indeed called war on the American people, of whom he is not a member. He isn’t a U.S., citizen, why is he sitting in the White House?
In 2012, before his coming election…think about all he did to promote war, kept tensions going…Billary Cunton tried to start a war with Russia, and Putin basically laughed in her face saying, think twice before you come. THAT is a great leader.

Putin could save America in about three steps.

1). Get rid of the liar/thief. Clean house and round up anyone who was involved in ANY way and get rid of them. Hold new fair DEMOCRATIC elections, and find new leaders who want the same thing. A break from the N.W.O., ideals and get us back to the great country we were.

2). Let the American citizens decide who they want for their leader, avoid the outdated and dilapidated system of the vote. Votes do not matter. Look at Cruz’s ‘ win ‘ in Colorado…not one vote cast and he won? Just the fact that Bush was ‘ in ‘ in 2004, in his brother Jeb’s state, says whoever the shadow government wants in is who gets in. Since 1910, we have continued to destroy ourselves from within. When will it end? Since then, how many fake wars have happened? ALL of them. Not one was legitimate. Yes, i know you were told we needed to save the world from Hitler, that is bullshit. It had nothing to do with us. We were arming and funding both sides in WW2. Source is Professor Antony C. Sutton. We did the same in Vietnam; arm and fund Russia, who was arming and funding the North Vietnamese, while we protect the South Vietnamese. We were indirectly paying and arming the enemy so they could fight, and we could play both sides. Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11…all completely manufactured events in one way or another.

3). Elect no leader for at least one year. Allow the country to heal, let the people gather their breath and find a direction, not one laid out by the true dictator of the world Ubayd. Let Congress regroup and realize how lame they are and how they are cowards for not standing up earlier.

Ask yourself, why would he bow to the King of Saudi Arabia? Why didn’t he have his hand over his heart to salute the flag? HE’S NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. He is an Arab, who is here to ruin us and provoke a bunch of war with Arab nations so he can sit in his mansion in Dubai and watch it all go down; laughing at our stupidity. He is playing both sides, just like we did in WW2, and Vietnam.

We need to force ‘ change ‘ and quickly.

The smartest thing we can do is rise up and remove him from office. He is in our control not the other way around.
Only now, if you make a move to resist, you will be killed.

” Isn’t that called Fascism? ” …


2 + 2 = 9/11



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