Whose Kampf?

“It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.” ~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, (Chapter 11)

Was Hitler hinting, even at this early stage that he knew what the Zionists would try and achieve in their want to occupy Palestine?
He seemed to have inside information.

In the quest for research, and the constant effort to update old information, adapt to the new ideas and shape your outlook in that fashion: you can’t help but think Hitler had the backing and full permission to do what he felt necessary to regain Poland. Even though his benefactors, had all intentions of using him as the patsy in their war games, with him at the helm; believing in his heart, he could save Germany from the oppression they had felt since 1920, which was put on them by his very benefactors. They gained Poland, with the Treaty of Versailles, after forcing Germany to back down from retaliating in a war that was started by the Zionists themselves. By 1939, who could blame him for rising to act? But his method of attaining power, seems to have been easier than it should have been. He had an open door, to come in and take over, reshape policies, rebuild his nation. Why him? Who helped to put him in the right place at the right time?

There was a great, very intelligent man, Professor Antony C. Sutton, who was such a wealth of information, and general knowledge on WW2 and the nazis. He was privy to inside sources, all of which/whom spelled out the polar opposite of what was purported to have happened in WW2. Namely that the U.S.A., Britain, at times France, were arming and financing the nazis. They were also arming and financing the U.S.S.R.; playing both sides, as he put it. This also happened in Vietnam, where we were arming Russia, who was arming the North Vietnamese…while we were protecting the South Vietnamese. We were fighting on one side, yet arming and financing the other.

As he says about the Skull and Bones group at Yale, one of their philosophies is to put an agitant on either side of the; conversation, battle, idea…so they have a backdrop for all their motives, good or bad. So this would explain playing both sides in WW2, especially since Prescott Bush, and Henry Ford were devoting so much time and money, effort toward the nazi cause. What was that cause? We were all told, Hitler said he would exterminate ALL Jews from Earth. Yet the true story, without all the propaganda coming from both sides, said that he was only fighting for his country, it had nothing to do with the Jews at all. Not the harmless, innocent ones anyway.
Through my own research, and adhering to the brilliant thoughts and outlines of Prof., Sutton, i saw that the world was fed lies and manipulations in order to stick to an agenda, laid out by the Zionists themselves. I also believe that Hitler, having already expressed a hatred for all that the Zionists represented, played the middle man for one side to murder the other in his name. However, it’s the Zionists who betrayed their own people of the lower classes, and whom they placed right in the middle of Hitler and Stalin, who were fighting for Poland which is where the Zionists directed their own people to go and dwell so they would get caught in the middle. THEY were the Holocaust victims. The Holocaust was a metaphor, for the situation they were escalating to serve as the beacon for suffering an inhumanity, at the hands of a hate-filled, racist, classist, elitist, fascist-regime. The Zionists. They fit that description better than the Nationalists who were doing their patriotic duties to preserve their Motherland.
When you hear Hitler speak, you hear the absolute sureness in his every word, and the grace in his every step. He knew what he wanted, what he had to do, how he needed to be there for his people, and all they had lost at the hands of the Jews. Who could blame them? The blame in my opinion, should be placed upon the Zionists, not the regular Jews ( and there is a difference ) who were just trying to have peace and quiet in a home of their own. What’s happening right now, and has been over the past 70 years in Palestine? The same thing. At the risk of being shot in the face, i would say that Palestine needs a hero like Hitler to fight for their land, and bring a solution, NOT A FINAL ONE!;) to the natives there.

Although, i believe they should have had Muammar Qaddafi for that hero, and now he’s gone. Who in the U.S.A., is going to help Palestine? No one. No one in the White ( wash ) House cares enough to lift a finger. They’re on the side of the oppressors. How can they help? All part of the plan. Take out the leaders of the world who would help Palestine win back their freedoms, and release them from the tyranny of ” peaceful ” Israel, the nation who is illegal, and has not honored any peace treaties…
How many schoolbooks in the U.S., school systems all over the country, and maybe the world would show that Hitler was a hero? How many have outlined the sheer bravery and ultimate sacrifice of Patrice Lumumba. Or Steven Biko? How many will paint the wrong portrait of Muammar Qaddafi? How many will outline the struggles of Israel in a positive light, making them the good guy, over the Palestinians who have been tormented, abused, pushed into genocide, by the true aggressors, Israel?
Children should be encouraged to learn ALL information, good or bad, complimentary or derisive, because they need to learn the difference. If not, you have U.S., citizens; hard-working, honest, good people voting for Trump…
{ shaking head…}
So sad.

The term P.O.T.U.S., is now meaningless, non-sensical, something to laugh at.
Will we ever be ‘ great ‘ again? I don’t believe we will, no. We’ve outstretched our hand to every corner of the Earth and taken it back full of other people’s stuff. I would be mad as hell if it happened to me…i would retaliate, why wouldn’t they?
We have global domination, because of the C.I.A., and other tight-knit organized crime…oops organizations…( slapping himself on wrist…) how many have we killed for nothing more than just standing in the path of our latest conquest? Yesterday was April 8th, 2016. There was a headline from Afghanistan, saying three people were killed in an unprovoked drone strike. The Pentagon owned up to two of them, but says no civilians were endangered…

so, in other words, it was probably more than three. Who runs the media?

Disinformation, is to release 2/3 false, 1/3 truth, so people have something to work with but you haven’t given it away. Knowing this, when i hear a story about the C.I.A., or N.S.A., F.B.I., or U.S., government in general, i automatically add numbers to the plus side. It just makes sense. Going on their track record, how can you not?
Central-( global ) Intelligence-( Master of ALL ) Agency-( mobile, global, sociopathic, terrorism in the name of ‘ helping you ‘ ) …
Want to fix the world? Abolish the C.I.A., Be careful though, when people speak out against them or their ideals, they end up dead. By their own logic, they are planting seeds of their own guilt and then fertilizing them with more proof of their misdeeds. THESE are the ones who rule the world.

Who will attempt to end the plight of the downtrodden, bring liberty and prosperity back to Libya, finally offer successful restabilization of Iraq, and Afghanistan. Free Palestine and make a clear divide in territories, at their own behest, not that of an illegal state like Israel. Stop the next ‘ tyrant ‘ while watching closely to see that the complainer isn’t the agitator…

Give back the freedoms we all lost in the U.S.A., after September 11th, 2001 when our own government took away our liberties, rights, freedoms over a fake attack, which they controlled from every point…with the completely illegal, unconstitutional Patriot Act.

The German people must have felt this same frustration with their government when their homeland was re-regulated with the Treaty of Versailles in 1918. Keep the people poor, unaware and broken, unable to react to their oppression. The Zionists created the Holocaust propaganda, now they control us here, in what i call Israelica…

what’s next to go?

Who will ” struggle ” for the needy?




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