United States of Apartheid

Muammar Qaddafi was a great man; an excellent unselfish leader who put his people before his own Father, who died homeless, or in a tent. Was Qaddafi murdered? I truly hope not. But he wanted to change the world, that’s why he had to be taken down.
He would have, and had already brought nothing but prosperity to a continent which had ” relied ” on foreign, meaning mostly U.S., intervention for decades, while we made every effort to squash any and all opposition. Read up on HERO Patrice Lumumba and see that he rallied for change, equality, hope…and he was brutally murdered by the C.I.A., through Eisenhower and the African government itself in 1961.
The U.S.A., provided most of the propaganda that told everyone how bad a person Patrice was, same as Qaddafi, same as Saddam Hussein, same as Hitler, whom we were told had died in his bunker, when in reality he was living however cozily, and welcomed by the government in Argentina for about another 20 years, funded by the U.S.A., the U.N., Britain, France, the U.S.S.R., all the key players in the bid to defeat German Nationalism ( 1939-1945 and 46 ), which, at first anyway, was only Hitler’s love for his country and what they had all endured; economic catastrophe, sanctions over nothing but their reaction to WW1, which was started by the Zionists as a way to force Germany into a corner, to take Poland away. His move to regain Poland from the Zionists themselves since they stole it in 1918-9 with the Treaty of Versailles was justified as far as i can see…not only all of that, the corpse in Hitler’s bunker, used in his stead, was a Polish look-alike. Insult to injury a little??
Hitler was misunderstood, and was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. His legacy was completely maligned by Zionist intentions, meaning the Holocaust lie, when they had really been relocated to Palestine, which they are currently holding hostage. All of it was a lie. The number of 6 million dead represents the number, or close enough to it, that were moved by the Zionist United Nations in 1946,7,8. That all being said, Hitler was funded, enabled not only by the U.S.A., who was actually funding both sides in WW2, ( my source is Professor Antony C. Sutton ) but Britain, France, the U.S.S.R., the enablers also took him down. Also, i have to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands who were killed in the cross-fire of a war provoked and enabled, encouraged, by Zionist financiers; in America, Britain, the U.S.S.R., and those who were only expectant of the home they were offered in Poland, after it was wrested from German control. They were placed there for an agenda. Have a certain amount of dead, use that to expand the number exaggerated by propaganda, to create a worse outlook on it. The given story is that 5.9 million ‘ Jews ‘ were exterminated during WW2., by the nazis, who were Nationalist Socialists…just like American citizens everywhere. When in reality, according to the numbers given by the Red Cross, the total number of deaths in all camps is 271,000. That number fluctuates from what i’ve seen by about 2,000 in either direction. But it isn’t 6 million. Also, something that seems to have been buried, is that around 150,000 Jews served in the nazi party.  http://www.rense.com/general43/jewserved.htm

obviously you should check more than just one source.

So, Jews, did kill other Jews in the fight to regain Poland. All of this was allowed, enabled encouraged by world leaders everywhere. Yet, Qaddafi, a man who did wonderful things for his people, and treated them all exactly the same, was removed over nothing more than wanting independence. Aren’t Hitler and Qaddafi the same for working toward patriotic goals? Do our ” leaders ” go to other countries and take what isn’t theirs? Do they kill innocent people by the million for some oil, land, gold?


Neither of these men did that, at least not directly.

So do i believe that Qaddafi could be alive? Sure, why not. Hitler was…for all we know Saddam could be too. It seems that as long as these people are ‘ out of the way ‘ we’re ok with it. Chairman ObaMAO also said he got Bin Laden in May of 2011, which was a complete bullshit lie, since he had already been dead of Marfan Syndrome since December of 2001. This was the beginning of the ‘ regime change ‘ that the P.N.A.C., called for in the Middle East. Starting with Saddam, ending, if it did, with Qaddafi. Actually, i believe we could go back to the 50s with this conversation, and probably even further.
Who will they put in place of the one-world government? Bibi? Zionists already control just about all of it, so why not? Who better than a complete racist, homophobe, woman-hater who wants to wipe-out indigenous populations so his ‘ people ‘ can dominate and own the entire area?
Who will our next ” leader ” bow to next? Why is it left up to the U.S.A., as to who is put in place in their ‘ regime change ‘? Why does their own regime never change? Why do the U.S.A., along with Britain and many others still support Apartheid in Palestine? Why did the U.S.A., (until 1990) and those others support it in South Africa for so long? Nelson Mandela was placed on the U.S., terrorism watch list, and wasn’t removed from it until 2008! At the end of the Bu[ll]sh[it] regime and the beginning of the Baracktatorship, he was finally removed. He, like Lumumba and Qaddafi, and to an extent Hitler represented change which was unwelcome in the United States of Apartheid. For a dictatorship to work, they have to eliminate all forms of change, progress, and hope and keep the separation going strong, while rallying the citizens to believe in a new way, or New World Order, which dictates from an old tired book, based on Operation Northwoods. Start an attack, blame the other guy, walk away with his money, oil, land, bragging rights, all he worked to create you go in and topple in the name of ” Democracy ” …yet, Democracy cannot exist within this vacuum that you have now created and you knew this would happen which is why it happened. Planned obsolescence, pre-meditated murder for an agenda, yours. A one-world shadow government to own and operate any section of the Earth you deem necessary while others in the millions can’t beg a loaf of bread for their entire family at your tyranny and forced destruction of their crops…how dare they think for themselves, act on their own to provide for themselves?…the hand that feeds is the hand that kills.
Qaddafi wanted to change Africa, and already had done so for years, and make it a free and independent nation which would have in-effect changed the world. That’s why he was killed by the U.S.A.,/N.A.T.O.,/Al-Qaeda…IF he was really killed. Hitler didn’t die in his bunker as we were all told. He was allowed to live out his life in Argentina. Since he wasn’t dead as they had said…was Saddam? Bin Laden wasn’t…he died 10 years before they ever got the chance, from natural causes. Technically, they had plenty of chances, they just didn’t want to. He, along with his entire family, were friends to the Bush family, and treated as royalty whenever they were in the U.S.A.
He was never proven to have had any involvement on 9/11, yet his name and face will be forever connected by all the propaganda surrounding U.S., lies and motive for a scapegoat to take the spotlight. Saddam wasn’t ever proven guilty of any wrong-doing which could have been a ‘ catalyst ‘ to take him out, if so it would have been much earlier, and we did nothing about it. Bush Sr., in 1990-91 was there to ‘ help Saudi Arabia ‘ but it was really to protect our interests there. We took Saddam out for the same reason we took down Qaddafi. Both wanted to abandon the U.S., dollar as the national currency. This would destabilize the West and we know that wouldn’t be allowed.
” ( reporter) what did Saddam Hussein have to do with 9/11?…”
” ( Bush Jr., ) nothing…”

The great Obam-agandizer Barack Goebbels said ” Qaddafi’s a tyrant, he bombed his own people, denies them healthcare, education, rights…”
REALITY: Qaddafi provided free healthcare-for all, free education-college, food, transportation to the college, women’s rights/liberations-more than ANY other Arab culture, free housing-for all, a new home for newlyweds and $50,000 to live on…and he wanted to destroy/dismantle the illegal state of Israel. Meanwhile He had already liberated his people, gave them each and every one of the things Obama said he took and many more, and was forced to watch while the U.S.A., through N.A.T.O., or vice versa, bombed the shit out of Libya, killing children, maiming them forever. If you’ve seen the footage of the poor boy, maybe 6 or 7 who had the lower section of his jaw and face removed by shrapnel, you like i did will tear up in frustration at such war crimes, which is EXACTLY what this was, justifiable war-crimes. Which you CANNOT justify. If he had succeeded in his mission to abandon the U.S., dollar, and go to the gold dinar, it would have been the final nail in the coffin of the already doomed U.S.A., and extend to Britain and others, pretty much destroying the Western economies…this would have provided Africa with just as much potential power and impetus to progress as evenly as any Western power. Why assume they would cultivate a brutal dictatorship; such as the Fauxmocracy of the American shadow government? Why else would he have been removed? But, why would they emulate villains and evil despots? Haven’t they seen enough of them on their own soil?
If Qaddafi truly was murdered by ” the Rebels ” …Obama backed these rebels…guess who these were?
Al-Qaeda, working for the U.S.A., against the ” Qaddafi regime ” …which is just ridiculous. One regime using a fake terrorist group that they created out of thin air, and deposing a man who actually did great things and had the genuine love and respect, support of his people. So the U.S.A., working for others; Britain, Israel, wanted him gone. He wanted to build his country/continent to be a world power. Like Patrice Lumumba before him, he was murdered, if he was, for wanting change in Africa, the continent which really belongs to America the tyrant. We even told our black populations that they should adopt the term ‘ African-American ‘ to show their lineage. WHAT AN INSULT! If i was African i would not want such a tainted, bitter, unDemocratic, tyrannic name attached to my anything!
Libya had it’s liberty taken, stolen by N.A.T.O., the U.S.A., and the shadow government connected to and driven by big banks, big business, weapons manufacturers, all in the name of ” protecting it’s people ” from an evil tyrant.
The only tyranny was coming directly from the U.S.A.

” Obama ” or Ubayd as i call him, has only had the name Obama since 1982. Before that it was Barak Mounir Ubayd. When did we hear about that? I heard it from Steven Pidgeon.

Ubayd is an Arab, Muslim terrorist. He has murdered innocent civilians, not only countless citizens of other countries…but four citizens of the U.S.A., in Iraq and Afghanistan. These were achieved by drone strikes, outside of battle areas.

Why has he not been arrested for treason? Why has no one called him out on the willful destruction of Libya? Someone needs to take him out. Unfortunately, because of what he and our ‘ leaders ‘ before him have done, all the scorn of the nations worldwide, have their aggressions poised at our country.

How can you call yourself a watchdog of the globe, when it is you who are attacking innocent victims, demanding riches for your own reparations, in a war you created for your own agenda?
I’m not ” proud to be an American ” …i’m ashamed of what my government has done, and will doEnd-global-Apartheid again.



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