How is it that Sarah Palin is accepted as anything more than a coat rack, yet Judge Jeanine Pirro is not even considered? Maybe she didn’t take it upon herself to run for candidacy, however i believe she should. She knows all and isn’t afraid to tell all. She sees through things with an unbiased, unjaded eye. Actually i would say she IS jaded…by bad politics, lousy presidents one after the next…their mission to destroy the U.S.A., from within…and if that is what has jaded her, that is not a bad thing. She responds to the right things and addresses them. That is what we need. Our once-great country; only one of 23 officially recognized ” independent ” states, is failing fast and will not last without decisive, and derisive analysis and the strength of proper leadership from someone like her.

So, why not her?
She knows law, and she isn’t afraid to speak out about what or whom needs to be called-out and looked at under closer scrutiny. Our greatest commodity in a time of need such as the one we face in Israelica today.

Can you pick her apart and maybe dredge up some hateful terrible thing to say about her…maybe, i don’t know. But i do know that Hillary Cunton has NO right to be considered for ” the P word ” while she is directly responsible for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and others in Benghazi, which was used as a way to take down Qaddafi in the ‘ regime change ‘ in the Middle East that the P.N.A.C., ( Project for the New American Century ) called for in their earliest documents. Obama kept referring to the ‘ rebels/freedom fighters ‘ there on the ground who were opposing Qaddafi’s troops. Any guess as to whom those rebels were?


We armed and financed them to be our attack dogs and be the ones behind all of it along with the C.I.A., who was less than two miles away the entire time. When you see ‘ attack ‘ you can bet they are there somewhere hiding in the Bushes ( pun )

We deposed Saddam, for what? He wanted peace with the U.S.A., and Western allies, but he wanted to revolutionize the shape of his country by abandoning the U.S., dollar, and using his own method. Same as Qaddafi, he wanted to abandon the U.S., dollar in favor of the gold dinar. Either, or possibly both of these shifts in Western ” support ” for countries like Libya, Iraq, and anyone else living under the iron umbrella of Western terror…oops i mean Democracy…would be disastrous.

assassination politics more like it…

This change in currency, would most-likely spell the demise of the big banks/big business acumen of Zionist/Amexican policies…the undoing of all we’ve struggled to steal, i mean rape, no, ” trade “…we would no longer need to impose our helping machine-gun hands, in the effort to Democratize/destabilize, recreate a terrorist state from a completely harmless well-intentioned bunch of good, hard-working, honest people just to have another field to lay land-mines in.

How many children, and elderly have to die in drone strikes at 3 a.m.?

…the senseless and unnecessary bombings and purposeful missile attacks on innocent people in hospitals, church/mosques, schools?…

We are the true terrorists. There is no ‘ outside threat ‘ it resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., in Washington, D.C., while the true shadow government pulls it’s strings from just out of sight…” Pull my strings and i’ll go far…” -Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys
I would gladly endorse Judge Jeanine if she decided to run and help clean up the cancer that has degraded, demolished and devolved the former ideals of what should have been a world leader for good and humanity, but has become just another Fascist state; like Israel. I blame the government, not the people there. There are lots of good people who are only caught in the middle.
She certainly wouldn’t stand for the current situation in that region which amounts to the New Apartheid in Palestine.
Zionists have ruined our world…why are we giving Israel over 3 BILLION a year so they can impose their dictatorship on the innocent natives of Palestine? We’ve done so since 1985.
I call this the New Trail of Tears
The settlers/colonists Israel, have been put there by a Zionist entity- the U.N.,-and left to dominate all things political, and or ” humanitarian ” …while terrorizing the citizens of Palestine for the past years. They have no right to be there, let alone take over and be tyrants. Israel is an illegal state. That being said, the ultimate objective is to have peace. Israel hasn’t abided by treaties, has done all they can to instigate Palestinians into reciprocating, and doesn’t seem to want to do things democratically.
We need strong, fearless leadership today, and we need to impeach our current ” leader ” …you know, the Arab, Muslim? Barak Mounir Ubayd-only named Barack Obama since 1982.

” Constant change is here to stay ” -Neil Peart of Rush. His variation on the old adage.

Judge Jeanine Pirro for Prez 2016


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