Kill shot

My whole life i was told, ” we had this President, he was a good guy, wanted peace love understanding…blahblahblah. Then he got shot by this other guy who just like hated America. He went to Russia, OH NO! Not Russia!!!…became a spy, learned lots of things like guns and politics, how to be shady etc., but somehow still had motivation to be this regular guy……then one day while working at this book depository, he, during the first two minutes of his 30 minute lunch break, somehow, stood at a window on the 6th floor, waited until the exact right moment, and shot this first guy who was nice and cool and blahblahblah…”

So, i was like, ok, thanks for telling me about the guy.

Eventually, being older, i looked more deeply into it, found out a bunch of stuff that made no sense…like how did Oswald make that shot, which had so many variables attached to it, which he could have missed by a mile? He supposedly squeezed off the shot, one of four to six depending on which account you reference, placed the rifle behind some boxes, walked or ran down to the first floor and was standing at the Coke machine, for a good fifteen seconds before a cop and Oswald’s boss came into the break room, which was at 12:32pm, only two minutes after J.F.K., was shot…and he was calm, completely rational, not out of breath…the cop said, who’s this?…the boss said he’s cool, no more on that. Oswald left, walked a bit, took a bus, got off after his rooming house and walked back the other way. Meanwhile, a cop named J.D., Tippit was found shot in the area of Oswald’s rooming house. Hmmm kinda like Sean Collier and the Tsarnaevs huh??

The plot thickens!!

Although, Oswald was in the area at the time Tippit died, the Tsarnaevs were not anywhere near Collier. They would have had to back-track, get the gun and head back the other way to make everything fit. They never got his gun. In one of the first reports right after the Boston bomb drill, it was said that a two-hundred pound ‘ Hispanic ‘ man, wearing a cowboy hat shot Collier. Sounds like fake-hero Carlos Arredondo to me…

Was it Tamerlan, the cops ran down with the S.U.V., or Mike Mulugeta? If you didn’t know, before the Tsarnaevs were suspects, there were two others, named Sunil Tripathi, and Mike Mulugeta who were being chased. Mike would have been the naked guy they caught who turned out not being Tamerlan. Since Tamerlan may have been an F.B.I., informant, would they kill Mike instead? In Tamerlan’s morgue pics, it does look like naked Mike was run down instead…This is a huge area of discussion, we could splinter off and be gone for hours on this…if you’re so inclined, i have a piece here called ‘ Operation Tango 911 ‘ …it reveals a lot you might not know. If you do know a lot of this already, good! Keep telling everyone.

Oswald ended up at a movie theater ( James Foley, not the orange-haired clown who’s standing in for him.  cough-cough )…where he was apprehended and arrested. Kinda like an abandoned boat in Watertown, MA.? Was it Jahar in that boat, or Sunil? Whichever one died, would mean the other is in jail right now and i don’t believe that it’s Jahar. According to reports from some of his friends, the guy who was in court spoke in a thick Russian accent, and he’s three inches taller than Jahar. Jahar spoke perfect English, and was five-foot-eleven, Sunil was six-foot-two. Billary Cunton was trying to bring us into war with Russia while the situation in the Ukraine was being escalated by the U.S., it makes sense that a Chechen would be used as the ‘ terrorist ‘ …Jahar was granted a naturalized citizenship on September 11th, 2012, the same night as the ‘ attacks ‘ in Benghazi…which were orchestrated by our leader, Ubayd, using Al-Qaeda…

Now that i see things for what they are, i’m going back through old ideals and completely shredding them. Recently i saw an excellent presentation on Jackie O.

I never thought this before, but I now agree that she was the actual assassin. It just makes sense. In the presentation, he mentioned that Jackie O., was C.I.A., When you really look at that, she had to be…Kennedy wanted to scatter them to the wind. So, she was the one they used to get close to J.F.K., it just makes sense.

She was in the perfect position, not only in the car at Dealey Plaza, but in his life. There is a frame in the Zapruder film that caught my eye back when, and although it looked odd, it never occurred to me as to why. Now i know why. The shot is his head literally exploding, and his skull going this way and that…but there is one particularly telling frame of film, where it looks as if a trajectory is going straight up from below his left side through the top of his head and straight up to the right…now why would that be? She obviously had a gun and shot him under his left chin, which came out the top of the right head. This not only makes sense, but explains where the actual shot came from. So, the footage of former hit-man James Files, saying it was him who shot J.F.K., from the grassy knoll just like everyone thought, is bullshit. Nothing but disinformation.

If you loop the frame of his head shot, not the one i mentioned, that’s my own conclusion, not his…but the frame just after the one i mentioned…if you loop the frame he did, you see she moves her right-hand away just after the shot and it looks as if she stuffed a gun, or more likely the mechanism for an immobilizing agent, explained later, down behind the seats behind them. But then why hop up onto the back of the car to toss away a weapon, as is implied in the video. So, loophole there as to tossing the weapon. Also, i’ve watched it many times, i don’t see a gun or an object in that hand, i would figure the weapon would be in the other hand, her right hand is more likely comforting him, maybe a distraction for the public since that hand was visible. A trained assassin could easily shoot with a hand buried below the surface of what the public was able to see. So, it is a logical conclusion that she would have shot him with some kind of paralyzing agent, similar to the one the C.I.A., uses in assassinations, where a poison or paralyzer is contained within an ice cube or frozen projectile, and it’s shot at the target, who is instantly frozen, unable to move. This can be explained by J.F.K.’s frantic attempts to move, and possibly to breathe as he was grabbing his throat in the front. If she shot him with that, from behind with her right hand, this would explain that. Then if she had her gun in her left hand and brought it up underneath J.F.K.’s chin, she would have had the prime opportunity to pull it off, none the wiser as they say. She then could have hopped up onto the back of the car, the trunk and passed off the weapon to the secret servicemen who were trailing the car, but i don’t see a trained killer relinquishing their weapon like that.

In this presentation, he brings a lot of really good, very in depth interesting facts, that coincide and correlate lots of things. But for me, that old photo of his head coming apart with the obvious trajectory is what seals it. Another aspect of this is that L.B.J., was in line to become the next President. America was arming the South Vietnamese, while we were also arming Russia, who was aiding the North Vietnamese. So we had reason to go into Vietnam. We were literally arming both sides, just like in WW2 when we armed both Germany and the U.S.S.R., My source for that information comes from the brilliant Professor Antony C. Sutton. L.B.J., used the Gulf of Tonkin, false flag, as the catalyst to get us into Vietnam, over a fake attack, just like Roosevelt did with the false flag on Pearl Harbor. He knew there would be an attack, helped to create the atmosphere that led up to it, then stood back and let Japan do what they did, to get us into WW2. President Cheney, and Vice President Bush, a joke that is all too accurate…allowed an attack on New York, on 9/11, where Cheney knew what was going to happen, because he helped plan it by the use of old tactics laid out in the document, ‘ Operation Northwoods ‘ …refined to perfection during his time in the P.N.A.C., This was the ” catalyzing event on the scale of a New Pearl Harbor ” that the P.N.A.C., called for. After that, everything changed.

As far as secret societies go, they have a plan, they make a pact, then carry it out to it’s finish. Most of the people involved in this were from or related in some way to the Skull and Bones group out of Yale. If she was part of the plan to get L.B.J., in, this would explain why she wore the jacket with J.F.K.’s blood, as a kind of visual representation of what they all had done, and not as a way to grieve for her ‘ husband ‘ …there was a meeting on November 21st in Texas, at the mansion of Clint Murchison. Look into that. See who was there that night, who stood to benefit from J.F.K.’s death…lots of important people, from money to oil to mafia. Murchison had a stable boy, this nice Palestinian boy named Sirhan Sirhan…he was later used to be the stand-in, while the real killers were targeting Robert F. Kennedy.

Jack Ruby, who shot Oswald before he could ever be proven guilty, was Jewish. There is an angle to this, not only as he outlines in the documentary, but in another context of blood sacrifices, done by the Zionists for an agenda. Is that what happened here? Jackie making the blood offering of J.F.K ., in the name of a new direction in American politics? It sure seems that way, because again, after that everything changed. We’ve seen it happening in America in live time, since the early 1900s. Why should this be any different? The Jews who were relocated by the U.N., to Palestine, had a blood ritual in 1911, when they killed a child named Andrei Youshchinsky, by stabbing him repeatedly about the head and face. There are occult leanings to what they did, and they did it in the effort to get back into Palestine. They did get back there, in 1946,7,8…through the U.N., The number we hear of 6 million dead in WW2 is impossible. It makes more sense that they all went there.

Hence the very one-sided, Israeli-aggressive conflict today. But, as much as i side with Palestine, i have to echo the words of Qaddafi when he said to both sides, Palestine, you had the chance to claim the regions in the time leading up to 1967 when Israel went for it, only then did you complain. Now they want it and you fight. That being said, when will Israel finally honor any of the many peace treaties that have been signed?

It’s funny that, at certain points in your life, you think, hey i know it all. I can see through things no one else can. People tell you, ” you’re smaht ” …you say thanks, and move on.

But over time things change, and things come at you out of the woodwork, and make more sense, and explain other things, and everything is now unraveled and laying tattered on the floor, bleeding like a kill shot from your wife…



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