Fubarchitects of misfortune and greed

” Global Warrrrrming!! ” …

Global War

Global War Ming the Merciless

Why do people pay so much attention to the first one and not the second, while the third is laughing at their plight?
Who put to paper the notion of exact intervals, to explain the change in planetary weather patterns?
Who made it so that when you see snow on a Spring day, you instantly cringe and think the world is coming to an end? Who benefited from disseminating this climate-fear?

Who provided falsified data to coincide with these ” errant patterns ” ? Who is playing God while decrying, and dissuading attempts to prove deital existence? Who input deital existence into the very papers they live and breathe by? Who forces religion on it’s hapless subjects, while discouraging their intellectual expansion? Who decides that ‘ this should be your god ‘ ? Who provides data that says it exists, while detracting from it’s veracity? Who allows vitriolic promulgation of bigoted linguistics while asking for restraint? Who can’t just say it simple? Who denies equality to those who are portrayed as ‘ free ‘ ? Who distributes warnings of phantom enemies while glad-handing with them? Who provides ample opportunity while taking it away? Who keeps one where one is, while encouraging one to move? Who fabricates and inundates procreation liberation, while denouncing the abortive resort?

Who decides who should live and who should die? Who should be fed and who should be dead? Who should be strong and who will be wrong? ( Boston Strong = Boston Wrong…) Who gets to live and who gets the shiv?
Who gets to grow and who has to go? Who gets to speak and who is the meek? Who pays the tolls and who drives the Rolls? Who walks to work and who gets the shirk, while others can fly to their castle in the sky? Who gains the prize and who serves the Fries? Who makes the grade and who don’t get paid? Who feels the tension of this human retention? Who stifles the means of the worker’s hopeless dreams? Who made it ok to treat us this way?

How can we eliminate the caliphate and renovate the city-states, decreate the Hellish fate of ” unreligious ” apostates?

By giving them their own set of tools to grow and thrive, while avoiding the knives of derision…making decisions for themselves with no out-side help…to find their own god  on their own terms, at their own pace, in their own place.

America the bible-worn, war-torn, prone to scorn, liberty-shorn land of the formerly free.



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