” Let’s roll to Shanks-ville !! ”
Tasteless? No, because it was a sham anyway. Actually i find it interesting that the crash-site is named as Stonycreek Township, in Somerset, PA., and Sandy Hook is a township within Newtown, CT., …bear with me…
Pact. Like the pact that the ‘ PNAC ‘ board-members all took, to follow through with their plan ” to create a catastrophic and catalyzing event on the scale of a New Pearl Harbor “,   on 9/11.
This goes much deeper than most people even know.

What if one of your friends said, ” i’m gonna commit a crime…can i trust you to cover it up for me? All you would have to do is just never ever say anything about it. If you’re asked, play dumb…no matter the cost. If you go to jail protecting what i’d done, the incredible amount of cash, stocks, bonds you get will outlast your prison sentence…( Scooter Libby )”

Would you do it?

What if one of your business partners said, i know of a way we can all be rich beyond our wildest dreams, and all we have to do is go along with a plan from the early 60s…there will be an ‘ attack ‘ …doesn’t matter where or when, or who’s involved, this event will overshadow all other details. Those fucking zombies don’t know shit…even if we repeat this same scenario several times in the same area, they’re too busy with wondering if Kuntye will grab a black performer’s award this time, or whether or not their favorite athlete will get out of his court case, for murder or rape…will the latest buffoon on the way to the senate floor be able to legalize pot?…they are so subsumed and consuming they won’t ever see it coming ( Carlyle Group, NASA, Halliburton, Bechtel, Monsanto, Bilderberg, ad-infinitum ) ”

Would you do it?

What if your government said, all you need to do is go along with our little skit, a play-acting spoof on terrorism, which we can later use to go over with a fine-tooth-comb…we just want to see what MIGHT happen in a future event…say, a school-shooting, or a plane flying into a building, a gunfight at an airport, maybe a disgruntled soldier taking it out on a bunch of people in a government building ( Sandy Hoax parents and actors, paid witnesses and/or interviewees, fake passengers on a commercial flight, a persecuted religist, a former soldier who expresses his discontent, loner recluse bomb maker ) ?…

Would you do it?

What if there was a plan to inundate the public with all these fake events, provide them with falsified information by our own sources, plenty of media-coverage with you in the center of it all.

Would you do it?

Your family being fake-shot gangland style, right next to you, you being the sole-survivor and able to be the poster-child for all your country’s plight ( Cassidy Stay ). Your child being shot at point blank range in their first-grade classroom along with several other children, who were never there ( Robbie Parker ). Some children in your neighborhood, being evacuated from their school after a lone-gunman (SOUND FAMILIAR?) went in and did his thing with the accuracy of a trained mercenary, then somehow end up on your front lawn ( Gene Rosen ). A set of fake-dead kids, killed within your jurisdiction, and portrayed as victims of gun violence, while you do all you can to obscure and obfuscate… [ i hate that fucking word, but it fits…] …all the fake-parents would be doing all they can to remove gun-rights from every citizen ( H. Wayne Carver ). A FEMA drill in your city/township, which is used as the ‘ catalyst ‘ to enact stricter gun-laws, and a ban on assault weapons which by your own admission in later interviews, since you will be putting yourself at the center of all this publicity, were never found in the school ( H. Wayne Carver, Gov., Dannel Malloy, (former) Lt., Paul Vance ). A set of fake-dead kids reported to have come to your hospital, even though it was way out of the way and others could have been used to possibly preserve the lives of said fake-dead kids ( doctor/spokesman hospital in Danbury, CT., from where Robbie Parker will purport to have been employed ). A smaller agency of law within your state, being used in a fake scenario/FEMA drill, and being used as the figure-heads, while you sit back and turn the other way, allowing it and in-effect forcing you into being just as guilty ( CT., state police ) An agency with federal, but actually global-jurisdiction, not saying anything when a state under your watch, omits information and/or just stays out of it, not saying anything about a fake scenario/FEMA drill in a township within a city in that state ( the FBI ). Wrong doing for an agenda, YOUR agenda in a state within your country, in which you are elected leader and should be protecting your citizens with actual care, not fake-care and fake-tears in fake-situations which you have created and/or signed-off on, in the name of enacting laws which were laid-out for you before you ever got into office ( Barack Hussein Trayvon Muhammad Obama ) { not Mohamed because of the rumor that it’s one of his middle names…but his true namesake, the false-prophet of the Islamic religion, with whom he is one and the same.}

What if your government was to be behind all these events, and they were trying their best to create an atmos-fear? Where every citizen is so affected by what they had seen, dealt with on a daily basis in their own neighborhood, and are so ready to just fucking bend to whatever new law and/or amendment they offer…they blindly accept whatever happens without ever looking into it ( America )…



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