Since when did the truth become racism, or anti-Semitism…anti-feminism, or classism?
When someone decided to spread bigotry and/or hate that narrowed down the playing field for those of us who don’t. Why should we be lumped in with them? Who gave you the right to categorize me? Who made it so that if i comment, or offer my opinion about a black man who robbed an elderly white woman, then proceeded to rape her for 5 hours, finally shooting her in the face leaving her dead, which did happen…i’m a racist? In a sense isn’t him doing all this knowing he might get away with it because of his color, racism? Yes it is.
Another angle on this is that many many black people are intelligent, well-mannered, very poised and learned good citizens who are only caught in the crossfire of this rampant classism in the USA. What about them? Are they racist for agreeing with me that the black man was wrong and should be called out for what he did?
Yes in America. In racist America black people who voice the opinion that other blacks are ruining it for them, are indeed called coons, Uncle Toms or white niggers. Just think about this for a second…black people calling other black people white nigger because they aren’t ‘ black ‘ enough…
That sounds an awful lot like racism to me…
My skin is the same as the black man, or Asian, Mediterranean, Innuit, any other human being, because it is all translucent. No color, only a layered collection of skin. A bigot or racist, isn’t commenting on the color of their victim’s skin necessarily, and are more disgusted with the image of the person they have in their mind about them to begin with. Where did this image come from? Certainly we can go to ‘ heredity vs. environment ‘ , and argue that they learned from their parents or peers, from their surroundings, any inner city for example, where whites are groomed to be afraid of color before they ever learn why…their peers would be correct, because the racism does exist, and stays close to racists, who either never can, or never want to let it dissipate over time. They can’t allow themselves to free their minds and think differently. Personally, i would tackle the real issue in this area which is classism.
If one side would just go over and say, ” Hi. Why did my people tell me to hate, and/or be afraid of you? ” and the other side, lowered their natural, or preternatural instincts long enough to take in the situation, realizing the air is calm, no one lost an inch of their manhood, or street cred, and they just talked philosophy for a while…things might be easier.
Of course, people like Malcolm Shabazz, Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Obama, Jesse Jackson…aren’t helping much.
When we speak our mind, we are paying tribute to the very mechanism we are mostly all given which is thought, and analysis. When we have an opinion, we should share it.
Granted, my own philosophy on this is such. If someone wants to call someone a faggot, or a nigger, or if a black man wants to call other black people white niggers, it doesn’t mean they should be silenced, they have the right to say that just as i do, or you do. The difference is that with freedom comes responsibility. To quote King Crimson, Adrian Belew more specifically, ” just because you can…doesn’t mean you should. ”
On freedom of speech, which is exactly what this is about…no one should be silenced. Because on some deeper level they are only expressing their human compulsion which is, to voice the very fact that they CAN react, they can voice discontent or joy, be sullen or ecstatic, dour or giddy. This is the human mind at work, and at play, and it should never be suppressed.
Censorship in any way does just that, it suppresses the very mechanism we are all born with.
That being said, we have only so much control over our decisions, actions…words, after they’ve left our minds, hands or mouths. Let’s be sure we are correct, justified, and unbiased. The truth is uncorruptable. If your truth is different than THE truth, yours was never true from the start. I have just experienced this in my own life. I learned that everything i knew was wrong. All i thought i knew was not knowledge, but recycled scraps of manipulated snippets of some madman’s diary laid out for the extinction of mankind.
When your knowledge affects your ideas, or your jaded perception affects your outlook, you are truly robbing yourself of your own higher place.
When Marx and Engels said take back what is yours, resist aggressions from the Bourgeoisie, they were called ‘ radical ‘ …why? They experienced this first hand…who better to write about liberation than those who were oppressed?
Dostoyevsky was at one time a political prisoner, jailed for what he ‘ thought ‘ …but more specifically what he told others about what he thought, inspired in other books deemed dangerous, or slanderous to the government.
how can this be? One of the world’s most intelligent, intellectual, creative, philosophical men, and for what he said he was jailed, sentence to die, and was only spared at the very last minute by the Tsar. Then he was sentenced to four years of hard labor, for what?? Speaking his mind.
Steven Biko…Patrice Lumumba…William Cooper, Gary Webb…Benazir Bhutto…
Why is it that when you speak out and voice your discontent, some people immediately assume you’re a violent, inhuman psychopath?
But alas, the ones who are currently oppressing you are better suited to that description. Why are you defending them? Because you aren’t yet aware of their treachery.
We are only trying to liberate your mind and what used to be called free thought. We are not all so quick to respond to this oppression with violence. To do this would make us the same as our oppressors.
Henry David Thoreau, is arguably one of the better writers who ever existed. But most people don’t know his opinions on the government, and the way they will take and never give back, oppress, and enslave. His ‘ civil disobedience ‘ is a prime example of people taking it the wrong way. Right off the bat you may think, violence, rise up…yes but civil, means to do it…civilly. No violence, words not fists. However, it should be said that there is a time and a place for violence. When the oppressors target innocent people and make examples out of them for what you say, it is time to give some violence back, yes.
It takes a mindfully poised and intellectual person to withstand the jeers and what are literally verbal arrows aimed at our individuality. The reason we are rebellious, is because we were pushed and poked and prodded into this, the only choice we have to offer ourselves, in the effort to resist and refuse, to loosely quote a song from the band Sepultura, from Brazil.
You are either slave or free. Which do you prefer?
Many people will associate Marx and Engels, and especially their writings with something to fear. Why? Because they were told to. They were ‘ informed ‘ that this book of theirs is a sure way to a jail cell. That is exactly the kind of fear-mongering that works so well in places like America, and the former USSR. Maybe today’s Russia, although after seeing Putin in action recently regarding Syria, putting us to shame, i have a different point of view on old Vlad.
I am torn i must admit, because i am a fan of Pussy Riot, who told me he was bad. So it is up to me to see for myself, and not slight or ignore either.
Another thing is that many many people who deride Marx and Engels for the Communist Manifesto, have never even read it themselves, they are only going on something they heard; about how evil and Satanic, radical and anti-government it was. Well yeah, they got…..the last two of those right…but how can you take it as bad until you’ve seen it for yourself. I know for a fact that it isn’t the first two options because i have read it for myself, more than once. But, since i was a kid, i was told something different. This equals subliminal scare tactics. Fear-mongering, over what? The written expression of someone’s idea that no government should oppress it’s citizens? THIS is radical?
I grew up watching the old cartoons, where Tom would constantly chase Jerry, and do these horrifically violent things to him…of course, Jerry usually ended up having the last laugh. This is Israel and Palestine. The settlers and the American Indian tribes…the different cultures in Africa who face oppression from their own people.
I live in the United States of what used to be called America. These days i call it Israelica…
If you look at the way our so-called ‘ leaders ‘ have slowly but surely taken away our freedom, since the men in control sat in a room and decided to put into effect the plan to own the world, enslave the citizens of each country and in every continent, you can see where i’m going with this.MSNBC-Map-Israel-Palestine-620x338


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