Why are you mad at me? All i did was use my mind to discern the difference between the truth i was once told and the truth i discovered on my own; independent of the sources who at first told me those lies…
Are you angry because i had, and do have the nerve to repeat what i’ve learned? What’s the difference between my spreading this new information, giving you the same new information i discovered and you finding out that, no …Hillary is not doing as well as the main stream media is currently purporting it to be?
The difference is that unless we look for alternate sources to, in effect, proof-read what the liars say, they are still lying and you still haven’t done anything to right the situation.
If someone shoots your neighbor, and you know who it was…and the newspapers say she slipped in the shower, and somehow fell onto a hail of random bullets that surprised her, hence the slipping?…will you say anything to correct them? I will.
So how can you berate, belittle, insult me for doing just that?
I learned a very limited, mostly edited, severely redacted version of my own country’s history, as well as the history of the rest of the world, which was full of just as many assassinations…oops i meant holes;)
The same bad sources gave me the same bad information. Why wouldn’t i, or anyone else, do all we can to get this new information out there to the others who want to be just as free? The ones who do the leg-work and watch the ‘ stupid fuckin videos on you toob dood…’ …
and listen for hours to the lectures and presentations by scientists and engineers, physicists, pilots, critical thinkers, all who say the given story was not correct…
do web searches for certain content, which might alleviate the concerns of these critical thinkers, and provide them with this Vital Information ( a quick nod to Steve Smith’s AWESOME! band… )
The well laid-out dissertations and well-crafted articles, which go into so much detail, you are literally searching for whole pieces of paper, being that all of your stacks are full of notations and crib-sheets: notes, dots, lines and crossed out mistakes…
This new information is out there, and it is my duty to tell someone. Whether or not you choose to listen is your decision. But i know for a fact that if i was aware that i had been lied to my whole life, and someone had a clue as to what the real story was supposed to have been…i would want to get that new information and learn it, explore it and make sure it is in fact correct. Then i would feel obligated to tell everyone i could about it.
This is what we are doing and it is you who are not listening. Why is it that you feel it necessary to say i shouldn’t spread the word that there is after all hope, and a way to improve what has gone so wrong?
Who is it that really has a problem here, me or you?
Assuming that this new information is in fact credible, i would be doing a great disservice to humanity in keeping it to myself. No?
I would be enabling the liars and manipulators who caused my unrest to begin with. If nothing else, the first version of events, which was already proven to be false, is the lingering specter of all that should not be. To quote Metallica from the days when they could still attract my jaded ear, ” the Thing that Should not Be “…at that point you already have enough initiative to go with it. Do you have the impetus to go further? You should. You should do all you can to never, ever again let yourself be so asleep in the waking world.

If your Mother is killed in the cross-fire of a gang war, what do you do?
You are expected to shut up, and stay locked inside your home, hidden behind the curtains. You have now become the blinds. You have decided, willfully, to pull down a block in the way of the natural sunlight and joy, freedom and appreciation of the outside world. Who would have you do that? Not me.
I want you to feel confident that you can pull up the shades and reveal the light just waiting to flood your livingroom…let the plants breathe again and soak in all those vital rays. The very source of all our sustenance.
By saying what you know, you are throwing a wrench into the plans of the ones who are oppressing you…the ones who made you feel it was natural to have to shut up. I don’t want that for you. At the very outside chance that i got it wrong, misunderstood hours and hours and hours and hours of lectures, and videos and paragraphs at the library, and source after source after source…wouldn’t you at least want to see it for yourself and take another swing at it?
I would.

Should i be embarrassed for being smart and thinking about stuff?
Should i be discouraged from using intelligence, intellect, analysis, critical thinking?
I don’t think so. I think the liars want me to be so lax. So unaffected by what’s going on around me that i am the automaton they want me to be.
I cannot.
In fact, it is you who are embarrassed by what i said, while only trying to inform you of this new information, which did change EVERYTHING for me; all i once new, thought i learned correctly…thought i understood.
It has already been established that the old information was incorrect. Nothing but lies and omissions, portrayed as the ‘ straight poop ‘ …
when in fact it was nothing but straight-up bullshit.
Why would you not want to know this new truth?
What is it to be patriotic? Is it to love your country? I do not.
Is it to protect your own ideals? I am doing that.
Is it to be sure that those who lead do it without infringing upon the livelihoods of innocent people in other countries, destroying what is theirs, taking all we can for ourselves just before declaring war on the people who did nothing? They do exactly that.
Is it to protect your fellow countrymen and women when your leaders have gone so astray?  I am doing that.
Being patriotic is saying something’s wrong with the system that claims to protect you. Being proactive when you know something they do is wrong. Keep them in check by turning their own system of checks and balances around on them. Forcing them to re-evaluate their policies when they are in place only to manipulate, devastate, violate.
By you NOT saying anything, it is YOU who are being UNpatriotic.

Why are you insulting me for not having a lump in my throat, or a vagina in my pants where my penis once was? A self-perpetuating gender reassignment…over what?

You go out of your way to come up with the vilest of responses to my voice…i might as well be a half-black, Islamic, homosexual, con-artist…
oh, wait…your president fits that description.
Now how could that be? A black man?
No, not quite…only around 6% black by most sources: while technically, according to those very sources, a quotient of 13% qualifies one as ‘ black ‘ …
Islamic? Yes. Remember all those ” towel-heads you fuckin hate! ” …and want to go ” back to wherevah tha fuck they came from ” …yeah, again…your president.
Homosexual? Apparently. I don’t really care. Suck up all the dank you want, who gives a shit really? Just don’t lie about it, because then you’re a Clinton, either/or…                              ( even just writing that expression, i somehow feel like i’ve insulted Soren Kierkegaard…sorry Aabye )

I used the gay thing to show that you don’t even know your own fucking president. Trust me, i didn’t either. I fought tooth and nail to protect him from racists, and slanderers when they were right all along. I don’t take it back, Steve C., Rick McC., you guys copy and pasted info and threw it in my face while insulting my way of doing things whether or not i was right or wrong about Obama. Since you were just echoing what others had told you or assumptions you made either way, why would i take that as the last word? That’s what got me to the topic at hand; someone else saying, ‘ this is what happened, trust me…’ …

” Trust me, i’m a black guy. I’m gonna change the world. Well, shit, why do you think i’m president?…because i’m qualified right? ”
‘ No. ‘
” Because i’m honest? ” …
‘ nope, guess again Bunky ‘ …
” ummm, is it ” …
‘ yes. ‘
” it’s be, cause i’m….black? ” …
‘ yes. ‘
” So, you mean, your white specific, Jewish-controlled shadow government groomed me for fifteen years, brought me into the White ( wash ) House, only because i’m …black? ” …
‘ yes. ‘
” but, isn’t that the most racist thing they ever could have done? ” …
‘ yes. ‘

So by offering these new truths, which did change everything, i am only making sure that you at least have the option to take away just as much, if not more, from this epiphany than i did…these new truths literally undid what i knew. They instilled in me the want to unlearn my own country’s history, and their lies…and get it right this time.
Are you angry because by doing this, when you’re too afraid, or too indoctrinated to…i’ve taken the helm, and somehow stolen your glory?
Well, you can relax sunshine, i was never in it for the glory. I am in it to save you.
Do you believe in God? I do not.
Do you think our government in the United States of Israelica, will protect you?
They haven’t, won’t, can’t by the very nature of laws they’ve passed while you weren’t looking.
While you were distracted by New York, Boston, Baltimore, Ferguson, Newtown, Los Angeles, Columbine, Texas, France, Brussels, LAX airport, Germany in WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, the Middle East…and didn’t happen to notice that they were slowly but surely buying bits and pieces of Palestine for Israel to have as their playground, on the backs of ” Holocaust victims ” …and chasing around some phantom renegade group of well-paid well-instructed murderers who are in reality our own agents wearing the costumes and apparel of jihadists, while propagandizing Iran, Turkey, Syria, America…
they crafted, then passed, laws which directly affect you and your freedom, the freedom of your children, your children’s future…all they will ever achieve, give back to the world, give FOR their country…all of it.
Taken for an agenda. A way to ensure a one-world government of racists, pedophiles, murderers, drug-addicts and trillionaires. 11406773_851075288308569_3635336509725935059_n


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