Building Capital

When did American citizens decide that the FBI, CIA, NSA, ( who IS watching right now… Hi guys!! I saw the extra cable you dropped by my cable-line coming into the house. Don’t worry, i’ll keep it safe for ya. ) …Homeland Security, FEMA, the TSA, the White-wash-House, Congress, the main stream media, big banks, big business…
is here to protect them?
Have they not noticed all the posturing and planning, forming and funding, deflating and degrading, down-sizing and out-sourcing, discouraging and miscouraging ( with an M – you can do it! But my intentions are to catch you doing it and arrest you ), promoting and demoting, conflagging and defragging, inputing and hot-footing ( Water-gate, White-Wash, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Iran-Contra: ad-infinitum ), exhording and recording ( Baltimore riots, where the ‘ protestors ‘ were told to pose a certain way before smashing a window out of a cop car or store-front window, cut fire-hoses to ensure most damage to city, impose your presence on police as to instigate them to pounce so you can later claim police brutality, be white while pretending black is Satan, be black while being portrayed as anti-white therefore somehow anti-American ), creating and devastating, democratizing and prognosticizing, inflating and berating, exhalting and halting ( be Christian while denouncing/deriding any other religion ), imposing and composing ( gun laws, trade agreements, while in other places imposing sanctions on those not ever involved…enacting bills and amendments as well as new laws that directly rob freedoms ), destroying and annoying ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Pakistan, Africa, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia…we would be here all day ), pleeing and fleeing, telling and celling ( whistle-blower heroes like Bradley Manning being told fight for your country, help preserve freedom, but do not ever rat-out the actual culprits; Edward Snowden revealing top-secret files which unravel decades of tyranny and despotism; Julian Assange being the conduit for said revelations while being told if you keep doing this we will shoot you in your fucking face ), farming and harming ( ‘ agreeing ‘ to help inflate growth of agriculture, while secretly annexing land to outside entities ), trading and shading ( providing the means for distribution of wealth/product/gains while directing traffic through the routes of your own benefactors ), gaining and draining ( drilling for oil in foreign lands due to your obvious lack of supply while doing to them what your progenitors did to you ), plowing and disavowing ( mining resources in other countries, then distributing them to your financiers, while denying any wrong-doing to the people you robbed )…

Have you not seen the devil horns of your leader when he turns a certain way? The aura of the automaton government, standing in the center while it’s true manipulators pull it’s tendrils? The picture of democracy in tatters on the front lawn? The corporate elite who couldn’t care less if you had their children at gun-point? The global alliance which dominates your future enterprise, and ultimate gain? The collective stupidity of your fellow constituents? Your own reluctance at speaking your mind?

Why are you afraid of change? Who made it so you think it’s ok to ” turn the other cheek ” ? Who taught you to sit there and shut up? Who said you can have it all someday while preventing your very growth? Who made sure your family will struggle to feed itself, while forcing you to work so many hours you miss-out on the lives of your children?

How can you trust a government that only cares about itself? How can you be the slaughter-house fodder, sitting at your trough and wait for the hammer? When will you stand and fight for integrity and preservation of your equality? Who will be in your corner?
Who will tell the right people if your livelihood is faltering?
Who will be sure your fellow inhabitants will have every opportunity to promote change, prosperity, fortuity, verdantity, veracity, tenacity, humanity?
Because i can’t shut my mouth.

I can’t stand there while my oppressors are: sharpening their sabres and pencils; loading their bullets and declarations, addendums and referendums, alterations and altercations…providing for their own while their subjects fight for scraps, their castles shining bright on the mountains of the damage, the fallout of their plans now eroding through the planet ( ‘ Didn’t Plan-It ‘ pun) …



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