As an activist i try to stay aware of things that should move me.

One of the things i did was to stop drinking Coca-cola, due to their assisting the nazis in at least some way during WW2. After learning what i have about the way i was lied to on everything that happened back then i’ve decided to reappraise the situation. They are still off the table for me, for other reasons, corporate monopoly of an area, in which they dupe their consumers into believing their product comes without the sweat, blood and extortion they have gotten down to a science.
I stopped using things which could be associated with the nazis in any way. I was told they raped and murdered children, yet my own countrymen were doing the same thing in My Lai, and in many other places in Vietnam. I stopped buying anything to do with the Ford corporation, although they are much easier to work on than most foreign cars…over Henry Ford’s kinship with Hitler.
I would avoid companies that were associated in any way. And for what? Because i was told one thing while it was another. Yet, my government ensures that Monsanto gets away with politely poisoning millions with Their idea of progress…
Were the nazis terrible people? I don’t know either way, that’s my point. It’s such a sensitive subject that even the mention of the name brings instant revulsion and hatred, or regret. Rightly so, if it is all correct, but is it?

My own government has killed for no reason, stolen human cargo, beat them into submission over false or falsified information, and left them for dead in the name of Democracy. My leaders have given me a bad name as the ambassador of my nation in the eyes of the already biased. Their wars are proof that it is my elected tyrants who have taken it upon themselves to claim the Earth for their own. Their nuclear decathlon has left the planet choking, bleeding and broken…cracking and crumbling from the scars of devolution.

” Fight War, Not Wars…” …Crass ( UK )

I don’t align myself with any movement i can’t truly immerse myself in, and the idea of Nationalism, for my country is a good thing, of course. They were Nationalists. They were Socialists, which is a good thing, depending on your point of view, and/or locality…i have Socialist leanings. My country is called and claims to be a Capitalist Democracy, which is contradictory, but somehow works when you do it right, which my government does not. My forefathers, were slave-owners who told us we were free, and that all men are created equal…loosely quoting George Carlin.

Our current ‘ president ‘ is a Democratic Socialist, posing as a Christian, Islamist if you can figure that one out…
go ‘head…i’ll wait…………………………………………………………………………………………..

Either way, it’s up to me to make my own informed decisions on what i take as important and valuable to me. No one should ever tell us what we are, or who we should be. If you are ok with that, you my friend are a slave.
If you don’t even try to resist the want to just blend in, put in your time, punch a time-clock and go home and veg to the tube, watching countless ads, which shape your ideals and put you in the frame of mind that you have to consume, to be a good citizen…you my friend are a puppet.
Cut your strings and try to stand on your own. Your puppet-masters will not even miss your presence in their little side-show…you can feel certain that they have already replaced you.
If you are blindly accepting an uneducated, racist businessman who knows not one thing about politics, or foreign policy, as your potential candidate, you my friend are an idiot.

You can assure yourself that these are not the reasons he is there standing at the podium, telling, and showing you first hand just what you can expect from him…he’s only there as the next act in this play gone wrong…actors and writers exposing themselves as harbingers of the last days of liberty and peaceful residence in a land so free. Pawns who faithfully enact all the moves laid out in advance by the Masters of the game. The very ones who took your guns, your rights, your hopes and smashed them on the blood-soaked highways of their next conquest.

When a leader doesn’t lead he is a follower. When the follower acts blindly he is an automaton. When a zombie walks the Earth he searches for peace of mind he cannot have due to his own reticence at protecting himself from their making him what they wanted him to be…giving himself so completely to his oppressors he truly is undead.
When humankind is represented by bloodshed, genocide, war-mongering, rape, pillaging the impoverished, leaving them to die in the dust of the dried gardens of fortitude, and the crumbling ruins of industrialization…it is doomed to become the next post-war Iraq. What we did to them, their once beautiful country, their idea of the Western world, their willingness to forget old tales of the blood-Red, racist-White, and strangle you-Blue…we have made certain they will be just angry enough to harbor at least some degree of vitriol for our ways. And who are we to hold them in contempt for being correct?

When scores of the hopeful gather in droves to listen to the words of the latest new benefactor, and they are standing naked of sustenance, and waiting for the oracle to speak anything but the old tired lies and false hopes, and bring to them a new day of promise and gain…they have lost the battle before it began.

The newly freed slave has only hope and the option of another life somewhere else, while he tries his best to regain his former ” constitution ” …
When he is a representative of many who are wanting the same, he becomes the new light. The beacon of change, and a life without chains…the shackles of servitude can never bind him or his footstep, ever again. Even if he is enslaved again, he tasted the dew of the morning grass, and watched as the birds frolic in every puddle…
the cries of the land as it is raped and drained of all it’s blood, in the wake of exploration and provision to another lesser form of being, which needs every drop to feed it’s offspring, is nothing new to him. His eyes have seen death for not moving fast enough, or for the color of one’s skin. To be blissfully unaware is to not have to feel.

To not explore some other way of thinking is to deny yourself your right to express your own momentum. Even worse, to allow someone else to decide your fate, is to be dead.isis-in-iraq


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