the number of man

[( inspired by a girl named Meg on a random Christian site…)
God being 777, Adam being man, 666]


666 is the ‘ number of the beast ‘

The number is life itself. Man is the beast, the human animal. Satan isn’t 666, man is.
Man is life, which is sin. 666 is sin which means life is sin. Satan was a god or an angel who fell for committing sin, which is life. Therefore Satan created life, which is man. Therefore God is Satan, is man is sin.
666 = sin. Man is sin.
Adam was the first man. God made man in his image, therefore God is sin.
Jesus was born to die for man’s sins…Adam’s sins, Adam’s life itself. Therefore God sent Jesus, also a god to die for man’s sin which was the very life of man itself.
Therefore God created Adam, life itself, to be there so Jesus could defeat him. Defeat life itself, by being dead.
So God sent Jesus, a god, to die for man’s sin. God created man. God sent another god to die for man. This means Jesus was one of many gods, which does mean that God wasn’t the only one. This defeats the one God theory. Otherwise he was one of the two, the only other choice to go and ‘ die ‘ while really staying ‘ alive ‘ …a figurative metaphor…dead yet alive, Jesus was a zombie. Then we’re told, Jesus was God himself. How about looking at this from Jesus the god’s point of view…being a lower god apparently, he would have been sent, meaning he was lesser than God, who could order him i assume, unless Jesus the god volunteered…but this would mean he volunteered to die for what God himself had created, man, sin. Being a god, could he die? Being God himself he went down to Earth himself to die for the sin of humankind being created. He sacrificed himself. So this means God the big God came down to defeat sin, mankind. God is a schizophren apparently. He is man, this means God is sin.
Adam was the first man, already given free will/choice.
God created sin, meaning man is sin. The very creation of the human race is the creation of sin itself. God created sin, meaning the human race.
I’m not an Atheist, i’m not Christian either. I just like to learn and seek.
The bible is so full of contradiction and blatantly horrific subject matter. Child sacrifice…murder, incest…
God ordered the sacrifice of a child. He told Abraham, a Jew, to kill his son Isaac, so he could prove his devotion, love, reverence etc., to God. So, in effect, this could be perceived in a larger picture, that God told the Jews to kill their children. He said, commit murder, a sin, to prove your loyalty. Yet, he said if you sin you will be cast into the fires, for doing so. So this means Abraham was so devoted he chose to suffer in Hell just to please God. This could be taken as the Jews sacrificing children to prove their devotion to God, and being willing to suffer, scorn for their actions, in the fires of scorn itself, as a metaphor. This also means they know it’s wrong to do but are doing it anyway. Then we were told that God stopped him from killing Isaac, who at this point is like Dad, God’s a sadist, you know that right?…but in another sentence it shows that Abraham did kill Isaac, as his blood spurted out onto the altar; the rocks, or wood, depending on which account you reference.

The Jewish have been known throughout history to sacrifice children. This is why they were banished from Spain in 1492, for killing a boy named Christopher…look at the first 6 letters of that name…Christ, meaning savior…the boy who was murdered was the savior for being the catalyst that drove out the Jews. Jesus the metaphor, hidden in a name, like Christopher Columbus, who found the new land, America, the newborn child of Spain, the divine child…which brings up the positioning of the children the Jews would murder. They would hold up the child in the shape of a cross, to represent the children they crucified in the centuries before Jesus’ birth…so we’re told. If Jesus was a god, how could he be born to die on the cross?

The cross is a metaphor for a place, a stage or staging area, being the Earth: the altar. Also we’re told Jesus was a Jew. So God told Abraham a Jew, to kill his child, Jewery, to prove loyalty, meaning faith, which is another metaphor for the brevity of life itself. Life is short, have faith. God deemed Jewery, Jesus, worthy of death. He deemed ALL human life worthy of death. Life is sin, therefore the act of death is the liberation from sin.

Hope works with faith. Hoping there is a god waiting there when humans die, when sin itself dies. But God created sin, so it could be defeated. Man was created to be defeated. Or the murder of humans is considered pious. Having faith that your hope will come true. Death is the most pious thing any human could do since human life is sin itself. Therefore Jesus accepted suicide as a way to purify the Earth of the sin of life.
For God to choose Abraham says he wanted him to kill his offspring, being Jewish. They were scorned throughout the pages of the bible. Was God saying kill Jewery? Did God, figuratively, tell Abraham to go through with the act of killing his own blood? In a sense, Abraham was God, who was sacrificing his creation, man, sin, life itself. Wipe out your own, stop procreating? As a metaphor this makes sense. The Zionist Jews killed their own in WW2, during the Holocaust, which means a baptism, or burning in a fire. They would burn children in the bronze bull, a metaphor for the ovens in the death camps, while having dinner parties…

Many millions in the USSR were murdered by the Jews themselves during peacetime.            40 MILLION of their own people killed during peace time. Yet we’re told Hitler killed 6 to 7 million and that’s what we should focus on…they are the ones who made all attempts to purify their own race by wiping out their lower classes. Their blood sacrifices were horrific barbaric murderous rampages aimed at children of the youngest age, in order to make offerings to gods, in occult rituals. This is all backed up by any Google search, verify for yourself. So, was Jesus the god, a child? A baby, waiting to be offered up as a sacrifice? The very act of murder is a sin, but if it takes sin away isn’t it a good thing? Suicide takes life away, human life is sin according to God himself. Jesus allowed himself to be sacrificed to defeat sin, life. He died to protect the Earth from the sin of humankind. He in a sense killed all life, when as a whole he allowed himself to die as a man, he died as sin itself. How could he have taken it away, if he never died? This would mean he preserved it. Now sin is the result of not dying. So Jesus preserved sin, mankind. Jesus was a Jew, meaning Jewery is the preservation of life, which is a sin.

Abraham spawned sinful beings, the Jews…but then by the structure of this whole topic, any human is sin, not just the Jews. The act of murder is a sin, God said sin for me, meaning propagate life. Kill life to preserve it’s own purity.
Jesus was both 100% man, and 100% god…meaning man is god. Yet he was sent down by God to die for man’s sins, Adam’s sins, which God himself gave to Adam, by giving him life.
You can easily see why some people see circles and more circles when reading into these things.

We’re told Jesus died on the cross, but he was divine, therefore he could not have died, risen, all of that…the ‘ man ‘ part of Jesus must have been imbued with sin. If he was 100% man, he was 100% sin. Therefore Jesus was both sin and piety. God made man in his image…the image of sin and piety, hence the freedom of will or choice. So Jesus would have been sent to die for his own existence. His existence was that of both man and god which means being a god is also a sin. Man is god is man. Man is the sin he was sent to defeat. Therefore the most holy thing we as humans can do is to kill ourselves. That would be acting as Jesus did. He allowed himself to be killed to save the humans from sin. They were the sin he was saving them from. In other words, kill yourself to stop sin from spreading.
This my own observation, after decades of reading researching the bible, which i call the gospel of Sham…it’s so full of lies and omissions, you can’t help but either dismiss it completely or accept it blindly.
This all equals philosophy more than religion. The religion is the staying enthused while realizing that your own belief system is based on nothing concrete, and falls apart any time you question any of it. The act of procreation is to further the plague of sin itself. Therefore to erase sin from the Earth is to kill mankind. img10-1


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