” The world is ruled by force, not by law…” …( Noam Chomsky )
Relearn the history you were taught. Hitler was not the evil guy they told us he was. He was a vegetarian, yes i get it veget Aryan…funny, but he couldn’t stand the thought of an innocent animal dying for his pleasure. He was an animal rights activist, and a lover of nature. You learned he killed 6 million Jews in the camps and gassed so many each day. This cannot be accurate.
While this WILL piss off many people i’m sure…especially some of my excellent Jewish friends…i no longer believe that 5.9 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust. It sounds horrible, crass, ” anti-Semitic ” which is just a joke…the Jews themselves have done more to their own people than anyone else, with the possible exception of Stalinist Russia. During peace time in the USSR, the Zionists murdered 40 MILLION Jews. When have you heard about this? When you talk about it, or challenge the given story, given to the world by the Zionist Jews, and propagandized by America, you’re called a horrible person or a nazi. The term nazi stands for Nationalist Socialist, which, in case you have been living under Barack, i mean a rock…being a nice patriotic, jingoist, is being a Nationalist. And although we are considered Capitalist, we are a Democratic Socialist country…so we are in fact ‘ nazis ‘ as well. This would explain our use of many nazi scientists and engineers, physicists, doctors who were ‘ liberated ‘ into the OSS, which became the CIA…
Prescott Bush, yes patron saint of the Bush family, was a nazi sympathizer, and good friend of Adolf Hitler, who used the creation of the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, to dupe his friend Adolf and play both sides against each other. And although William J. Donovan was head of the OSS, Bush had a huge part in it’s direction and use of it as a bargaining chip and/or reckoning force.
Another strange parallel is that at Yale University, there is a group called Skull and Bones, of which Prescott was founding member. Both Georges Bush were members along with others who shared this same mentality of world domination and fear-mongering.
On the door to the chambers at Dachau, there is a symbol of the skull and bones to warn of the danger of the areas. The Skull and Bones group are a secret society…an S.S., who was at the forefront of all things shady and decrepit. Yale itself seems to favor the battle cry of anti-Semitism in their censorship of a colleague who voiced anti-Israeli rhetoric, which did get him fired from his position. Add it up and they are either afraid of offending Jews, or are Jewish and creating just another illusion that people shouldn’t use their right to free speech to denounce the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
…in some countries if you even TALK about it, you are put in jail. I urge anyone and everyone to read more deeply into this Holocaust propaganda, which i am sure was a hoax, meaning things were promoted that weren’t true, or accurate. I did 2 hours of research.
I typed, ‘ proof of 6 million dead Jewish in WW2 ‘, and the facts that came up which were all from then show that the numbers were not right.
Now some will come with their guns blazing…” you idiot! so many died how can you say this. ” I can say this because the numbers were definitely doctored, to be higher than they were. The stories of the gas chambers cannot be true, when you take into consideration that they could not have burned so many in each day. Then when you look at some images of corpses littering the streets, the fields…some of those pictures WERE doctored, made to look as if the nazis were the only killers, when in reality, the Jews themselves were responsible for many of the deaths. In fact it is them who have done all they could to ensure their own methods of racial purification, self-perpetuated, and perpetrated upon their own people.
Many of the ones who were burned in ovens, were actually burned in regular crematoriums, because they had died of regular diseases, and/or starvation. The natural fallout of war.
Magoun-Biggins funeral home in Rockland, MA., cremated my Dad. I certainly don’t equate that to an oven. It’s different somehow. Why is it that when we talk about the nazis burning Jews in the ovens, everyone shuts down instead of talking about it in open discussions? We learned a lie.

…why is it that when you think of ‘ the Fuhrer ‘ you instantly imagine some tyrant smashing babies on the ground or shooting an old Palestinian woman in the face, like they have done in Israel…

Again, call me what you will, but i learned the wrong history of what happened in WW2. Now i must unlearn everything i was told, go back and relearn it all. Every time i do this i see that Hitler wasn’t the evil guy everyone made him out to be.
I can have an open mind and talk about this, because i have no want to be regulated, and censored by you or anyone else. Hopefully you can see these things too.
The Zionists who run America, used his reportedly anti-Jewish tendencies, and his role in German government to use him as a patsy.
He was the Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of that era. Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, a Jew. Sirhan Sirhan is Palestinian. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was Chechen, strongly oppressed by Jewish nationalism, though they were at one time cousins. The term Zionist is another word for Jewish nationalism, which many Arabs oppose.
Why is there a difference between German nationalism and Jewish nationalism? They both represent a strong motivation for empowering those who will not oppress and liberty in the name of Democracy. Hitler was himself Jewish.
Who helped him to get into power? Paul von Hinderburg was on the way out, suddenly Hitler was the guy. Who started WW1? The Jews.
We were told that in 1914, on June 28th, ( 1+9+1+4+6+2+8 = 31 + Franz 1, and his wife 1 = 33 …a significant number in all things. )
a Bosnian, Serbian man, a Jew, murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife.
In 1492, King Ferdinand the 2nd, along with Queen Isabella, had the Jews removed, banished from Spain, for the murder of a youth named Christopher. [ i could go into other areas, which do relate heavily to this name, being a figurative match for Christopher Columbus, and Jesus ( Christ ) himself…but they are written into other posts here on my page itself, in other blogs of other but similar content. ]
This murder in 1492, which was actually a blood sacrifice where they held him up in the shape of the cross then proceeded to stab, poke, tear open, rip into his flesh, was done as an offering to gods, both Pagan and ‘ Satanic ‘ …something they had already done in the centuries prior to the birth of Jesus, if he was ever born…
this occultism is rampant throughout the history of the Jewish people. See the parallel there? I believe the death of Franz Ferdinand was a pivotal act which was a tribute to the plight of the Jews who were banished. The Jews themselves started the war, then were the ones who made Germany stop fighting back. I believe we can also draw a parallel to the plight of the innocent Herzegovinians who were slaughtered in Bosnia. Funny that in America this is considered a Holocaust, yet we crunch the numbers so carefully and make a distinction in terms…should we or shouldn’t we call this genocide?
Are the people who call it so, Zionist? Are they the ones who did the killing? Is it them who are so adamant about distributing numbers and ‘ facts ‘ about it, while doing what they did in WW2? They propagandized the citizens in all countries with false information for an agenda. In Bosnia in 1995, we all saw a brutal campaign of terror in the name of creating false history just like we saw with the Final Solution. Nothing new for the USA by any stretch of the imagination.
In WW1, the agenda was to take power away from Germany, and slowly but surely encroach on the land, bringing themselves closer and closer to the center of Germanic placement, by starting a war they could not win, or claim was patriotic by taking away their national pride. The Germanic peoples were made unwitting participants in their own undoing, by the Jews painting them as the aggressors, when in reality they were the affected. By the time it got out of control it was too late, and Hitler himself was targeted for removal by those who misunderstood his true intentions. If they debated truths, or what was portrayed as fact, they were made to look or seem insensitive to the plight of the Jewish peoples everywhere. What plight? The plight and liberation of such a conniving people could only be looked at as self-created. Notice another parallel there? Today in America, over the past 70 years, we have seen a wave of terror which was self-created, from the fake attack on Pearl Harbor, fake because Roosevelt knew it was coming, and after he had provoked it, stood back and allowed it to occur, just like Cheney on 9/11. Who crafted the idea that we should allow ourselves to be attacked as the catalyst to go headlong into WW2? The Project for the New American Century, is a neo-conservative think tank, in Washington DC, who have one goal. World domination, through the use of ideals similar to those laid out in the insidious and terrifyingly unpatriotic Operation Northwoods, crafted in or around 1962. Create havoc by asserting aggression over a fake attack, falsified information and retaliation toward a problem they create themselves.
Cheney was CEO of the PNAC. Their mission statement, as i have mentioned in several blogs here, was/and still is, to create some catastrophic, and/or catalyzing event on the scale of a New Pearl Harbor. It’s been established that this attack was indeed self-created, and used as the prime ‘ catalyst ‘ for sending us into WW2. Why? This same rationale, for lack of a more fitting word, was also used to bring us into Iraq. Quoting Noam Chomsky, We switched our attention from Russia and aimed it at the Middle East. Yes, i am aware that Noam, ( Hiram ), is Jewish.
That doesn’t mean he’s part of the problem, in fact he goes out of his way to denounce the very people to whom he owes his heritage. Always remember that there is a difference, and very clear distinction between Zionist and Jewish. When i write ‘ Jews ‘ it is a blanket statement which serves as an instant quantifier, not a be all end all description of only one way of thinking.
The Jews stole Poland and with the Treaty of Versailles, planned to keep it for themselves, eventually to be part of the USSR. America stole Iraq, and made it the new place of discontent, by going in and destroying whole cities and millions of innocent people.
In 1919 when Germany was made to succumb to world derision and forced servitude, the Zionists themselves had a hand in forcing Germany to sign a treaty of peace and relinquishing their political ideals, which were all Nationalist. Who was behind this ‘ treaty of peace ‘… America, Britain, France, powers in the USSR.  Woodrow Wilson was part of it with Churchill, and others who wanted the same thing, more land, more political domination in the name of Democracy, something Germany had already achieved on their own. When ‘ world leaders ‘ forced the Iraqis to sign peace treaties, and relinquish weaponry, which we had given to them in the 80s…this was done in the same way as Germany. The difference here is that Iraq was not in violation of ANY policies, or treaties, we the USA were.
When Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, Britain, France and later the USA came to oppose him. Why? When Stalin did the same thing in the same place, in the same year, no one batted an eye. Why? To protect it from Hitler? Yes, but for political reasons not in caring for the lives of the ones Stalin was throwing away in wars of attrition.
Relearn your history.
Funny how in 1947, the Jewish run United Nations, formally the League of Nations, found a nice open area alongside Palestine to put…6 million Jews…hmmm, coincidence? I don’t think so.
That is where the number comes from, not their deaths. If you read into this you will see that the numbers of the dead are far less, and can be attributed to disease, starvation at the hands of the Zionists, and the powers that be in Germany, which were Jewish themselves.
I’ll be shot in the face one day, for the things i say but they need to be said.
All i’m doing is using my head. You should too.
And by the way, the name of the new system of extinction, meaning the newly renovated ‘ gas ‘ chambers that were put in place, was called the ” Baracke X ” …right, i get it, barracks, like marine barracks…but
really think about this for a minute. Barack…equated to Malcolm X…so reverent of Israel, and comes from out of nowhere??
His ‘ legacy ‘ will be of the guy who came from nowhere became president, while having no background. He has done more to rob us of our freedoms than any dictator could have…this is the new Holocaust. Israel is the New America. Our country will not last another 100 years if it even lasts 50.
The Zionists have already won. They own it already.
They have shaped the course of history with their lies, and continue to lie today.
In Israelica, we are told that Palestine is the aggressor, this is so far from the truth anyone who can’t see it is just not looking. So many are dissuaded from actual critical thinking these days, called anti-Semites, which is just ridiculous, or conspiracy theorists, which is inaccurate since the conspiracy actually exists in many facets of our own history and literature. We owe it to ourselves to never be lied to again. Our own government had a hand in creating the myth that Hitler killed himself in his bunker, when in reality America, in collusion with Zionists, found and used a Polish man, in Hitler’s place. A doppelganger, just like the 3 or 4 Oswalds who were seen in and around Dallas and other parts of Texas before the 22nd of November. Just like the two different Jahars we’ve seen in the limited press on the Boston bomb drill, and it’s aftermath. Two James Foleys, two Vester Flanagans/Bryce Williams…yes i am aware they are the same guy, have you seen the different pictures that were used? There were two guys used there. How else did he suddenly go from black to almost white?
In my head i just heard Michael Jackson go ” Hee He Heee ” …and spin around, while grabbing his hat, or his grossly maligned crotch:)
How many doubles are used in America to impose self-created terrorism on it’s own citizens, however hapless they are?…
With Hitler, he was allowed to live out the rest of his life in Argentina. America was instrumental in creating the propaganda that said he killed so many, and even doctored images of the corpses to show his atrocities, when in fact they were the atrocities of the Jews themselves. How many Jews were enrolled in the nazi party? Well over 200,000. When have you ever heard that before?
Relearn your history.fotoflexer_photo3

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