‘ Like ‘ Me…

Notice that when you are visiting a site like youtube, and you click the like button, it usually goes to any other social media you’re connected to, and provides a printed report of your activities for your followers to see…assuming you have it set up that way. It’s ” part of the widely adopted “open graph” technology on the Internet whereby you click a social button on one site on the web, and the action is automatically recorded on another -i.e. your Facebook /Twitter /Google+ (etc.) account. ” …

See the way that these days, self-promotion is much easier than it was in the old days when the guys from the band would go and distribute flyers for upcoming shows. Steve Nelson of Dread, had the idea of going to Boston when there was a big show in town, and flyerin’ cahs…meaning sticking a flyer he had made to promote our shows in the area, under the windshield-wiper of all the cars in the parking lot: of the Channel, mainly, but this could be done anywhere if you were willing to make the jaunt. And why not? it’s a brilliant idea. His time working for Wargasm taught him a lot i’m sure, and he’s a bright guy anyway. Since those days, i’ve cultivated a good name and following. Today i have several areas on the web where i display what i do, and try to use all of them in sync to spread what i’m promoting across all points at one time.

It isn’t always convenient. For example reverbnation.com, is a bit too uppity for me in this respect. When you upload a song, or a photo, a video…anything, they immediately present you, more like force you, to either respond to or at least be bothered to deal with the large pop-up window offering you ways to promote yourself through larger avenues. Great, that is a good thing yes, but not everyone needs the helping hand, as good as it definitely is to have that option. I commend them for going out of their way to offer it, it is appreciated, however a pop-up is a pop-up is a pop-up.
The most confusing or confounding part is that they offer a little checkbox, where you can select ‘ don’t show me this again ‘ …great. That’s the one…huh? to exit this window you have no choice but to go to where they’re trying to send you, or ‘ maybe later ‘ …which again, nice to have, but it cancels out the whole don’t show me this again trick…so, that is very annoying. I tend to update songs, and just the sites themselves in general, a lot, so each and every time i go and change a file for a better mix, or swap out a picture etc., this window pops up and smacks me in the forehead. As i have always said, fuck you. If i wanted to find what you are offering i would seek it myself.

As i wrote, maybe not everyone is as ( some innocuous word right here, that doesn’t make me sound conceited, or better than someone else…) or as ( some set of words here, that describe not only my drive, but my honest opinion, that if i wasn’t doing what i do, you’d find me hanging in my damn closet, because with the exception of my children and grandchildren, nothing else is keeping me here…) but i have to be.

To me this is what i’m here to do, whether or not anyone likes it. Of course, i hope they do. I’ve gotten some really good feedback ( pun? ) on my music, also there are people would rather stab out their eardrums than hear me sing. And that’s ok. I prefer a balance of good and bad, or to be more accurate since ‘ bad ‘ implies what i consider to be a bad set of empirical data, which isn’t entirely the case. To have a positive and negative balance, shows it in a better light. This way i’m constantly aware of myself, but outside of myself if that makes any sense. If i lost mobility in some drastic way, and couldn’t at least do as well as Rick Allen ( Def Leppard ) just fucking shoot my face off. I’m terminally stuck between hang myself, or do the dishes. To be doomed, would be the end. When i look at someone like Hunter Thompson ( Gonzo ) i see that, yes, he was a radical guy who maybe said too much sometimes, but that’s what we need in the world. His histrionic side pissed me off personally, but what i respect about him, call me strange i’m used to it, is that he was at home, at his desk, his family was in surrounding rooms. He blew his brains out when he was ready, and happy, content that he had something. That is the ultimate reason we are here in this threshold of perception, to find our truth, or reason for being here. He found his and i believe that when he was at the crescendo, he knew he had just a bit longer to wait until all was well. Maybe it was the same with Robin Williams, Ian Curtis, Nick Drake…I want to add Brad Delp to this list…unfortunately i learned some extra sad news about Brad’s suicide, which is that he was caught taking video recordings of his sister in law. He was apparently so embarrassed that he killed himself. Can you imagine being so afraid of what people would think of you after so long being their hero? I can because i have been accused of things i didn’t do. Even worse things i did that were taken out of context, or not even accurate. I also wanted to mention Kurt Cobain, a man who inspired me, or at least made me stop and think what is this? Which in all fairness just wasn’t happening at that time, in any other genre but the ones i focused on then which were death metal, grind core, crust punk…nothing else was good enough. 1991 and 2 were two of the best years for music we had since the 10 years before…1981 and 2 were incredible!! But the lax period makes me break out my Sabbath tapes from the 80s and shake my head. Kurt was just like any other figurehead for me; HR from Bad Brains, Nick from Rudimentary Peni, anyone from Rush…and so on…but i believe Courtney Love did have him killed by Allen Wrench, singer for a punk band. But the myth that Kurt’s brains were everywhere are false and his death pics were edited and made more brutal than they were. The gun shot was secondary, the massive dose of raw heroin is what killed him. Personally, i believe that Wrench intimidated Kurt, who arguably wasn’t the toughest guy, and he told Kurt, i am gonna kill you, you have the option to shoot a massive amount of dope and be gone before i shoot you, but you are going to die. I also believe Wrench killed El Duce, from the Mentors. She first approached El Duce to kill Kurt and he said you serious, she said yup. She offered 50,000, and he was gonna do it but went out on tour. By the time he got back Kurt had already been killed.

He died some time after he mentioned Wrench’s name in a slip during this interview. He was pushed in front of a train, or fell asleep on the tracks, depending which story you hear. Which is just ridiculous. The man was a walking brewery and drug-den, he must have had the tolerance of a Brahma bull. There is no doubt in my mind Wrench killed Kurt, and Courtney paid him to do it, then had Wrench kill Duce, Eldon is his real name, because now Duce knew she wanted Kurt dead, he was a loose end. So technically now Wrench is a loose end that has been that way for 22 years. Why hasn’t she done anything? That says to me they’re close today. Recently i saw in the news Frances Bean is trying to protect Kurt’s fortune because the pig, er i mean Courtney fucking cunt i used to actually respect is trying to spend it on another plastic surgery or more heroin or something ridiculous. The first Hole album was incredible. It said as much as Nevermind at certain points, but all that is gone for me now because she did it.

Mike Ruppert…i don’t know. I immediately think the CIA did it, but knowing him i can see him just going BLAM.
Music, art, writing, poetry, prose, photography, activism, anarcho-pacifism, philosophy, psychology, sociology, investigative journalism, political awareness, critical thinking, free-thinking, philanthropy.
That is why i’m here.
When i went to Twitter just a while ago, i was watching a video by the band Cthonic. Good band, though not my preferred ‘ thing ‘ i look for in my music…they cover and cross several genres at once and do that very well. The thing that attracted me the most, besides their female bassist, is their excellent motivation! This is something i envy in just about anyone, the drive to be ‘ out there ‘ doing shows, touring, traveling around the world promoting your thing. I would jump at the chance, no doubt. But i have to admit it would be hard to adapt, at least at first. For certain psychological reasons, which could be alleviated if given the chance, and because i’m so used to doing this myself, it would be hard for me to relinquish any of the helm to someone, unless i trusted them implicitly of course. But who? I always say, if someone went ‘ Hey kid, we like you. Here’s X amount of dollars; buy a van, your hotel rooms are paid for, just go. ‘ …I would be gone before they finished the senten……..

Since i can do anything i want in any field i choose, i am content, at least, doing it from home, which i’ve always done. I’ve said before, to girlfriends especially, if they ever made it that far…this is what i do, everything else is secondary. Sorry if that sounds harsh, i get it, but if you can’t adapt, i can’t come down a bit and make it a better match. With maybe one exception, that was next to impossible. This is my woman. This is who i fuck. So anyone just kinda gets in the way unfortunately, and i can admit, some of this quotient, is my own reticence, maybe forcing me to protect myself and what i do from being lost in the shuffle of trying to get used to someone all over again. That is a hard process for even the most apt couple, in my opinion and through my own experience, however innocently jaded, and/or biased. Maybe someday, but i never hold my breath. Until Taya Karpenko shows up at my door, i have the situation, well in……yup, hand. I couldn’t resist.
When i was on Twitter, i had forgotten i set it up this way, but i couldn’t help but notice that everything i do on the web, if it’s interactive in this way, is connected to my Twitter and/or one of my FB pages. This is very easy and convenient. Everyone who follows me sees first hand what i offer, or videos i like, and want to share for whatever reason whether it’s nostalgic or in the name of activism, critical thinking, etc.

OF COURSE…….dun dun dunnnnnn!

FB is directly connected to the NSA, who’s directly connected to the CIA, and anyone else we could name here, the list is huge! Twitter being second in position for the social media sites, is right there i’m sure. If we can hear news that ISIS ( remember? the terrorist group completely enabled, funded, backed, promoted, by the USA, the UN, Israel?…created by the Zionists? remember that one? Yeah them. ) posted the latest ‘ tweet ‘ on Twitter, we can automatically assume that these tweets are either coming from, or allowed to come from people directly connected to the CIA, FBI, NSA, top levels of the shadow government who actually runs America and most of the world. The CIA directs most of the information that comes through the main stream media. Now, who the hell would trust them? Do you know their track record? If not, Google ( although also connected in these ways;) is a wonderful thing! Let’s just say, IF it hasn’t been removed, edited, redacted, or hasn’t been propagandized, revised, sterilized…you will find a history of each and every thing they’ve imposed, er…caused, i mean murdered, no…barbarized…well, i think you get it.
So, i like the fact that all of my discontent toward the US government gets generated BY them, and goes directly to them in at least some way. This is a blessing and a curse. Will i be woken up at 4 am, if i had even gone to sleep to find some men from the CIA standing over me? Probably. Michael C. Ruppert, Gary Webb, Bill Cooper…along with many others. All very open opponents of the US government and what they do who were ‘ suicided ‘ by the CIA…Mike can’t definitively be added to this list in the context of suicided, because we were told he did it himself. I don’t believe that. Find his last radio broadcast and listen to his demeanor. Could he have been completely calm, rational, jovial even and still decided this was it? Yes, of course. But in his case how do we know the guys weren’t standing there saying ‘ Come on Mike, you know what’s going to happen Buddy, it can be easy or hard. ‘ Letting him pull the trigger himself perhaps…poor Rags. His beloved dog, who was his best friend, and healer.
Gary, who we were told, ” committed suicide ” by somehow shooting himself, TWICE…in the back of the head with a shotgun. Bill, who was provoked into a gun battle by agents on his own property, to make him the bad guy, gun crazy, who predicted 9/11. You thought Alex Jones did that? Nope, that was disinformation, to keep him in the public eye. I believe he is CIA. But the people who were antagonizing Bill were dressed as rowdy teens, and were shooting guns in the direction of his house, to draw him outside into a firefight. One that he happily obliged and he was shot to death.
Each of these heroes called out the right people and exposed their terrorist activities which mostly came from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…
This has happened outside of the USA many times, but my favorite example of this complete and utter injustice is, Commissaire Helric Fredou, who was investigating the ” shooting ” at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Limoges, France. He ” committed suicide ” in his office, just after the ‘ shooting ‘ which was not real. This was a staged event, a false flag for an agenda. Why did the French police, and the government cover up his death? Even if he was so discontent, or affected that he would kill himself, why would it be in his office, during his investigation of the event that had just occurred? It makes no sense. I believe the same thing happened to Helric that happened to Mike Ruppert, which is that someone was there and literally said to them, we are going to shoot you in your face, let you die slow bleeding out all over the room, or you can take the better route and pull the trigger yourself. Make sure you get it right. If you miss, maaaaybe we’ll fix it for you maybe not huh? Get it right. Later buddy. These are the people who are indeed in control of us all. No matter who you are, or where you are, they know where you are. Really think about that for a second and let it set in. This isn’t conspiritardism, this is fact.

The Zionist Jews are the problem and always have been. They own everything. FB-Zuckerberg…Rupert Murdoch-Faux news…the media, the banks, big business, defense…all of it. As i and many others have said, there is no US government, we are run by a shadow government. Hitler was set up to be the patsy of WW2, by these people. We were told he had one ideal, one way to achieve it, when in reality, he was the fall guy for the intentions of the Zionists. We all learned the wrong history. Hitler wanted peace. Imagine how strange a concept that sounds, or appears to be? I feel shame even writing it, because i have been programmed practically from birth to believe he was a tyrant, a mad man out of control…but it is true. He wanted peace and was trying to protect his country from the people who manipulated and stole his land and their sick way of life. When will you hear anyone in America saying Hitler was an animal lover, a vegetarian, because he couldn’t stand the thought of an animal being sacrificed for his own pleasure. When? NEVER! Because we were told one thing to keep us out of the light on what kind of person he really was. Just like Sirhan Sirhan, or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The social media sites are aptly directed at the people who must be watching, listening to all i do. After all, each of these people seem to target the free-thinkers, those who aren’t afraid to stand up for equality, be active and aggressive about getting their message out there. Remember when that was called, CARING?
Now it’s called, ‘ conspiracy theorism ‘ or people say you must be a nutter because you showed evidence that you researched, as if you were studying for a role, or doing schoolwork, yet this is frowned upon? Yeah, mostly by people who can’t think for themselves. Some of them are even worse, because they can’t listen to any opinion different than their own. They are the ones i want to slap. Some of them are friends, close or otherwise, still friends. They have no problem challenging me on the things i write or say, yet they haven’t done any actual research into any of it. If they did, they trusted???…main stream media. There is one who goes on his opinion, while saying he has done the legwork and he always makes himself just look dumb to be honest. Remember when this was called pedancy? or someone being pedantic? Nowadays it’s frowned upon if someone says the Boston bomb drill was a false flag, and they’re immediately dismissed. But, they are correct, just like, to name only a few of the more recent ones, the Reichstag fire in 1933; Hitler’s mostly failed uprising, used to start tensions and to create the atmosphere of discontent in Germany, and i have to say…rightly so! his entire purpose was misunderstood by us because our leaders working in accord with other world leaders who wanted him gone crafted it to be this way…Pearl Harbor in 1941; an attack in which the target was left purposefully unprotected so Japan could do the most damage, and America would be the victim, yet Roosevelt knew exactly what was happening, what to expect, and that brought us, however reluctantly on the part of the citizens, into WW2 why? Why would we go into that region to protect it from a man who ultimately wanted nothing but peace? …the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964; where Lyndon Johnson used a fake attack on a South Vietnamese ship to get us into Vietnam, which deserves more reading into it on your part, assuming you aren’t 100% savvy, no offense, but the whys and whos, are integral to the where…
Here i am tempted to skip a huge part of history in order to not exclude things that need closer examination, and things that are just too big to write about here. Guaranteed, the era in American history, between 1911, and 2016 should be looked at and reinvestigated constantly, not only because it always changes, with more self-created ‘ terror ‘ and false flags being added to the list, but because the USA is not going to survive. There is no need for a ” USA ” anymore. The only thing United in the States of America is the top levels of government. The watchdog/guardian has become the bully. The bully doesn’t need an America anymore because he has worldwide reach, control jurisdiction…who else, besides Putin’s Russia goes anywhere else in the world to make sure things are right? No one. And America hasn’t done that since????? I could mention places like Iran, who has been fighting alongside with Iraq to defeat ISIS/ISIL…..can of worms, created and effected by the USA, using our favorite two countries who according to our own propaganda, hate each other, and whom we’ve done much to destroy as nothing more than a distraction while Obama passes unconstitutional laws, and Trump is posturing for the barber’s seat…just kidding, the Oval Office. Yet they have been, and as far as i know, are working together to defeat a common enemy, which was created by their ultimate enemy. Us. It’s sad.
The bully will get his someday, and you should do all the research you can while you can, while you still have whatever’s left of the freedom you love. The Patriot Act, took most of that away while you weren’t looking. Remember when you were saluting the flag, and you saw some movement in the Bushes ( pun ) yeah, that was a man who had his scope trained on your forehead. Remember when Obama passed laws that protected Monsanto? Yeah, that was to be sure you got all the best nutritonal value from a company who degrades the very nutrition in the food they treat by using their poison to make food last longer. Teflon on the surface of a frying pan, might be ok, but in the corn and grain, we don’t need chemicals. Better to see a few bugs, no?
The PNAC, is the culprit, in most any situation you could be discontent about. They have worldwide reach, and a one world government as their mission statement. Let’s just narrow this down a bit. The CEO is…Cheney. Need to hear more? Anything connected to the PNAC, is not going to help the country, or the rest of the world, it is to destroy and remake a better world, with complete assholes at the helm. Their mission statement, includes the section acknowledging that they want to create ” a catalyzing event on the scale of a New Pearl Harbor ” …now why would they want to do that???:)
They’ve been doing it since the mid 80s, at least…and we could bring this back to 1962 with the very cut and dry ‘ Operation Northwoods ‘ which is along the same lines as the PNACs goals and ambitions. I guess it would be more correct to say that the other way around, that’s more accurate.

These people are the new Satan. What bible can we construct to bring them down?

Read into everything you can on them. Notice that Cheney is; connected to, CEO of, or involved with, Halliburton, Bechtel, and other corporations who dominate American policies, foreign or otherwise. Notice that Rupert Murdoch of Faux news fame, is on the board of the PNAC, along with Michael Chertoff, and many many others who are on the same page. Look at Chertoff being a prime suspect for 9/11, along with countless others of course.

Destroy, Erase, Improve. This is the name of an early album by the excellent band Meshuggah, and completely apropos. What they do is set up a situation, for current or future use, it doesn’t seem to matter in their eyes…and have a certain set of pre-determined, or thought out patsies in place to take the brunt of the attention in the media, so that the direction can be more precisely focused on issues like gun control. Or eugenics: think about it, encouraging promiscuity in most access points of the media, which they dominate and control on most every front, yet making planned parenting seem old fashioned, and dumb; but murder and abortion are ok? They say it in the same unspoken sentence. Things like race-baiting and what i call ‘ liberation modulation ‘ which to me is them manipulating the shape of the mindsets they are trying to change. I don’t believe for one second it should be the ones who oppress who are left to be the liberators. It just makes no sense and this is imperialism on a huge scale, elitism really, which they have covered very thoroughly. This would be a white-financed, black advocate, saying to a black girl, white men only want to fuck you, get you pregnant so you’re stuck with a child you can’t provide for. Implying; whitey is bad, be black proud, but don’t ever think for yourself or think outside of the ghetto…for that matter get real comfortable because the freedom you just got will keep you right here. Black leaders promoting racism toward white people, and getting their audience to hate for no other reason but the suffering of their ancestors, is slavery. Racism IS slavery, think about it. You are stuck, working for the man. The hater, the one who hates to eat from a fork in a diner in Chicago for all the nigger spit. Really????? Because if one of your black slaves, or should i say office staff came up to you in the back room saying she’d suck you off, you would say no, you’re a nigger? I find that hard to believe. A black slave owner retaining black slaves, is the same as a white slave owner retaining white slaves. So why is it that when we have the web at our disposal, and any of us can find information saying that a black slave-owner owned white slaves, no one bats an eye? It’s too big an issue, and too easy for people to become locked in the mentality of ‘ just ‘ enough, meaning this is Just, like ok…necessary, accepted enough to piss me off but not enough for me to act on it.
Why are black leaders not saying more? They want you to ‘ like ‘ them…Facebook-like-button-300x111


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