Was Jesus sacrificed by the Jews when he was 12 years old? Or even younger…

The cross itself being symbolic is a representation of all the children they murdered. The shape of it as a concept, is similar to the way they held these children up in the air while they were being murdered. So we can see that the positioning is nothing but a visual representation of what they were doing and glorifies sacrifice, so why not child sacrifice, like Isaac? Although he was to be killed on a rock, like the rock the Jews used to kill Anderl von Rinn. They had done many many cruel and barbaric things to many many children. Andrei Yustshinsky for example. The Jews had already done this several times in the centuries before Jesus’ supposed birth. Was he a Palestinian child? I believe he was, it just makes sense. There are plenty of Israeli sources, like the Palestinian Media Watch, backed by the USA and praised by everyone from Ben Carson, to Hillary Clinton, for being the driving force in getting the right story to the world about how dangerous Palestine is, and how they love terrorism so much they can’t restrain themselves from throwing rocks at Israeli children. Give me a fucking break. The Jews are the problem and always have been. Hitler was absolutely right. I have to wonder though, there were definitely people who were caught in the crossfire of war, so i won’t say i’m actually glad they were killed, that’s just inhuman…but they were ‘ sacrificed ‘ for an agenda. To name Hitler as the evil man, who exterminated millions, when in reality, it was them who planned the Holocaust all along.
They are well known for barbarism, and especially child sacrifice. They are known for crucifying children, they had already, several times before he was ever born, all of which have been documented. Why should we take Jesus’ death as any different? He clearly was a sacrifice. If he was Palestinian, this sacrifice would have been a blood ritual performed in their hopes to get Palestinian land. And, now they have. Over the past 70 years or so, there has been nothing but tension. They are the cause. The Palestinians have suffered enough. Think about what we have accepted as ok. The morally sound provisions of a book of murder, incest, falsified information that was changed or edited for monumental reasons. Think about it, without the older Jesus dying on the cross there is no rose from the dead. He didn’t rise from anything. That unravels itself, if he was divine he could not have died. But if he was a normal Palestinian!!! child….this opens up several HUGE cans of worms for Israel. When we think about the lost years of Jesus’ s life, we were told he was just gone for 18 years…what if that is because they can’t account for a part of his life he never lived???? Clearly they made up some stuff out of the blue. What if he wasn’t 33 when he died?
The Jews had certain rituals where they would throw children into a pit and burn them. The Ba’al temple for example. They would also put kids into the bull to burn slowly. Melting children…MELTING CHILDREN. What can you even say? about this unGodly inhuman behavior which they seem to think is fine. Why else did they get banished from Spain?? They murdered a child named, Christopher. Like Columbus…kinda weird huh? They were banished in 1492. He died in 1492…we were told ‘ Columbus ‘ found America in 1492…all of these points coincide.
When they would bleed a child dry of it’s blood after puncturing it well over 60 times, as in the case of poor Simon, a child who was kidnapped and killed for occult reasons, they held his arms out in the SHAPE OF A CROSS. Let’s think about this. The crucifixion, or the shape of the cross we were told Jesus was on is symbolic. This says since they killed children in this fashion, with their arms out like a small t, it was to represent the cross. This is fucking sick. This says to me that Jesus was killed as a child. Did he even make it to 12? The reason i went with that is because we were told he was age 33 at death. Do we know this is true? To account for the 18 lost years, plus the 12 would be 30. How could we know the number if he was never actually a real person? Knowing that these Jews killed babies as young as 18 months old! It isn’t hard to imagine them targeting him at that age, IF he ever was alive why would they wait til he was 33? But again, this is all symbolic, they didn’t ever need to have an actual cross, and/or a person to hang on it, if the cross and hanging figure was only to represent what they had done to children held up in that pose, the Jesus Christ Pose to quote Chris Cornell…if he never existed but was a child, on that figurative cross. How sick is it, that the shape of the pose, is to add insult to injury, being that promoting Jesus on the cross as a symbol of reverence, means there is automatically and inherently a feeling of reverence for the act of sacrifice…hence the child on the cross.
Jesus was clearly a patsy for the church, why would they have not done all they do in regular terms? This would mean circumcision at birth i would assume…which would mean sucking the babies penis to ” cleanse ” it after the cut to keep infection out and purify it somehow with the old dirty bastard’s bad fish breath…there is a statistic that says either 13 or 31% of babies contracted herpes from this sick procedure.

Did ya hear the one about the gay Rabbi?…

Think of Abraham, being told by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. This to me is figurative, or representative of people or cultures. Isaac being Palestine i would assume, and Abraham being Israel. Abraham was Jewish, so this clearly is the reason they are doing this to children, they believe God is telling them to. Ever heard about the serial killer who said God told him to? Or the killer in the street who was listening to the dog give him orders…Like God told me to kill Palestine but i held off at the last minute…meaning we have the power to destroy you and will at any time. Think about how passively we accept this fact. The bible says it so it becomes, eh…that was back then…yes but it rules our daily lives. God is everywhere. The Jews are everywhere and always have been. They took Poland from Germany, then made Hitler, a peace loving, vegetarian the patsy of WW2 for the Holocaust. A burning of humans in a sacrifice.
When Jesus was a boy, if he ever was, what did he encounter from old perverted Jewish guys? The Catholic church gets all the blame for pedophilia, but it started with the Jews, no? The Catholics are an off shoot of Jewery, in effect being that many of the rituals are the same, in theory. But do the Catholics sacrifice babies? Kill newborn babies? No, the Jews did that. Do they still do it? The Skull and Bones group at Yale, is known for some weird shit! Prescott, George H.W. and George, Jr., are known for attending the gatherings and participating in masturbation rituals inside coffins. John Kerry was a member, people from the CIA…these are the fucking people running our country…into the ground. The Jews control everything. ” Judge, Jewery and executioner ” …They own everything. They block everything from progressing because they have an agenda. Israel being placed into Palestine territory in accordance with their biblical association to King David, is proof that their legacy started long before we know. Their history has been edited, to show that they suffered, at the hands of Hitler; a peace-loving, animal lover, who wanted nothing but the best for his people, and did all he could to protect his land. He got a bad reputation, and this was done on purpose.
I’m 47 years old. I NEVER ever knew that the Jews killed the Jews in WW2, or that Hitler was a vegetarian. I was told so many bad things about him it was instant hatred for killing innocent people. I was told a lie. We were all told a lie. This will take years and years of unlearning to fix, just like most of my life from youth to adult living in America.
I’ve been programmed. It’s funny, even when we’re told, ” you’re programmed ” we’re told we should say, eh you don’t know what you’re talking about, go tell ya bullshit ta someone else ok?
Yet we can abide by and promote a book, the bible, which spells out things like ritual murder, slow death by crucifixion, child sacrifice…this is a fucking sick book! Why does America place so much attention on it? Jews. Zionism is the problem.
The reason Hitler killed Jews is because they killed animals. This is the same reason he wanted to go to war with America. This is the reason he was ‘ taken down ‘ and removed from power. The powers that be wouldn’t have it. His view was that America was falling into the trap of Capitalism and that Socialism, different in this context from it’s cousin, Communism was the only way for them to recover. But it was too late. In the time before 1910, there was an air of tension in America, and pretty much the last real fight that happened on American soil happened between Arizona and Mexico. From then there was nothing to do so to speak, and within the next decade, there would be a need for stimuli, meaning war in Europe. Wilson in 1919, helped put in motion what would shape Germany’s history and provide the necessary direction for the coming change in the powers there. Britain, France, Russia, and America were set to protect areas of land in Germany, and planned to defend it at all costs.
Hitler was angry that with the Treaty of Versailles, Poland was annexed to other powers. He came under opposition from Britain, France, when he invaded Poland in 1939, yet when Stalin did it no one batted an eye. How many Jews were in the USSR?
In 1941 when Japan ” attacked ” at Pearl Harbor, they were led into what amounts to a pre-planned scenario which made them the bad guy. Roosevelt stood down while the attack happened, in order to go into WW2, why? Roosevelt? Jewish name? Is Cheney Jewish?…
So many people were against Germany having their land back, even though the citizens of Germany were starting to uprise and rallying for a new day in German history. They were ready to fight. Hitler was their guy. In 1945, into 46 we were told he killed himself in his bunker…yet we were told he was living out his life in Argentina. Which is it? America helped keep up the tall tale that he died with Eva when in reality we with others were paying to keep the propaganda coming.
How many did the USA and Britain kill in Dresden? For what? How many died in Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Or Vietnam…Iraq, Afghanistan…
While these events were going on, how many laws were put through while the country was reeling from these events? Many. This is still happening today.

If you’re offended by anything i’ve written here it is because you were told lies and you can’t be ok with deterring from that path, which was literally programmed into you since birth. As soon as you come in you’re informed that God is the guy you bow to…church is the way to stay God-friendly, money is the best way to show God you care…and he is the one who will kill you at any chosen time and for whatever reason he deems necessary.
Hobson’s Choice…youshchinsky

Notice all the tiny holes in Andrei’s head…they stabbed him repeatedly in the head and face while others were holding him down. THIS is who controls the world.


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