vegan Roundup



How can vegans, or vegetarians for that matter, be eating healthily, or at least ‘ more healthily ‘ when GMOs are found mostly in grains, corn, wheat etc.? If nothing else, i would think they are more at risk than anyone else. Everything from veggies, to most kinds of meat and some fish, which are raised on farms of any kind are in some way affected by Monsanto, in their campaign to ‘ improve ‘ foods. Assuming of course that they use pesticides. Roundup crops are treated with…yup, you guessed it, Roundup, or Glyphosate, which is a pesticide, which is poisonous, no matter the level of ” safety ” which Monsanto keeps vouching for and promoting. By their own stats, Glyphosate causes nutritional deficiencies in the foods that are treated with it. So, this begs the question, why even use it? One of the lobbyists for the company swears that Glyphosate is safe, and one can drink a full glass of it, with no ill effects. When he was asked, ” would you drink it yourself? ” he said, yes. The interviewer said, ‘ we have a glass ready to go, will you drink it? ‘                         He replied, ” no, no i’m not stupid!…”
then after the interviewer called attention to his suddenly rash behavior, he walked out of the interview. On the spot and caught in a lie a little?
If he’s lobbying for the company, which i would assume includes begging for money from backers/investors, ( as if Monsanto needs any more cash…) while vouching for the company itself and the safety of their products, why would he not be confident that what he was saying was true? Unless of course, he knew it wasn’t. Maybe a better, more revealing challenge would be to have the company CEO, or someone in the higher levels offer it to their children…maybe Obama or his ‘ food safety czar ‘ , who is from Monsanto, would offer it to their kids? When Obama signed HR 933, which contained legislation that protected Monsanto, was he confident, or signing blindly something into effect which would be detrimental to the public? Knowing that the US government, who is only working under a larger, much more insidious shadow government, works in ways that jeopardize the safety and well being of millions all over the world, and works toward several of their own agendas…it’s easy to see that this is nothing but their way of ensuring that; big money stays big, big business stays big, certain politicians are willing to throw their ‘ integrity ‘     ( which is debatable ) right out the window. How can we trust any of them? ANY politician who helps to work toward this kind of goal has immediately sold out, not only their own country, but any other parts of the world our food goes to. As well as all hopes of being favored in the public eye.

Let’s examine the term ‘ public eye ‘ shall we?…
Many people are ready and willing to vote for Donald Trump in the coming election…so, we can see that America is now full of idiots and people who don’t understand politics in the least. If they claim to, it is that they are satisfied with their FB status updates that show Trump’s rallies, in which black people are beaten and ostracized, white people are pushed aside for the black lives matter crowd…which did even happen to Bernie, gotta keep this honest. But the difference is that the ones at the Bernie rally were only there to promote their agenda. They literally stole the microphone and dominated the stage to shout their inequalities and discontent, which Bernie would try and help to solve if they had given him the chance.
As my grandfather Harold Lemieux ( Lemmy ) would have said, ” Denny, what is this world coming to? ” he would say this during the early to mid 80s, when people like Eddie Murphy were saying fuck every other word or Kiss was still trying to relive the success of the 70s era albums…funny that one of those examples have all but vanished from the spotlight while the other is still bringing in millions while posing and posturbating on stage with members who are not original, yet in the original member’s makeup…
” ( sung in a way-too-high falsetto ) Money Money Money Muuuh-neee …Money! ”

…of course, in my head i’m seeing Brian Griffin drunk, pissing into a plant, while shaking his tail…

( Seth, the check is on the way…please don’t send the leg-breakers again!! )

In a way, i’m almost relieved that all four of my grandparents, Harold, Corinne, Bill and Dotty are gone, and have been since 1992-2007 respectively. I wouldn’t want any of them to see the sad state we have become in America today. They did their part to make our once great country what it was…now it has been completely turned around and turned out on it’s beaten inside-out head.

Let’s just say Trump makes it in. Where will he go? What will he do? Who will he target, would be a better way to look at this i think. He’s already given plenty of indications that he doesn’t like Mexicans or immigrants in general, unless they’re working for him, of course…
He admitted this! Are we really to believe that he isn’t employing them for 5 dollars an hour in some sweat-shop somewhere in a third world country, or stuffed into some warehouse in New Jersey, never allowed to come out of the shadows? Where is there a difference between this, and the slave-owners who drafted our ‘ mighty ‘ and often misused constipation? Er uh, constitution, using human cargo for their needs? None at all, except he has shitloads of money to throw around, and buy whomever he wants in his pocket, which would include the US government apparently, since he clearly has at least some chance of being POTUS.
This is now a meaningless and worthless title. Long gone are the days of US presidents being role models for every youth, not only in America but world-wide. Think about how many people John F. Kennedy inspired. No matter who we discuss, in any context, we should always remember that every US president post WW2, could be tried for war crimes…quoting Noam Chomsky. Though, not to challenge Noam, but it is my understanding that Jimmy Carter had 4 years of relative peace in the White House, and he is the only one to have achieved that distinction. We could mention the failed attempt at rescuing the hostages in Iran…but we have to acknowledge that the CIA was already on the ground there. Was it actually them working with the already very impressionable Iranian students, to grab all these American diplomats and citizens ? An Operation Northwoods mentality fits here…Was this a ploy to discredit Carter so Reagan would be favored, and brought in? It sure seems that way when you consider the political climate of that moment in US history, and that many people in his administration, up through the Pentagon, were pushing him to go through with the rescue. The Iranians wouldn’t budge, until Carter was gone, out of office, and Reagan was brought in. This was clearly planned. The CIA was the middle man here.
The agenda was to have Carter out, and this was used as the way to do that. Think about it, 4 years of peace in America??? It’s, sadly, almost unheard of.
So as far as US presidents go, none of them were perfect, but they did their job. Yes, i agree with you there, that is debatable. I am looking at that sentence and my hand is begging me to revise it, but it would be too easy and would open up many separate and long, very involved cans of worms.
We know that after a certain point it became clear that many, if not most of them were from an elite class of seemingly pre-chosen, pre-groomed candidates, from some think-tank, which has global domination on their minds, no matter the cost, and/or toll.
The PNAC fits that description to a T! They had, and have, plans for global domination, and/or jurisdiction, they succeeded in their quest to impose a ‘ regime change ‘ in the Middle East, which we have seen happening in live-time since at least the mid 80s. Now today, we have a ” black president ” who is not even black! One who thinks nothing of race-baiting, and promoting the New Black Panthers. Even though, Malcolm Shabazz calls for killin’ Whitey, and smashin white babies on the sidewalk. This is the literal definition of not only racism, but think about it, he is in effect advocating eugenics. Yeah, how dare i have the sack to discuss a black man! I must be a racist…

His best friend Obama was groomed by a group of elites, this has been proven many times. Who were they? It would make sense that the PNAC was behind him getting into office. It sure as hell wasn’t his track record. So, with them in charge, i think it’s safe to assume that someone like Bernie Sanders, who would be the obvious choice for any country anywhere in the world, due to his fearlessness and bravado on the senate floor over issues that call attention to misdeeds and injustice everywhere, won’t ever get in. Who wouldn’t want someone like him?
The PNAC. The Bush family created CIA, formerly the OSS. The shadow government.

He doesn’t fit, he’s Carter…Trump, is no Reagan, but Ronnie was a ” tele-prompter president ” , quoting Jello Biafra. Trump, same as Reagan can stand there and read from a card same way Obama did. That piece of shit. He duped us all, myself included. I fought for that motherfucker for 4 years. Only to find out that he is just as corrupt as any of the others, if not more. What did he do to help ‘ his people ‘ while duping them? His allegiance to Islam is distressing, and very scary. Is he going to leave the White ( wash ) House? Or will he try for another term? He tried recently to get us into a war with Iran. It failed. If we did go, that would have ensured his extended stay. For how long?
Do we not think Trump would order troops out into the fields? Come on. As i’ve said, fight me on this if you want, anyone who votes for Trump is an idiot. We think Obama’s police state was bad??? I’m from Rockland, MA., but live in Taunton, just outside of Boston. The city of Watertown was on lock-down, just after the Boston bomb drill, and police went door to door to find a phantom ” terrorist ” who was innocent. So, police state over something the government itself created in a fake scenario, in the midst of promoting fake terrorism at a completely innocuous event, turned into a ‘ live ‘ terrorist attack. Do we think Trump wouldn’t do something like this, or sit back while it was being orchestrated?
Obama signing this bill into effect and literally protecting Monsanto from prosecution, says to me, that he is a part of the plan and always has been. He is working for the PNAC. It just makes sense. Check into Agenda 21…population control. What better way than to get a company like Monsanto who has dominated the food industry, as well as manufacturing things like Agent Orange, and other completely harmful agents of destruction, in the clear to do what they want? Now imagine Trump signing something like this, or even worse. Do we not think he would side with Monsanto? Imagine the casino buffet with all the GMO laden food just sitting there waiting to be consumed by all the drunk, high, ‘ money-spendin-in-the-name-of ‘ …morons, who don’t even know or seem to care what’s going on around them 24/7. Who else would be in his pocket? Who would have him in theirs? How would he shape the future of American ideals, which have been long outdated, and need  radical change? Radical change, is a very apropos play on words, yes. In these events used to promote an agenda, it is usually a radical who is the fall guy. Would he use ‘ some Muslim ‘ or some immigrant as the scapegoat, or patsy, in America’s next false flag?

I think it’s an insult to your intelligence as well as mine to not think like that at this point.

Of course he would, just like Obama did, and Bush Jr., and Clinton, and Bush Sr., and Reagan…skip Carter and go back even further to Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt…all the way back to the pre-WW2 climate in the USA…and we have to throw in Hoover, and others from the era. In most if not all of these instances, we can associate some foreign, ‘ outside threat ‘ with the justification of war, battles, skirmishes, chaos, un-Democratic policies that helped to ruin our destiny, which brings us to today.
Sign of the times in America.
Scandinavia sounds better and better every day.


Notice the wording in the meme above ( it’s not one that i made ) …

” we need real leadership, we need results…let’s put the US back into business…” …these words were chosen very carefully. ( 1st word of the con-stitution ) We…and this is the ONLY time the government has concerned it’s ‘ self ‘ with our interests…Need, ( instilling patriotism ) real ( proof that our former ‘ leaders ‘ were subject to ridicule, even by our own government ) leadership ( trade, outsourcing promoted by the leaders ) We, Need, results ( showing that the government itself is telling you, we’ve failed over the past few years we guess…) Let’s ( now we’re gonna work together…remember ” yes, we can…” …because it worked so well before apparently…become patriotic, more than ever for the common cause of rebuilding our once great country…they are literally saying we’ve destroyed our own country and in the process fucked you and your future lineage ) Put ( meaning we are prepared to force ourselves on the rest of the world, you with us or against? ) the, US not like we’re actually United anymore…

here it comes……..

Back Into Business. I have to wonder which came first the slogan or the Don?



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