When i say that i don’t want to see two men kissing, or having sex in public or in a web search, i’m called a homophobe…
there are just so many things that are wrong with that term.

I don’t fear homos, or want them to come to any harm. The real issue lies with it being so out in the open. What ever happened to couth? If i saw a girl sucking off a guy in a booth at the back of a restaurant, i’d complain about that too.

People who aren’t even involved get offended when i called gays, ‘ homo ‘ …how about this…mind your own business! No one asked you to respond to the way i see things. I didn’t tell you that you were an idiot until after you called me out. I would have never even known you were there if not for your need to be the great liberator.

I have gay friends…they call themselves homos, why shouldn’t i?

They are HOMO sexual, not just sexual. They are all for GAY rights, not just the human rights they already had. They go out of their way to be QUEER…what ever happened to just being normal? Normal meaning, not being a little fairy like my sisters. If you’re gay, be gay, but did you suddenly turn into a little girl?
I’m hetero, do i need to speak in a lower voice? No. So why do they talk in a higher more effeminate voice? Those are the ones i called faggots. They have taken this to a whole new level because they are no longer men, they are the catcher apparently. They have assumed the role of the female in their homosexual relationship, which is just bizarre if you think about it for a minute or two. The pitcher is really fucking a woman in the ass or mouth but it just happens to be a ‘ man ‘ …

Heteromo?? Hometero??…bisexual is still gay. By that same logic it’s also being straight.

The man is still a man, he just prefers to have a dick instead of a pussy.

So for all of the people who will call me a homophobe for writing my opinions here, i say that you are a heterophobe. You have a problem with my sharing my feelings because you are uncomfortable with what i say. This issue lies with you, how dare you imply that i have the problem here? I have no issue with people who are gay. There is a cut off, that should be applied. They are doing what they feel is correct. So, let’s apply this to everyone shall we?
Obama passed legislation that pretty much excuses pedophilia, saying they have a legitimate issue and they can’t help themselves, let them exist in society etc., i say shoot them in the fucking face. Gays shouldn’t be treated like this. They are only expressing their affections for their own sex, and there is a big difference between homos and pedos. Are some gays pedos? Maybe yeah, it would make sense, but then some heteros are pedos. What is the difference?
If you want to defeat an issue, defeat the issue of you and everyone else calling me a homophobe for using my right to speak my mind, or a racist when i say black people shouldn’t call each other nigger.
Think about my last sentence there…
when i say black people shouldn’t call each other nigger, i am called a racist!!!:)

One of my friends says i feel the need to use my god-given right to use the word nigger. Why wouldn’t i? Nigger is the word people react to. But blacks call each other nigger every five seconds. Oh but white people shouldn’t ever even think about using this word…so ridiculous. How about this, if you want to prove that you really aren’t so fucking stupid, and have a lower IQ than everyone else, stop using that word altogether. After all…

You aren’t calling each other ‘ Negro ‘ …which would be short for Negroid, which is your classification in anthropological terms, much the same that mine would be Caucasoid.

So, how can i be called racist when i’m only echoing the black person’s choice to use that word? Suddenly, all my work at race relations, and equality are down the tubes? All the work i’ve done reaching out online to black people and asking the important questions; why are black people racist against white people? Do you know that the first slave owner in America was a black man, named Anthony Johnson? Did you know that before any of your ancestors worked in America, Irish slavery was already a thing? Did you know that the Barbary pirates kidnapped, stole millions of Irish, Italian, French-Canadian, American Indian, Portuguese, Greeks, many many different European cultures were captured and forced into slavery, many of whom were sold to black land owners in Africa…

Honestly, ONE girl knew what i was talking about.

Otherwise i was met with all sorts of ‘ color ‘ ful insults. I was told i didn’t understand, it was a black thing…i said, it sounds like you’re the one who’s colorblind because ‘ white ‘ people were actually enslaved before blacks were in America, and it sounds like you can’t accept that. You are being a racist right now.

But, i know that everyone comes to understanding at their own pace. I blame the media for all of it. They are the ones telling everyone to be sensitive, and to use certain words over others. Is this not censorship?

Now let’s apply this retarded liberal logic to everything and everyone ok?

If i choose a Snickers bar over a Mounds bar, i’m a coconut-o-phobe. If i prefer Guinness, over Bud, i’m a rice water-o-phobe…if i choose steak over tofu, i’m a spore-o-phobe. See what you’re doing? Yes this is you. You are so intent on labeling my actions and opinions that you have fucked it up for everyone else who might offer their opinion. There should be no fear of being labeled a racist for saying black guys shoot each other, rob people, rape women and little girls and many of them have some serious hygiene issues. Yet YOU say i’m a racist for even saying this!

When did telling the truth become racism?
There should be no issue with my saying gay men who fuck each other in a public bathroom are depraved, and they should be prosecuted for it. They are so horny, or so gay that they are desperate enough to go and wait in a public bathroom, and wait for another fag to meet them there to fuck anonymously. Does that sound normal to you?

What if i did that? Waited for a woman in a woman’s room so we might be able to fuck? I’d be thrown in jail before i ever got the chance. But this isn’t a hetero issue it’s a homo issue, for men and/or women. They do wait in those bathrooms for some remote chance that they might be able to get off. This is sick.

Not everyone fucks little kids, but how do we know who’s who? Not that you would let your kid go in there alone, at least i wouldn’t. There’s no telling what you would allow, you can’t even call it for what it is with your liberal logic. Maybe you’d say, eh, my kid got fucked in the mouth by some faggot in a bathroom, but it’s ok, cause GAY RIGHTS!!!

If i say a priest should be shot in the head for fucking an altar boy, is that churchist of me?
Fuck you, you are the problem today. Not me.
You are a logic-o-phobe. You are afraid of being called a homo hating, race baiting, transgender denying piece of shit. So you would lie and pretend that these things don’t bother you? It bothers you when someone says black guys fucking white girls is gross. It is gross. I have black friends, i don’t want to see them fucking a white girl. I don’t want to see a white girl with them naked, or having sex, it just doesn’t look right. Why should i be called out for saying that? Why should you make me feel like i have some kind of problem for expressing my opinion? I certainly don’t wish them or the girl who would do that any ill will. But why should i be forced to watch it, or to accept it just because everyone else thinks it’s ok?

It makes you uncomfortable when i say there’s a difference between niggers and regular good old black people? Ok so by your own logic, are you saying there ISN’T a difference between blacks and niggers?
Ok , so there is no difference between gay guys who would suck a random dick in a greasy dirty bathroom just to be the faggot they are, and the clean good people who identify as homosexual, not dirty fags?
Ok, so there’s no difference between men who dress as women just to be on the cover of a magazine, smiling like some little girl when they are really a big burly man, and the clown at the circus? Or the pedophile who just bought a round trip ticket to Thailand so he could go fuck a 5 year old boy…

OH now you tell me the issue lies with Thailand having 5 year old boys available for sex???

You should just kill yourself now, because it is you who is fucking up our country.

Oh, so now i should be prosecuted for implying that the world would be better without you in it? Why is that? I was the one who said we should call things for what they are, call em right. It is you who say, don’t call it for what it is, because someone might get offended.

How many black fags are gonna rape you in jail? How many white fags are gonna rape you in jail? How many humans are gonna rape you stab you, make you feel like you have no other choice but to engage in homosex, just because you are in jail? How many years will be added to your sentence if you stab them in the fucking throat for ever coming at you to have sex?

But by your own logic, you will just turn the other ‘ cheek ‘ and let them fuck you because if you don’t…
you would be a homophobe.


bloodless coup

” A coup d’état, also known simply as a coup, or an overthrow, is the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus. A coup d’état is considered successful when the usurpers seize and hold power for at least seven days. ” …


Qaddafi was successful with his bloodless coup in 1969.

We need him right now in the U.S.A., and ” Obama ” had him murdered.

This ‘ leader ‘ of ours, has done much to destroy our country. He went into Libya and deposed Qaddafi, for no other reason than he was set to abandon the U.S., dollar in favor of the gold dinar. The same thing happened when Saddam announced he was going to do the same. Suddenly we had a reason to kill them both. Now, Blobama, to quote my Mom, is in the U.K., trying to convince them that we’ll impose sanctions and make it harder for them if they don’t get on the same page, as far as the units of currency regarding the E.U.

One brave female reported stood and asked, ‘ what do you think of the people who say this is none of your business? ‘ …
I thought that was great!!

I don’t like him.

I did support him for years, but after a while the whole ‘ black guy in office ‘thing wore off and i saw who he really is. He is a war criminal. He took up where Bush left off.
He needs to go.

IF Qaddafi was alive today, he could save our country. He did wonders for Libya.

Blobama devastated Tripoli, killed innocent women and children.
I’d like to shove his peace prize up his faggot ass. I believe he gave the order to fuck Qaddafi in the ass before he was killed, he was sodomized. I believe that was insult to injury. He needs to be gone right now. Russia is now responding to Blobama’s nuclear threats with threats of their own. If someone doesn’t act now he will bring us into nuclear war. Over what? He likes to wave his dick around and show everyone how powerful the U.S.A., is.

Well, we need our military to step in and take him down a few pegs.

This happened in 2013, when he was planning a false flag in Washington, D.C., at the Navy ship yard there. He was going to detonate 3 nukes, and pretend it was a foreign attack. Same as 9/11.
A group of U.S., soldiers stood up and went after him, almost killed him in fact. He had a nervous breakdown over it.
He is an embarrassment.

Long live the spirit of the greatest leader the world has ever seen

Portrait Of Gaddafi  In 1972
LIBYA – JUNE 23: The Colonel and President of the Republic of Libya, Muammar El Gaddafi on June 23, 1972. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images ) *** Local Caption *** Muammar al Gaddafi


WE THE FASCISTS of the U.S., government, in order to form a more pertinent union of destruction, hatred, dictatorship and greed, do enact these certain sets of laws which do take away all rights, liberties, and power of the people in the Divided States of Israelica.
We have taken an Arab, Muslim tyrant, in the guise of a poor black guy from the inner city, and placed him in the prime position to take the reins and steer you into Hell.

Your Constitutional bills and amendments are useless, worthless in this dictatorial quagmire…our favorite Arab Jew, Ubayd will promise ‘ change and hope ‘ , while lying to you all and telling you, ” yes we can ” …

No, we can’t…we won’t. We don’t care about you, your children, your elders…in fact we will strike at you and them with impunity. We will attack at 3am, dropping bombs and white phosphorus on your neighborhoods, then shoot you in the back while you run away.
We will bring drugs into the country, then distribute them to the inner cities, while pretending we care enough to act. Prosecuting those who are duped into buying said drugs from our undercover agents, the same ones who have brought those drugs to them. We will target the black public, so we can turn it around in the main stream media, making ourselves look like we are sympathetic to the black man, while in fact we want him eradicated from our white-oriented society.

We will make you feel bad for having reservations about walking down the street while there are groups of disgruntled blacks, just waiting to shoot you in your fucking face. They will gang-rape an 11 year old girl…15 of them! And we will tell you, a group of teens did it. No. Black teens did it, not white teens black teens. Black teens and young adults are the problem and we will make that very clear. All of them should be killed, and by what we’ve put out in the media and movies, we are slowly but surely causing that to happen. We sit back smoking our fat cigars and snorting our coke, while our 5 year-old whores bring us our mint juleps and we kick them in the ass…
we will sit in the back rows of our churches while our 10 year-old altar boys show us their sucking devotion to God, while we decry any efforts to debunk this god. We will encourage pedophilia while telling you it’s ok to be sexually deviant. As long as you don’t say gay people are disgusting, or black people should be killed…we want these things but we are smart enough to hide our wants in long drawn out examples of double-speak and triple entendres.

Our banks are empty, yet we tell you they’re full of your money. Your money which we had no problem spending on our wars, over nothing but a reason to go impose Democracy on yet another Theocratic system which we will dismantle in our effort to rule the world.
Hell, let’s just be honest, we will kill you, it’s already happening everywhere, so why don’t you just save us the trouble and kill yourself?

You aren’t important enough to save so just fucking do it will you? Hurry up hurry up, yes yes i know, you’ll miss ya Mommy blahblahblah…go, now!
Agenda 21, will bring us our new America, full of Zionist pigs, and money hungry, child-raping tyrants who snort our faces off all day and fuck our cocks off all night. We will be in the dungeons of Yale in our Skull and Bones, while wearing our black robes and girly underwear…masturbation rituals inside coffins, while fucking the face of our latest kill, the 5 year-old Muslim girl we killed this morning on the way to breakfast.
She doesn’t matter, you don’t matter, we matter.
No one but us matters in our grand scheme, which is only a method to the madness of rich Jews, and drug-addicted pedophiles sitting in the White House, taking pot-shots at the constitution and aiming at the heart of humanity.


Better yet, we’ll push your Grandmother out the 3rd storey window, while we stab your daughter in the ass with our presidential erection process…fear not, we will erase you and your family from history, if you resist. If you write your discontent on our social media sites, we will kick in your door and shoot you in the shower, blaming it on a black teen, who we’ve paid with drugs. When you speak out in public, you can guarantee we will send in our thugs to knock you back into shape. If you fight back you will be shot. If you use your rights of free speech, you will be taken out back and shot. If you use your intellect to deride our plan, we will murder your parents and make it look as if you just fucking lost it.

” Well, from what his neighbors say, he just had a problem. ” …


just us

It’s amazing to me that no one has killed ” Obama ” …after all he’s done to our country.

In 2013, when he was set to detonate a nuclear weapon in the Navy yard in Washington, D.C., on the anniversary of 9/11…a group of U.S., soldiers were going to take him out, meaning kill him. They knew what he was going to do, and stepped in to stop it. This would have been a false flag attack, backed by elements of our own government.

He had a nervous breakdown over it.

I supported that fucker from the beginning. All my friends told me he’s an asshole, he doesn’t care about the U.S.A.,…i said, nah, give him a chance, he’ll prove himself. Well, he sure did!

He proved his loyalties to big banks, big business, big drugs, big terror…while standing at the podium, reassuring us that he would bring ‘ change ‘ …

Well, again, he sure did!
He changed the U.S., constitution, made it ok to deem the least healthy people not worthy of life through his ridiculous healthcare ‘ plan ‘ , he took away our freedoms and liberties that the founding fathers, no matter how completely fucked they were, set out to create in the 1770s. This of course is the natural course of events for a terrorist to undertake, in the name of final destruction of our once great nation. He needs to be removed, now. Why has no one acted on this? Congress and the House of Representatives should have acted, and because they didn’t they are just as guilty. They have enabled him by standing back and watching it all unfold, throwing their hands in the air, like ‘ eh, he is the Prez ‘ …

No, he is not. He was never legal, he is not a citizen of the U.S.A., and never ever was. If we believe the false narrative that he was born in Kenya, he would be British, since it was under British rule until 1964. If we are to believe the ridiculous narrative that he was born in Hawaii, he might be considered a ‘ citizen ‘ but it is clear that he wasn’t born in Hawaii.
Besides, according to the laws in Hawaii, a citizen with foreign credentials is able to draft a certificate of live birth, reflecting their residence in Hawaii.
He was naturalized…how could he be a citizen if he was naturalized? From what Steven Pidgeon found in 2011, his name was Barak Mounir Ubayd, until October of 1982, when he changed his name to Barack Obama Jr., just about a month before Obama Sr., died.

Who is this man sitting in the White ( wash ) House?
He said he was a Christian, he was African-American…he was neither. He is 50% white, 44% Arab, and only 6% black. He is not African, and more importantly he is not American. He isn’t a Christian, he is Muslim. He may have been born in Canada, since his name change occurred in British Columbia.
Will someone take it upon themselves to kill him? Will we see it in live time like we all did with J.F.K.? He was killed for nothing more than saying he would dismantle the C.I.A., and doing all he could to defeat the shady dealings of the U.S., government.
” Obama ” or Ubayd as i call him, has done much more to offend us and detract from our entire way of life.

If the government would kill one of their own-J.F.K., or at least stand back and let it happen…why haven’t they acted with Ubayd? They have to be in on it.
If we can’t trust our own government, we need to act on our own, and overthrow this corrupt system, for once and for all.
Time for a coup d’état…but, it HAS to succeed, or it could bring us into civil war.
Ubayd likes his drones so much, and uses them to ” take out the terrorists ” …
one should be aimed at him.

Barak Mounir Ubayd-terrorist


” There’s no justice, there’s just us ”



break a tooth…

On gay America, and the forced depiction of it in the media.

It has gotten out of control when you do a web search for, ‘ female nude bent over showing ass and pussy ‘ …and you get black guys sucking each other off…or a white guy fucking a black guy…see what being politically correct does?
This is the ONLY place where i am all for segregation. Keep the gay shit in the gay area…is that too much to ask? Not everyone is so accepting of it. This is forced visual bisexuality. Visual rape…can i sue for this??

I’m called ‘ intolerant ‘ for saying this stuff…of course, ‘ kill a homo ‘ right? Give me a break…

Besides, let’s take a minute to unravel some more of that good old retarded liberal logic…shall we?

Take the word, intolerant. This means i won’t tolerate something because it doesn’t jive with my way of thinking or doing things. Right?

Ok, good.

Now let’s assume i was tolerant…this would mean i tolerate something. This means i allow it to occur, albeit begrudgingly. Is it better to be tolerant, and to allow something, begrudgingly, which would mean to scowl and make evil gestures at it, then smile as if i actually cared… Allow? Like i have any power over the situation? There is no power, it’s a two sided thing. You are a man who is kissing another man, i don’t like that so i cannot possibly tolerate it.

It’s my opinion that it shouldn’t be out in the open. Think about what you’re doing…how many innocent little boys see two guys kissing and want to try it? How many boys in their teens, know they are supposed to experiment, and decide that it’s ok to do it with other boys? IT’S NOT OK. You’re forcing them to think this way. They should come to it on their own, IF they’re gonna come to it at all.
Being gay is a choice, the same way that being hetero is. The other side of this is, you can NOT be gay or hetero, NOT have sex at all. It isn’t a necessity in any other way but to satisfy our ego, or to have children.
Now anything goes because someone somewhere decided you should feel bad for offending someone.
It’s them who got offended. Maybe they should toughen up a bit…
Yes, you are correct, i am offended by what i saw…my point is, the reason i saw it in public and was offended is because the bleeding hearts decided it was ok. More than that, it’s encouraged. It’s become acceptable to just pretend nothing bothers you. I can’t do that. And yes, you are correct again. By the same token that i don’t care if you’re offended by this piece, i understand that they, or you might not care that i’m offended.
Their being gay isn’t my issue, it’s seeing men kissing, or more to the point, homo-eroticism.
” HO-NAY!!! ” Ho HELL nay…

This should be something that is kept in the bedroom or to yourself. The same way that i don’t want to see a guy and girl kissing, Frenching in public, fucking on a park bench…
Even hetero-eroticism bothers me.
Keep that shit out of the public eye, keep your tongue in your mouth! So fucking gross! What’s worse is hearing it…
Outside of this piece, i keep my heterosexuality to myself…although, anything i do will be laced with vaginas and breasts: women who are dainty and cute, or thick and broad…as well as women who are kick ass and tough as hell…but they are still women.
I like my girls to be actual girls.
ME BOY, YOU GIRL…and they are obviously women, not some gender bending, modified man in a tight dress and a fake girly smile…

BRUCE Jenner. He was my hero when i was a kid…now, i don’t know what to think. When he came out and said eh, i’m a woman now, i had to think, this is fake, he can’t really mean it. I guess he does mean it. It’s weird man, it’s just weird…and i shouldn’t be made to feel like an asshole for saying that. I supported him when he first did it, but i’ve changed my mind since then. You’re not a girl you’re a man.

I have a close friend, of about 35 years who decided he wanted to be a she…and as much as i love the guy, what the fuck!!!? Again, he forced me and everyone else to be ‘ ok ‘ with his decision. Really, what are we going to do, write him off over it? He/she’s still my good good friend, but…what the fuck??!

For me, this weirdness started in the days when people like Madonna were still relevant, and she had so many fags and black dudes on stage, making out with them and shit…what is your message? What are you trying to achieve? They are gay, and you are making out with them…what is your purpose? I never understood it. Maybe she didn’t either. To me, she was trying to break down barriers, or something…what barriers? They weren’t there to begin with. If nothing else, the people who force this shit to be accepted, ARE putting up barriers, because before they did this we didn’t know there were barriers, you get it? Like you’re born, and from the first day you can understand your Ma, you are probably told, this is God, God is good he gets all the cash, you need to always include him in everything you do…why? well, because we do honey, just go with it.

I remember hearing years ago that ‘ Jesus ‘ was gay, or bisexual, which is still gay if you’re a man. If you willingly take a dick in your mouth or ass, guess what? You are gay. But, i thought, how is this relevant? He turned water into wine, not sperm right?
I guess this is the point i’m making. Why should it be relevant? Why should your sexuality be relevant? Why should my repulsion over your public display not be acceptable?

Quick clarification, gotta keep it honest here…anyone from Massachusetts, who saw N.I.N., and Jane’s Addiction in Mansfield in 2010, saw me get head right out in the open. My bad. I had a panic attack and my girlfriend took me by the hand to the area by the bathrooms and went down.
So, one notch for me on the ‘ hypocrite side ‘ there…

Hetero has become a risky term today. You are looked at as a sexist, if you separate the terms hetero, homo. In fact, when i say homo, PEOPLE GET OFFENDED!!…WHY? Why would they get offended? Apparently we’re supposed to just sit there and shut up. Fuck you.

Again, being gay isn’t the issue. Be gay…suck as much dick as you can…break a tooth, i really don’t care. But it has gotten so out of control that now it has become an insult to couth.

Another thing that bothers me is the term ‘ gay marriage ‘ …WHAT?? How is this different than regular marriage? I don’t mean the obvious fact that it’s two guys or girls in love getting married…it is that when you’ve accepted that this little descriptive should be added onto the term, ‘ gay ‘ …marriage…it is still separate from normalcy. Why would anyone accept this? They are fighting for gay marriage rights…idiots! You have just given up your battle by allowing the other side to dictate what your marriage should entail. Not a regular one, a gay one. Are you really alright with that? Because i wouldn’t be alright if i got married, and it was called a ‘ fat marriage ‘…or if i was drugged out of my damn skull and it was called a ‘ high marriage ‘ …
Get married, be in love, live together…good for you and best of luck to you, sincerely. I have gay friends. I respect them. I don’t want to see them doing what they do because it is disgusting. I don’t want them to see me licking a pussy or fucking a pussy…why would i want to see them sucking a dick? It’s just not right!

Nowadays it’s perfectly acceptable to see two guys having sex, or seeing naked men in a web search. They have replaced what used to be our heterosexual culture in America. Men are feminine, and women are masculine.

Again, i don’t have a problem with someone being gay, it is that now it’s interfered with my own life. When i search for ‘ has Al Sharpton’s skin become lighter? ‘ …and i see a naked pic of a black dude…i want to puke. I search for ‘ nude woman ‘…what do i get? Naked men fucking each other sucking each other off…it is gross! This is the new America?
What about all the posturing for normalcy in the world? This is not normalcy. Being fruity gay is not normal. Are you a man or a woman? It is literally that simple. Be gay…fuck guys. That doesn’t make you a 13 year-old girl…
There are gay men who could kick my ass. Lift the front end of a car…they aren’t running around like one of my sisters.

Today everyone is so worried about offending others, this is the end result.
Well, i don’t care. Too bad.
When you say, ‘ i think gay guys are disgusting ‘ …someone says, you’re a homophobe! And they go out of their way to force you into accepting it as normal. It is not normal.

This actually happened on a ‘ friend’s ‘ FB page. He said gay people should be allowed to get married. I chimed in with ‘ i agree. Be gay, do what you want. I just hate seeing it. ‘ …i was called every name in the book and he went on to show gay guys kissing each other, tongues wrapped and fagging it up. Fuck that! I didn’t say don’t be gay. I said, be gay, be happy, do it all you want, i just don’t want to see it. Why am i the asshole? Was i saying don’t be in love? Don’t express your genuine affection for your partner?

I have what’s called decorum…a sense of propriety. You keep it to yourself, you don’t fuck your girl on the front lawn because it’s between you, not the rest of the world. When gay people are in public, kissing and making out…who is that for? We already know you’re gay, you sound like a faggot. A faggot is girly queer…beyond gay. Why? Why do some gays, and my friends do this as well…talk in a higher more frilly voice, and change the way their ‘ S’s ‘ sound…why? Why would anything change? If you’ve been into guys your whole life, why change this now? If i was gay, i’d still be the burly, 300lb., 6 foot tall guy i am, not some little Nancy who wears my sister’s clothes.
What the fuck is wrong with people?
What is wrong with me saying this?
Let’s see how many people tell me i’m being ‘ insensitive ‘ or my favorite word…” intolerant ” …idiots…this means i won’t tolerate certain things. How is that a bad thing? The opposite would be tolerant, right? So i’ll ‘ tolerate ‘ your behavior, because someone told me i should?
I will not tolerate something i disagree with.
Hate me, tell me i’m an asshole. FUCK YOU.
Keep the gay in the bedroom where it should be and have some fucking self respect.
The fact that gay men call each other queer, or faggot, is the same as black people calling each other nigger. So why is it that if i call a gay man a fag, he gets upset? Why is it that if i hear two black guys calling each other nigga, which is the same as saying nigger…and i call them out on it, they get upset?
YOU are attaching the derisive term to yourself. Why do gay women get offended when i call them dike? Why do gay men get upset when i call attention to the fact that they like the hairy ass of another man? Do they suck dick? Do they find it appealing to fuck a man in his asshole?
YES. So, 2 + 2 = fag
Some will say, ‘ oh…well this means you are gay yourself, and that you simply cannot accept your own gayness. Freud would say…….blahblahblah…’
EH!! Wrong answer. I was a teenager…i experimented a few times, but i didn’t like it. It wasn’t natural to me, so i didn’t do it anymore. And there are other reasons. I was molested by my Grandmother’s neighbor when i was 8 or 9…i thought i was gay as a kid because a guy fucked me. I wasn’t and i’m not now. If i was, believe me everyone would know it because i’m a slut. But that is just not the case.

Am i for denying someone their freedom? Hell no!

What bothers me is that now they are denying me my own by inundating me with images of something i think is gross. We are pushed into being ‘ accepting of this culture ‘ …ok but why should i have to see it? Why should there be an open area of images available to most people who are forced to endure this? We have a gay president. He’s a Muslim. He hates America.
THAT is why. He isn’t even black, yet if you say, we have a nigger in the White House…people will fucking flip! What…is it not true? I say nigger because he acts like one. Technically it isn’t true because he’s not black, he’s only 6% black by blood, and that’s if we go by his false information saying he was born in Kenya, which i do not believe.
His name was Barak Mounir Ubayd until 1982, when he changed it to Barack Obama.
Who is this guy? Who did you elect to be president? You got him in and now our country is ruined because of him. Why did you elect him? Because he’s???….black.

He is one of the biggest race-baiters out there, and he contributes to the attitude of people like Samir Shabazz, a black supremacist, and a true nigger, who calls for the destruction of the ‘ white ‘ race…someone needs to shoot that fucker in the face. That is how to kill racism, kill the racists. Why not start with him? I wrote on one of his pages, that i never heard him mention all the white slaves, all the little Irish girls who were molested, brought into factories at age 9, forced to be raped by a black slave, by the British royalty, who only did this to create the Mulatto complexion. I was called every name in the book, and told i didn’t understand racism. No…i don’t understand how a black guy can stand on the street and claim racial profiling while he’s calling his friends and family nigger. That is just ridiculous. ” Obama ” has done nothing but exacerbate this by allowing it to continue. You want to help ‘ your people ‘ ? Do something about it. By the way, ‘ his people ‘ are white, Jewish, Arab Muslims, not black. He is 50% white, 44% Arab, and 6% black.

What did he do? Everyone should be gay, Muslim and not ever question authority.

This is America???
No, it is not.

Even my friend Rick agreed with me that seeing gay men kissing in public is wrong…
I have known him most of my life. He’s an excellent vocalist, very active in his Christian belief, which i am not…very open and just a good guy! He got married recently to his boyfriend. MORE power to them both. But even he fell into the trap of having a ‘ gay ‘ marriage.
You marry your partner, it’s just marriage. To be forced to accept that little stipulation: you HAVE to attach the word gay to your marriage is nothing but offensive, and i think it’s wrong to do that. The mere fact that there HAS to be a separation, says to me that gays have won nothing. It’s the same as black people being allowed to have more rights. ALLOWED?? Didn’t they already have certain inalienable rights? Apparently not, because someone somewhere had to define that degree: which of those rights were afforded them.
How is that freedom? Democracy?
So please…if you’re a homo, do what i do as a hetero. Keep it to yourself and your partner, love each other. And stop being so politically correct. It IS destroying America


the first Holocaust

Tonight { April 23rd, 2016 } marks the 101st anniversary of the beginnings of the Armenian Genocide. It’s listed as starting on the 24th but it started on the 23rd. This was the first Holocaust…not many people mention it in our Zionist run media.

All the focus is on the ‘ 6 million Jews ‘ of WW2…

the Ottoman Empire fell and eventually became what is Turkey today. All the refugees, migrants, displaced masses…are the exact result of Turkey doing what happened back then. And our ” leader ” is doing all he can to contribute to the terror there by arming, financing ISIS/ISIL. Read it for yourself before you call me out. Google is a wonderful thing…and maybe think twice before you condemn each and every ‘ immigrant ‘ huh?

In 1915, Armenians, Syrians and Greeks were relocated, and later murdered and/or starved to death. Today, we’ve seen the same thing happen. Maybe the circumstances are a bit different but the Genocide has been in motion for years. Look at Palestine, in effect, Israel is doing the same thing there. This is Apartheid.
Women were crucified, babies were burned alive, and smashed on the ground. Elderly men were gutted in the road.
I cleaned it up for this post…but i found a good summary of the events, here…

” World War One gave the Young Turk government the cover and the excuse to carry out their plan. The plan was simple and its goal was clear. On April 24th 1915, commemorated worldwide by Armenians as Genocide Memorial Day, hundreds of Armenian leaders were murdered in Istanbul after being summoned and gathered. The now leaderless Armenian people were to follow. Across the Ottoman Empire (with the exception of Constantinople, presumably due to a large foreign presence), the same events transpired from village to village, from province to province.

The remarkable thing about the following events is the virtually complete cooperation of the Armenians. For a number of reasons they did not know what was planned for them and went along with “their” government’s plan to “relocate them for their own good.”
{ notice a similarity here…}
First, the Armenians were asked to turn in hunting weapons for the war effort. { gun control } Communities were often given quotas and would have to buy additional weapons from Turks to meet their quota. Later, the government would claim these weapons were proof that Armenians were about to rebel. { sound familiar? } The able bodied men were then “drafted” to help in the wartime effort. These men were either immediately killed or were worked to death. Now the villages and towns, with only women, children, and elderly left were systematically emptied. The remaining residents would be told to gather for a temporary relocation and to only bring what they could carry. The Armenians again obediently followed instructions and were “escorted” by Turkish Gendarmes in death marches.

The death marches led across Anatolia, and the purpose was clear. The Armenians were raped, starved, dehydrated, murdered, and kidnapped along the way. The Turkish Gendarmes either led these atrocities or turned a blind eye. Their eventual destination for resettlement was just as telling in revealing the Turkish governments goal: the Syrian Desert, Der Zor. Those who miraculously survived the march would arrive to this bleak desert only to be killed upon arrival or to somehow survive until a way to escape the empire was found. Usually those that survived and escaped received assistance from those who have come to be known as “good Turks,” from foreign missionaries who recorded much of these events and from Arabs. ”





Disjointed States of America

Why has the U.S.A., done nothing about Israel using white phosphorus?

” Human Rights Watch found 24 spent white phosphorus shells in Gaza, all from the same batch made in a U.S., ammunition factory in 1989 by Thiokol Aerospace. { the company found responsible for the crash of the Challenger in 1986 } Other shells were photographed during the war with markings showing they were made in the Pine Bluff Arsenal, also in America, in 1991.

Human Rights Watch said the Israeli military often used the weapon even in areas where there were no Israeli troops on the ground, which it said, “strongly suggests that the IDF [Israel Defence Forces] was not using the munition for its obscurant qualities but rather for its incendiary effect”. …” …

We went to war in Iraq for Saddam’s alleged use of W.M.D.

…we went in and destroyed everything, murdered anywhere from 250,000 to 1 million innocent people, depending on which report you read…the number of orphans due to the fallout of the US invasion is anywhere from 400,000 to 5 million…caused decades of unrest. Over what? Over nothing.

” The Israeli military has previously denied using white phosphorus during the 15-day offensive in the Gaza Strip, but has said that any munitions that it does use comply with international law. ” …yes, because white phosphorus is not illegal. Therefore, they can say it isn’t a W.M.D.

They are claiming that they use it as an ‘ obscurant ‘ , to mask their movements across the battlefield…well, how about not having the damn battlefield??! They have forced these battles. Over what? Over their own want to dominate any area they choose, even if that area has been inhabited by native citizens of whatever nationality. Zionists want it all because they believe they are entitled to it. They are not entitled. This is a crime against humanity and this is what they have been doing for decades.

In short, the Zionists ARE the Anglicized personification of the typical Nazi.

I read something yesterday that said ‘ NA-tionalist ZI-onist ‘ …and i get it, but i had to laugh because they were paid by the Zionists to be the scapegoat in WW2. Nationalist Socialist is more fitting since they, under Hitler’s direction were fighting to take back what was once theirs, meaning Poland, as well as Germany’s independence. But all this was initiated by the Zionists who took Poland from Germany in the first place. This was all part of a larger, much more insidious scheme, to place millions of harmless lower class Jews directly in the line of fire.
Just like what has been happening in Palestine since 1967. The plan was hatched to eradicate Palestinians from the planet, the same way we were all told, BY the Zionists that the Nazi party intended to do to the Jews.

I have to, loosely, quote Muammar Qaddafi, at one of his brilliant speeches at the U.N., where he said, speaking to both sides…Palestine, you had control of the area Israel wants from 1946 to 1967, you did nothing until they moved to take it. Only then did you react. Why? Israel, you did nothing for that same amount of time…why?
He brought it out into the open which he was famous for doing. Which is only one of many reasons ” Obama ” had him killed.

Shame on Israel’s favorite black, well half-black…….well, actually, he is of mixed race. Well to be exact, he is about 50% white, about 44% Arab…scary! and about 6% black. So, technically, he is ‘ white-Arab ‘ not black…

Qaddafi would have literally changed the world. He wanted to abandon the US dollar and move to the gold dinar, which would have effectively wiped out all need for the Western influence, need for international banks, and the need for ‘ intervention ‘ from the West as a whole. As a Zionist run, and maintained whole, we would suffer instant collapse. Can’t have that now can we??!
So, ” Obama ” used ‘ rebels ‘ who were actually Al-Qaeda, to escalate the fake attack on the U.S., consulate, which shouldn’t have even been open, and used them to fake kidnap Ambassador Stevens, who WAS running guns to those very ‘ rebels ‘ Al-Qaeda. This was all backed, and i believe enabled by Israel. It is known that certain agents from Mossad have been used in I.S.I.S.,/I.S.I.L., the Taliban, Al-Qaeda…Mossad is from Israel.

When will ” Obama ” stop being a puppet? He will not. When will he take out his dick and remember that he even has one? He will not. He’s too busy pretending he’s black, to get the black votes, and to pretend he gives a fuck. He is totally fine with Israel doing all this because he won’t be around long enough for it to matter. He is ‘ this close ‘ to using white phosphorus on his own people in the Disjointed States of America…
” Israel used white phosphorus during its 34-day war against Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement in 2006, while the United States used it during the controversial siege of the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004. ” …….
Why does Israel get away with this? Why did the U.S.A., get away with it? Because as David Duke says, Zionists run America. Because no one says a word when we kill innocent people. When someone says, ” the U.S.A., should pay for what they’ve done! ” …you hear crickets chirping…everyone mumbles amongst themselves…” eh, we’ll let it slide. ” …

They’re too afraid of retaliation.

This is why i call our country Israelica.

Why has ” Obama ” done nothing about this? His biggest campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs…a Zionist entity. Why would they pay into his own obvious black, no wait Arab supremacist leanings?
Why is he doing nothing? Because he won’t bite the hands that feed him and his fake family. I don’t believe for one second that those are his kids. I think they are Michelle’s kids. I believe he is CIA, or even Mossad. He is Jewish, he is Arab. They are completely manufactured. Is she in on it, or an innocent mook in the scheme to put him in place?

How many children have died during his time in the White ( wash ) House?
Why has the U.S.A., given Israel an average of 3 billion a year since 1985? Who’s to say that’s the true date it started? Why do they have unlimited access to our weaponry? Surely we don’t need to keep it there…so, was it OUR white phosphorus that Israelis used on the Lebanese? It must have been. As you read at the top, it was from our own factories, from 1989, and again in 1991. This would have been part of the huge amount of ‘ aid ‘ given to them. Where else would they get it from?

They want Palestinians wiped from the Earth. Will they use it on them? Yes, they already have, and no one did a thing!

Israel is an illegal state. Palestine is not.

The Zionists moved hundreds of thousands of ‘ Jews ‘ to Palestine. By the numbers, that would be 600,000
What happens when you add a zero to an already large number?
6 hundred thousand
6 million
we heard that the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews
We heard that ” 6 million Jews went missing or ( were ) dead ”
So, if we do the math, it would make sense that the number of ‘ 6 million dead ‘ in WW2, were actually moved to Palestine. The United Nations were behind this.
Why? They’ve regretted it since.
The Zionists run the U.N., that’s why. How else could ” Obama ” sit as Chairman there? HIM of all people…

Israel turned on them. They just don’t care who’s who. They promote diversity, while in reality they would want dead Palestinian children just to have their own territory. The Palestinians would be fine with a shared territory, the Israelis would not.

When i keep saying Israelis of course i am talking about the government and group of world leaders, not the everyday average citizens, many of whom are great, hard working, open-minded people. The government is under the delusional impression that they are doing this for their people, while keeping up the narrative that they are doing this in tribute for all the dead killed by the Nazis, when in reality they never even died. The Nazis were paid, enabled, armed by the Zionists themselves. Hitler was enabled by the Zionists themselves. He was ‘ used ‘ in their scheme to erase the lower class Jews from history. Anyone who can have an open mind and really read into this will see that they’ve been lied to for the past 70 years, about WW2, about the Jews being burned in ovens…all of it. When you break it down, those who WERE burned in ovens represent the numbers of them who died of starvation, disease etc., who were only caught in the middle of the great war, which was started by the Zionists themselves.
Look into the causes of both world wars and you come up with a common denominator…the Zionists.

Israel is trying to create a new America. They are literally doing what the settlers did.
The only difference is that when the settlers ended up here they had left the ‘ oppression ‘ of their former land, while Israel was behind the ‘ oppression ‘ they claim.
If the Zionists get their way, they will reshape the integral structure of our country. It’s already begun. Look at Turkey…the Ottoman Empire never went away, it moved to Turkey. The forced relocation of the Armenians, Syrians, and Greeks, is still happening today.

How long will it be until we, the citizens of the U.S.A., are relocated?

When will the skies be full of white phosphorus, over Boston, New York, California…your town?

We do now live in a police state which is only getting worse.

Can we all expect the front door to be kicked in, and a gun in our face for speaking out against our Fascist government?…

” yes we can ” …