The Project for the New American Century ( P.N.A.C., ) called for a ” catalyzing event on the scale of a New Pearl Harbor ” …in 1992
how many have we seen since then? In 1990-91 when Bush Sr., imposed his services in Saudi Arabia, which was done, at least in part to fulfill the P.N.A.C.’s quest to create a ‘ regime change ‘ in the Middle East…and this actually goes back to the mid 80s…                   and has been used again and again all the way up to 9/11…
and Sandy Hook right?
On 9/11 we were told, it was the ” biggest attack on U.S., soil ” …
Sandy Hook was called, the ” biggest attack on U.S., soil ” …
which is it?
P.N.A.C., called for this in 1992…funny, we were told that Adam Lanza was born in 1992…harmless coincidence, or brutal connection? Both events, all events we can name were done for an agenda, and we know for a fact, no conspiracy theorism involved, that these were false-flag attacks. If the P.N.A.C., called for this in 1992, i would have to assume it took some time to craft…( ‘ Craft ‘ International…set the detonations on April 15th, 2013 in the Boston bomb drill…) …such an event, and/or group of events, all laid-out waiting to be enacted.

These events seem to have been pre-scripted, pre-planned, back in the early 90s, or even earlier, and i believe the phantom Adam Lanza, was created back then. One of many patsies on a list for future reference. This would mean that ANY name we see attached to these events, could be a false name. Remember that 9 of the supposed hijackers from 9/11 are alive and well today. How could that be if they died in fiery plane crashes? Maybe they attached themselves to their passports, which apparently can resist high temperatures and buildings collapsing in controlled demolition…
Recently, i shared a different pic of ‘ Adam ‘ …which was pointed out to me by my youtube friend Renee E. ( not sure she’d want her full name here ) …after my Google image search, i followed the link attached to the pic, which brought me to this same picture, buried in a string of articles on the same page from December 16th, 2012. The article which has his pic is from December of 2013…about half to three quarters of the way down the page, here…below

Are the pics we all see of Adam today, really from the early 90s? It is pretty hard to tell, unless we can access the pic info in properties etc., which i haven’t been able to, to date.
The given picture of Noah Pozner, from Sandy Hook, is actually a kid named Kevin, who is at LEAST 10 years older, in 2012, than he appeared in the 1st grade school pic that was used in that event. The woman who is going around as Veronique Haller, is claiming to be Noah’s Mom, which doesn’t even coincide with the actual Veronique’s information, which was stolen and given to the woman playing Noah’s mom, Patricia Ordonez Haller, who is actually Kevin’s Mom.
So, we have evidence that old pics are used in an event that happened, to use that word loosely, in 2012. A ‘ catalyzing ‘ event…
Reason enough to assume, that the pics of Adam are not 2012 current, no?
Where and when will the next event occur? Like a fake, very politically motivated event in Brussels at an airport? How many Palestine dignitaries, and/or politicians were staying in that area? Who would want them to suffer?

What will be the real event that is so catalyzing, that it creates another New Pearl Harbor, or another New Nagasaki/Hiroshima, here in the U.S.A.?

In 1962, the government drafted a plan, using the C.I.A., or other U.S., government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba and blame it on them so we could take down Castro. This same strategy has been used several times since. It’s called ‘ Operation Northwoods ‘ …read up on it, if you don’t know what it is…see how it works and notice who we’ve used it on, as recently as September 11th, 2012 in Benghazi, when our ” leader ” hired  ‘ rebels ‘ who were actually Al-Qaeda to fake kidnap Ambassador Stevens, then sat back, or ‘ stood down ‘ while he was murdered. This was done to cover up the fact that he was using Stevens to run guns into the rebels there..

or on October 20th, 2011 in Sirte, Libya, when he used Al-Qaeda, alongside the National Transitional Council forces, to kill Qaddafi…

he did this again, although a bit differently, in May of 2011, with the completely pretend killing of Bin Ladin in Pakistan, then sent Seal Team 6 to their deaths to cover it up…

or at any time over recent years in the Middle East, saying I.S.I.S./I.S.I.L., is the enemy when in reality our Arab, Muslim leader Barak Mounir Ubayd was arming and financing them. He would have used this strategy in 2013, again on the anniversary of 9/11, with the fake nuclear attack in Washington, D.C., at the Navy yard…it fell through. Look into this, he had a nervous breakdown because 12-13 U.S., soldiers were there to take him out, meaning to kill him. For once, he wasn’t fake crying…

we WOULD HAVE HAD a nuclear attack on our own soil, by our own leader! How do you feel about that? Did you know he tried to purchase enriched Uranium from Argentina in 2010? Yeah, he was going to sell it to Iran, so he could later tell everyone, OH LOOK!!! They had nukes the whole time, and bring us into war. A war which would keep him in office for however long…luckily, Argentine president, Cristina Fernandez knew what he was up to and declined any involvement. She later named him a war criminal, in her amazing speech at the U.N., council meeting.

he tried to start a war with Iran in January of this year, it failed.

Why wait for his next fake attack, false flag?


adam Lanza


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