Will the Real Patsy Please Stand Up?

( the title above is a general statement, somewhat unrelated to this blog i’m writing now and the coming title of my book, so don’t steal it!;)

Here, in the blog below, i’m echoing some of the statements/sentiments on the connection between Vester Flanagan and a play called ‘ the Merchant of Killogue ‘ , from BLOGDOG in a piece from August of 2013

. This is brilliant investigative journalism and open mindedness and should be looked at as the linchpin in this obvious hoax…http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.com/2015/08/virginia-tv-shooting-hoax-actor-andy.html



Vester Flanagan. The ‘ shooter ‘ in Virginia. His other name is Bryce Williams. We were told that a newscaster, one who worked at his same station, was ‘ shot live during a broadcast ‘ …
we were told that Vester Flanagan, opened fire on this woman and her cameraman-Alison Parker and Adam Ward-…funny names…Alison ( Robbie ) Parker and Adam ( Lanza ) Ward…
and we could arrange these names in any number of other relevant combinations i’m sure…
so, we were shown a picture taken from a live recording of this event, which showed Vester Flanagan/Bryce Williams…standing there a few feet away dressed ” all in black ”                     ( symbolism for his race…) when in reality he IS wearing a blue-green flannel shirt over his black shirt underneath…presumably filmed/taken by cameraman Adam Ward who was now shot and laying on the ground at Flanagan’s feet, and who miraculously managed to, with his dying breath, aim upwards to get the iconic shot…either that or according to a different version dropped his camera and ran off while Alison, his friend and probably girl on the side was being killed??
So, Vester snuck up behind the cameraman, and would have fired right past him to hit Alison…yet, the ‘ live footage ‘ of the actual gunfire, is shown to be coming from a person, very close to the camera, and coming from what looks to be very close to the cameraman’s own hand, wearing a blue-green flannel shirt. Was it Vester shooting the gun? Was the gun Vester was holding even real? I don’t believe it was. If you watch the footage, when he’s shooting, Alison is not being torn apart in a hail of bullets, she’s screaming and backing up while the gun is very clearly aimed right at her.
There were actually two cameras already there, before Vester is said to have arrived on the scene…because in the earliest broadcasts after it happened, you saw two camera angles clearly separate. We see Flanagan standing there after he would have shot Ward, then we were told it happened at 6:45 am, when another conflicting report says 6am…
8 seconds were edited out of the original EVIDENCE which showed the discrepancy in Flanagan’s suddenly Caucasian skin tone…
We were told that newsman, Jack of all trades, Bryce Williams, was an actor.

Through the research of blogger ” Dogcicle ” in a piece they wrote, ( noted above at the beginning ) they noticed the ultimate ice-breaker in this sham, which is that , Vester Flanagan, whose stage name is Bryce Williams, or so we’re told…coincides with SYLvester Flanagan, a key fictional character in the play
‘ the Merchant of Killogue ‘ from 1894…
Vester, named like Sylvester, in a scenario similar to this play…which concerns Alison, who is from a family of known actors, daughter of Andy Parker, well known actor… who was shot, 1 of the 3 shot, and the play itself has to do with a man killing 3 people in order to
‘ influence a vote ‘ …a vote like gun legislation??
Something is obviously not right with this story, from his skin tone suddenly going from black, to off white, and his clothes going from all black to blue and green flannel…the gun being in perfect line of Alison, yet going around the cameraman who caught the shooter in frame somehow, while simultaneously the shooter himself was filming the whole thing in a supposed live feed of his own…to the way he left the scene went a while then killed himself.
This shouldn’t have gone away so quickly. Something was covered up in order to create this obvious sham.

And since this event happened, where is it in the news? Why have we heard almost nothing about a newscaster being killed live during a broadcast which was her saying to another woman, i think more people should visit this area…bangbangbang…and the gun which is in the evidence-filled video ejects, not one single bullet during this live shooting. In fact if you haven’t seen that footage, there are even very badly done CG effects added to the shot of it being fired…same as the video ISIS released of the Jordanian pilot they ‘ burned alive ‘ …which was full of CG effects and fake fire, fake blood, massive manipulations in the hands of some fly by night terrorist cell??? It’s amazing that the coordinators of this assume everyone will buy it. By the coordinators, i obviously mean the ones who control ISIS……
And, Yup…most people DID buy it.
Our nation has become desensitized, and when the few who are unafraid to, say, ” why is this? ” …people just like hero Bill Cooper are murdered in cold blood after being set up to counter attack in a situation that was aimed directly at him, forcing him to shoot back at people who are admitted agents posing as unruly teens on Bill’s property, firing on his house and at him. When people speak out, like, reporter Dorothy Kilgallen did, saying something isn’t right about the murder of JFK, she is found dead in her home after ingesting some sleeping pills and booze…was she killed?
Usually, they’re shot in their sleep or suicided, by two shotgun blasts to the back of the head…Gary Webb.
Or the man in Paris, Helric Fredou, 45, the deputy director of the regional judicial police in Limoges, just after the Charlie Hebdo attack, the same night even, was killed in his office while typing, at around 1am, and it was reported he killed himself. A completely cheerful, positive guy who worked his ass off to get to the truth.

We don’t have a ‘ government ‘ and we haven’t since the late 1700s, when our ‘ Forefathers ‘ signed over all of our rights to a higher presence, in the name of New America, when in reality it is all a front for a larger much more sinister operation, as we are seeing more and more every day, in the news, and especially NOT in the news…….
I keep expecting to see Rod Serling standing off set waiting to come in with his trademark cigarette and start his apropos prelude to whichever excellent episode we’re all about to watch and indeed blend right into…


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