Why are you offended by the truth?

On Obama taking liberties, and ours away…and on his omission of the words ” under God ” from a live reading of the Gettysburg Address in November of 2013…
a quote from the revised bit of this piece…

” it’s the removal of a word that billions and millions more have died for and sacrificed their own lives in the name of that word, even if it is nothing else to me personally, those people who gave their lives had it on their tongues as they were shot in the head at point blank range for nothing more than just fighting some stupid war their government got them into on false pretenses. ”

Why are you afraid of the Truth?

Who really owns the United Snakes of Pretendica? The Jews. When i say ‘ the Jews ‘ i’m not being derogatory, i’m speaking to a large group of Jewish bankers, businessmen and women, and corporations who have done all they can to monopolize big business, and minoritize the collective thinking of many American citizens, by creating a vacuum of opportunity in which no one thrives, not much hope survives and all must become animals to have the hunger to strive for change.
Who causes most of our fears and worries over nothing? The bi-partisan group of liars and thieves who are paid directly by the Jews to keep up the charade. It doesn’t matter which side you choose, both are completely corrupted by the flash of a green piece of paper.
Where do we go from here? Into the Land of the Feared, and the Home of the Knave.
To really see through all the posturing and second, or third resurrection of the long dead, but necessary God which dominates our manuscripts, and hovers above our schools, but somehow missed the one in Newtown, CT ( wink-wink, nudge nudge…)….we need to observe the blatant and totally blasphemous leaders who are using the bible to hammer home all of their murdering, and the raping of entire countries in one fell swoop.
Religion, in the tense of government, is only necessary because that is the easiest way to dupe someone, add God’s name to it, SOLD!
Yet they’ll remove ‘ Him ‘ from the words of the Pledge of Allah…oops i meant A-legal…no, Ill-Eagle…well you know what i meant.
Do you want church to control your state? Should your state control your church? Ask yourself why it’s become fashionable to leave out words like ” under God ” in some speeches. Like when ‘ President ‘ Obama, left out the words, ” under God ” in a reading of the Gettysburg Address…according to one source, there are ten versions of the speech, however Lincoln signed off on the fifth one and that is considered the standard. So, either, Obama decided he would use one of the versions which omitted ‘ God ‘ completely, or someone else above him suggested he leave it out. Either way, he did. There were nine other versions he could have read from…the take away is, he is Islamic, he supports their causes and bows to their leaders at the White (wash ) House…whose dog is he anyway, ours or theirs. You cannot forget that he has already shown his loyalty…and has said if the chips fall that way, i’m with them. OUR FUCKING PRESIDENT!!!!!

Good ta know Buddy, thanks…

I’m not an Atheist, i’m not anything. The Universe is my God, no one else is qualified for the position. I’m rattled because, if he’s gonna change the constitution, as completely fucked as it is, at least change something that will be better for us, not worse…also never forget that there are well over 2,000,000 Muslims living in the USA. This has nothing to do with my own feelings about them, i have no ill-will. Some of them are the nicest people you’ll ever meet, trust me. My issue is that my own government will create a false flag, fake event, and my friends, these good people will be ‘ drafted ‘ to be the next fake terrorist, or anti-American, nazi-sympathizer…oh wait, i just described Prescott Bush…

So it isn’t the literature and writings of the affected outside of the White ( quash ) House that gets me, it’s the removal of a word that billions and millions more have died for and sacrificed their own lives in the name of that word, even if it is nothing else to me personally, those people who gave their lives had it on their tongues as they were shot in the head at point blank range for nothing more than just fighting some stupid war their government got them into on false pretenses.

Here’s an article explaining one side of what Obama did or didn’t do. You decide


Should churches pay taxes? Yes. Not everyone is religious, yet we are ALL expected to drop to our knees and worship a deity, who hasn’t been relevant, ( on the whole ) since the Crusades, when people were killed simply for not believing in it. ALL citizens of the USA are expected to submit to the inane policies of the once world leader, only because God was written into our most famous and ill-used document…even that God couldn’t save our once virtuous and virgin country who has sold her ass to so many nations, she has the battle-scars, and tank treads…tracks of unnecessary wars up and down her back, and the leftover sperm of murder and genocide on her chin. If nothing else, that God stood by and watched, relishing the way it all went down. But then i’ve always known ‘ God ‘ is a sadist. Just imagine people following a man who loves to watch his own creations while they kill, rape, molest, pillage, steal from each other, and lose faith in him, yet never ever intervenes to stop it. According to faith, that God can never show his face, otherwise there would be no need to have faith that he would be there. It unravels itself.
Many people believe that he’s ‘ performing from afar ‘ …really? Because there are people who kill little babies, and stomp kittens, while attending church on the regular. Others who think nothing of raping their own children, and selling them for drugs. The best thing this Creator could have done is not wake up that day. Eh, on the first day, i’ll go back to bed for a while. That’s right, clear your head a bit and really think about what you want to inject into these creations, because murder, incest, rape, torture…shouldn’t be allowed right? What do you mean that is 90% of the freedom of choice that you yourself imbued into each and every one of those creations? Animals, plants and sea creatures don’t do anything like that, it’s only the humans…wait, didn’t you say they’re created in YOUR IMAGE? They are you as much as you are them…
Christianity is a bit like Democracy, in that both require absolute faith in the unknown. Yes i am aware that i’ve drifted from the whole ‘ Jew thing ‘ …you have to otherwise you’ll lose your mind out of the sheer veracity of this issue and all it does to sustain the very unpopular belief that nah, money doesn’t rule the world…LOVE DOES!!:)

Are you fucking kidding me?…

Democracy takes money.
Who in their right mind would commit to Democracy, so well placed within a Capitalist system of Communism and Idol worship? No one, because they are aware that you cannot be a Democracy while at the same time gaining MASSIVE amounts of cash for your Capitalism. They cancel each other out, to loosely quote Noam Chomsky. The cash you made for your Capitalistic needs do not go back to the people, it goes toward your next conquest. Socialist thought and politically charged idealism do not work, take the former U.S.S.R., and you see that is true…you must choose one or the other, and commit to the one. To be Socialist, you cannot portray the selfish Bourgeoisie, while at the same time, to be Capitalist, you cannot be the once proud Proletariat. Where does Amessica fit? Israel. We are Israel and they are us.
Israel has become the new settlers/colonists and Palestine is the scores of individual indigenous tribes we pushed out in the name of freedom from the religious persecution of Mother Britain. The New Trail of Tears, and it’s happening in real-time on our TVs…it has for the past 70 years. They have gotten their policies in line and had help from the UN and the USA, and others in their bid to oust Palestine, and dominate the region in the name of biblical association to King David. And only because the UN and the USA were suffering from Holocaust guilt over their decision to stand idly by for a few years while the Zionists did what they did to their own people, like the 40 MILLION who they killed during peace time in Russia…but made sure the focus was on the 6 to 7 million they attached to Hitler’s name and legacy. Hitler was a peaceful man who only wanted peace and equality in his homeland after the Jews had stolen Poland from Germany in 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles. In 1939 when he went to get it back, it was perfect because now the Zionists had the perfect scapegoat or patsy for their plans.
King David has nothing to do with their claim to the land, they’re using the bible to gain some stronghold on something that was never theirs.
The Bible, or ” the Gospel of Sham ” , as i call it, is nothing more than a collection of stories and borings which tell the tired old tale of a God who could not even get it right, so he destroyed his creations and started over again. The bible tells us this, yet people still put complete faith in that deity? That deity who is really several deities in One. The idea of a One God system goes against the very idea of finding true religious freedom, and the method of forcing anyone and everyone to pray in one fashion after one goal is anti-religious sacrilege. Most of the tenets of Christianity are stolen from the Pagan religion anyway, it might as well be Islamicism.
If God was real, He/She/It/They would be pissed!
Mankind is God of his domain, which was foisted upon the Universe, by the Universe. It created itself out of itself…( quoting Carl Sagan ) …

we evolved from a puddle of steaming, bubbling ooze which eventually formed into the shape of progress, walked up on to the shore in the name of momentum, then brazenly bashed in the skulls of all who stood before us.
Big business as usual in the ‘ free world ‘ …
Why do the Jews run everything? Who better than them to control the money? Who better than them to re-write their own history, all but discounting their own ancestors who were black, and/or very darkly pigmented? Who better to take the seat of hierarchy and to spit upon the lower ‘ races ‘ which they themselves are a part of? Why is it that the Jewish bankers are so tight with the powers that be in Amoralica? Capitalism. How many Jews would ever allow Socialism to at least have it’s day? And i’m keeping that last thought to the area of the USA, not so much in places where i know Socialism could work for many Jewish people. Maybe a handful of independent owners, who would help their own and provide resources for their own enterprises…take a look at Boston, right around Washington and Winter streets. I worked there in early 2001, refurbishing a turned-out location, that went from a Chinese food/sub-shop/chain store…to yet another jewelers building. Who owns the jewelers buildings? Jewish and Hebrew business owners.
I don’t have a cultural issue with ANY denomination of humankind, i have a problem with ANY denomination dominating over others who don’t get even a scrap tossed their way while the rich are getting richer off the labor of the ” free ” …the ‘ free to be enslaved in the name of nationalistic servitude ‘ and antipathy while not having the fortitude, or common sense to rebel…
those who do rebel are thrown in prison, or outright murdered for having the gall to rise above their oppression. Patrice Lumumba. A true leader of his people in the Congo, who stood for change and progress and who was literally taken out by the UN and the USA, through the CIA, working closely and paying the African government. Eisenhower gave the word and he was killed. Killed by gunfire, then ” cut up into little pieces, then spread out on the ground and had huge amounts of acid poured over what was left of his body, to dissolve it before we burned whatever was left…” …left in an unmarked grave. That is what he got for promising freedom to his followers.
What is freedom? Freedom is oppression, in a land where you are expected to smile and pledge your allegiance, while paying such a huge percentage of your hard earned money, to a government who uses it to stock not only their own military establishments, but those of other, hard-line nations such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, who ARE terrorist states. The stats show that the USA has given ‘ aid ‘ to Israel, in the amount of 3 BILLION a year since 1985.
Why? They are the ones with all the money after all…
We pay them? Yes, so they can monitor our wealth and make sure we have something to fall back on, just in case we become the New Rome, which we will. So then why are they not included in the handful of countries such as Japan and China and a few others in South America who ‘ own ‘ part of our deficit? Do the Jewish ‘ own ‘ those countries?…read into that.
How can we claim to even have a deficit when we print over a billion dollars a day, to be sure we will have plenty for the war machine while our own are starving and homeless in the city streets? How many soldiers, suffering with PTSD and limited in mobility due to their missing limbs, are homeless? MANY! Why? Why do we cater to other countries and be sure to lap up their expectancy just to have a Master to heel for? Capitalism. That is our trap, our method of failure on many fronts…has it benefited us? Yes. Then why do we accept American flags made in China? How many of our own citizens are unemployed while so many in other countries are doing the work we could be doing? Capitalism.
Capitalist ideals always lead to a cancerous end. There is only one cure…
Take back the jobs, stop catering to others when we cannot even help the ones who are dying in our streets…give back the country to the people who are mentioned in the first three words of the almighty constitution, and remove the tyrants from office, which would include ANY person with the name Bush, and/or Clinton, and now Obama although it’s too late. He already did all he was here to do. If he stays on for another term like he’s been trying to do, we can expect more fake shootings at schools and bomb drills turned ‘ live ‘ fake terrorist attacks at the marathon, or any open event…fake shootings in churches and newscasters being fake shot on fake tv broadcasts.
…give the power to the intelligent people who are just sitting there saying, ‘ what about science, physics, technology which should be used to progress, not devolve as it has? ‘ …focusing on getting all the latest devices to the public with the disclaimer that they are signing their own death warrants by being so distracted by a flicker on their tiny screens as opposed to watching each and every move their snake-ridden government is making, while they are being surveilled 24/7 through those very devices.
We need to go from Jew-tiful to beautiful again. We place more importance on keeping up with the Kardashians, and who’s the latest rapist/murderer who gets to keep playing whichever sport they’re involved in while they shoot steroids and gain all their riches…
is that what we should be teaching our children? Murder or rape anyone you want. If you’re black, and you’re excellent at sports, chances are you can get off with a slap on the wrist only because no one wants to prosecute a black sports hero…what about the RATINGS!!! The white players all suck…and they are too normal, we need the different ones to play so they stand out. They’re better at it anyway. After all why would we pay them so much when we’re really the most racist, bigoted, prejudiced people ever created? They make us money.
America the Pitiful…to quote an old Dread song.
” America the Pitiful, you use your people well…blinded by a nation’s pride as you’re guided into Hell…” …( lyrics by Steve Nelson )
I believe that every president should be subject to drug testing. Obama for example is said to have been a cocaine addicted, gay club attending, freak. Who knows? George Bush was addicted to coke, i think his Father was too. Clinton, ‘ didn’t inhale ‘ …pot, but how much blow did he snuff up? In the early 1900s cocaine was accepted, and by the 30s it was everywhere, Hollywood, lifestyles of the rich and famous…how do we know our leaders weren’t going numb in the face while directing from the Oval Office? We don’t, because we never asked. I believe we should ask. I think Obama, and/or whomever’s next should be subject to random testing just like ANY world leader should. Idi Amin, like MANY Africans, was into cannibalism. When we look at their culture suddenly it doesn’t seem strange. They still practice it today…such as smashing an infant on the rocks then eating it’s brain and heart before going into battle.
But then the USA supported Apartheid until 1990…great minds think alike. How many US soldiers did basically the same in Viet Nam, during any of the 14 or most likely more, massacres there, My Lai being the most prominent, where US soldiers used babies tied in pillow cases for target practice, smashed them against walls or the ground and stomped on them. Just like we were told the nazis did…however, the Jews who used children for blood sacrifices did the same thing, stabbing children who were being held down by a group of adults, over and over again until they eventually bled out in horrific acts inflicting senseless pain and suffering.

In Vietnam, our men were listening to their leaders, who instructed them to kill anything in their path, and everything was fair game. Hmmm, kinda like the leaked footage Bradley Manning got his hands on?? So why then did their leaders, OUR leaders allow this behavior when they knew it was going on? No one did anything, until they were caught watching it all with a smile…just like God.
How many leaders killed just because they could? Most of our earliest ones were all for slavery, torture, murder, covert genocide…Lincoln would have kept slavery going strong if it benefited the Union, those are his words.
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, all allowed the torture and indeed raping of inmates at Abu Ghraib, and Gitmo…PNACPNAC
what kind of fucking drugs do you have to be on to think that is acceptable behavior? Especially when NONE of the inmates there were responsible for 9/11…
our leaders should be in those cells.
Drug test the leaders, be sure no leader can ever become an Imperialist, like every single US president has been since……………………………………………………………….
Let us ” never forget ” that our leaders should always think of us first, foreign policy second, the welfare of our society as a whole third, being that, if the first two are secure, the third won’t need to be watched. Let no leader ever have so much power that they forget why they are in the position they’re in, just like every US president has done since……………..

We pride ourselves on being smart, insightful and not bound to constantly repeat mistakes we’ve made in the past, so why are we repeating them?
Until we take back the power, and what used to be called glory, part ways with the Jewish bankers and big business people who control our ‘ independent ‘ country, we will never fulfill our own destiny.
As a country we pretend to think like an elder, but insist on acting like a spoiled child. Provoke war over bragging rights, killing millions so we can say, ” well they were gonna ” …..
No, they were not gonna. They were just standing there and we slaughtered them where they stood in the name of Democracy.
If this is Democracy, we need to abandon this way of thinking.


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