Hi!! I’m Denny, and i have a real big mouth which people are always trying to keep shut, while i’m writhing and wriggling under their oppression…don’t block my free-speech or my talent for pissing people off with the truth. After all it is them who can’t seem to pick a side…first, a couple very easy questions…

Do i want to be free? Do i want to continue being a slave to this politically correct maelstrom of misconstrued intentions, and often misdirected propriety?

Should i, as a ‘ free-thinking American living in the land of the free ‘ …be subjected to silly laws drafted by a bunch of slave-owners, who told me every man is free…and created equal…unless you’re an American Indian, Irish, female, handicapped, gay, black, foreign, poor, homeless, hungry, independent thinker who refuses to bow to outdated and poorly planned out manuscripts, and/or documents which do indeed degrade, demoralize and detach you from ‘ normal society ‘ …whatever that is…

No one in present-day America, is truly free. If you know politics, or at least what it used to mean to be ‘ political ‘ you know that the current administration has done much to actually take away those very freedoms on which our country was founded, as barbaric and ridiculous as some of them may have been…and under the guise of ending bigotry, elected a ‘ black ‘ leader, who is not even black…and he has done much to upset years and years, decades of racial maturity and progress in many areas that he has broken apart for nothing more than an agenda.

Now you must be saying to yourself, this fool is a bigot…

why? because i had the gall to discuss a very real issue which happens to pertain to a race-baiting, definitively race-motivated man, who got into the White House by no other means but the color of his skin? It could not have been his track record, or job experience that got him that seat. He was groomed for years, and was chosen as the next monumental figure, who was apt and ready to be that person, while millions of citizens, were counting on the change they had been promised for so long, and which was finally here!! Well…..what did he do for them? What did he do to erase hate, prejudices, and in fact very racially motivated hatred, from ‘ his own people ‘ towards white America…

Not anything. In fact, he lied. He informed the female mayor of Baltimore that she should allow ‘ protestors ‘ to break stuff and create havoc, just make sure they get in view of all those cameras which were ready to go…make sure if they smash a window of a store, they stand the right way so the reporter whose pocket had just been lined, can get them in their best light…he lied about Mike Brown, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray…unfortunately, the very cool and completely innocent Eric Garner got caught up in the heat of the tension that Obama had helped create on the streets by responding with complete bias and unmitigated prejudice…he told us that Trayvon was an innocent kid, just like Mike Brown, while standing there at the podium, shedding more fake tears, which could never in a hundred years roll down that hardened face. He cried police brutality, and in some cases rightly so, but not all cases…

he lied about a lot of things. He lied about children being killed in Newtown, CT., about two Chechen brothers being the terrorists at a bomb drill turned live fake attack, in the name of preserving the very freedoms he himself was poised to remove from our everyday life and our lexicon as a whole. Do you know how many laws were passed into effect while the nation, and indeed the world was still reeling from all those manufactured events?

You should do your own research, and see just what was sacrificed, and what those sacrifices will do, and already have done to the future of our once great nation.

Here come the jingoists…WHAT? YOU COMMIE, GET OUT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!!!

No, thanks, but i won’t get out, in fact, i think i’ll stay right here where freedom of speech is one of our highest honors and privileges which NO ONE can take from us…well, no one but the US government, who has already made it so that if you offer any anti-government statements, you might just get a visit from the CIA…this could be considered the same as sedition, and in former days the overall reaction to that would have been removal.

I live in a country where my own children will have to suffer through what he has created for them under the false flag of Faux Democracy and independent decisions guided by the powers that really make his decisions for him. There is no true US government because they are only figureheads and representatives for an altogether, much more insidious shadow government who has nothing but the worst of intentions for our future. In order for me to protect my children and my grandchildren, i HAVE to keep on saying the things i’ve been saying, and keep writing the way i do, because no one else will do it for me.


Never trust the main stream media. Ask questions and do all the research you can, before it gets redacted, removed from the public eye, and relegated to a box somewhere in a warehouse, sitting next to whatever’s left of my head and face, frozen in a grimace of

‘ independence ‘ …

Never be afraid to speak your truth, as long as it is truth…never live in fear of the police state which you do in fact live in right now…and which has grown to epic proportions, and was created by white politicians in the decades prior to this new leader who stands for ‘ change, freedom, and peace ‘ …while instigating nothing but the unavoidable inertia of devolution and imperialist ideals, the power to detain ANY citizen of the USA, who might, possibly, someday, maybe, decide to become an outspoken advocate of…civil disobedience. Thoreau had it right.

And what have those ‘ radical thinkers ‘ done? nothing. Nothing but retain the expectancy we were all told we could have, and that we should never be embarrassed to voice our opinions and criticism of a government who does not help, but harm…Capitalist pigs who drown themselves in the blood of innocent people by the million just to have another notch on their bedposts…yes, they do sleep very soundly don’t they?…

To quote the title of a film by my favorite director/producer/writer Akira Kurosawa, ” The Bad Sleep Well…” …

and they are only earning the contempt of all those innocents, who may someday decide to strike back, lashing out at their oppressors…us. What will these leaders say to us then? Well…we knew these people were bad, this is why we decided to kill them in the name of freedom.

If this is Democracy…we need to re-evaluate our systems and redesign our documents and manuscripts, many of which are designed to oppress rather than offer any real change.

How many are unemployed while our American flags are manufactured in China? How many clothing companies in South America have the bid to fill our department stores…oops, wait, do we even have those anymore or is it all Wal Mart at this point…yeah. Capitalism makes for a whole bunch of money real quick, then leaves a gaping hole in your economy…how is that a good idea? While we outsource our jobs, and glad-hand with all the leaders in foreign countries, our economy plummets and does a nice pirouette before slamming nose first into a brick wall.

Well, at least we will always have the option of war. War makes money, creates jobs, does wonders for the patriots who really never understood what they were there for, but their guns were ready and set to blaze, cutting down all those ‘ enemies ‘…while the real enemy is located at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue in Washington, D.C.

Lock and load! Freedom is a warm gun and a handful of dirt from your former great nation as you burn in the flames of your own misplaced anger.

As a nation we should always think first, act second…check ourselves third, and march fo(u)rth…


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